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The sure fire way to not get seen online is to be just like everyone else. To get more potential clients visiting your site you need to differentiate your site from the very cluttered internet crowd.

Make your Business stand out from your online competitors.

Website Development Sydney.

Is an example of a highly targeted marketing search word. Your website needs to be highly targeted.

Just Like A Message In A Bottle, without strategic improvement your website can easily get lost at Sea and if left without some serious highly targeted attention & TLC will never get more website traffic!

Who better to sell your products and services than Sales Professionals? You know your business, We know sales, Let’s get together for a chat. Might be time to start a conversation with us.

Please take special note: Sales Drive’s  Get Web Traffic specialists, can only take on 1 – 2 clients in the same niche and location so long as they are not in direct competition with each other. So be frustrated no more-talk to us:-)

Like the stock market search engine optimization (SEO) and digital Lead Creation is surrounded with technical jargon, mystery, over hype, and intrigue. What is the main purpose of the stock market … to get more value for your portfolio and make money for you!

What is the main purpose of your business website?

To get more website traffic……

…… your web pages and thereby make YOU more Money…Yes?

So let’s start with the end in mind.

Your bottom-line profits!

Let us put you on the right road using proven profit process to successful internet sales and marketing.

To get more website traffic you need to have your website, no matter how pretty or how drab you currently think it looks, creating prospective business leads who turn into happy paying clients.

Website development Sydney, or anywhere… makes no difference.

The same rules apply.

Your website needs to be properly developed with the correct Navigational Structure, SEO, Design freshness, Content, overall relevance, readability and social media interaction.

Maybe you are Sydney based and most of your clients are within the greater Sydney area, so any initial keyword research will specifically target lead generation Sydney, in other words from that geographical area.  Why waste time letting the whole world see you if it isn’t necessary.

Highly targeted traffic is the key so if you are in Sydney, Australia then people in Sydney who want website development will search for the words Website Development Sydney. Or New York then Website Development New York will be an obvious choice.

A common reaction we get to requests on how to get more website traffic?

I loved seeing the SEO and the digital marketing stuff though I don’t know enough about that to appreciate it fully.

Why even bother with investing time and money to get more website traffic?

The ultimate goal of your website is to give your company the vital internet exposure that you are currently missing and also to see it maintain organic growth into the future.

You desire to take your current turnover up. Websites and social media attract prospective clients that you may never otherwise ever find by conventional sales and marketing methods.

get more website trafficAs most of your potential clients are never more than a few feet away from their mobile phones the site should be mobile phone ready to get more buying traffic right from the outset.

Lead Generation, Starts with a Strategy Discussion.

We are fully aware that the concept of these web and digital marketing strategies and website overhaul/modernization is understandably somewhat daunting to you at the moment, so we recommend a 4 stage action plan to take place over the next six to eight months. Simply put it takes time for search engines to rank you. Attracting traffic to your site that turn into prospects and then into paying clients is the key.

As not all keywords are seen as equal, due to their competitiveness and popularity the time frame for results for each niche is largely unpredictable. SEO is seldom a noticeable overnight phenomena and competition in each niche means that results will vary.

It must be noted that as none of us “owns” Google or any of the search engines, no guarantee can be given for results but you can be reassured that we will use our extensive expertise and give you our best endeavours at all times.

We use a 4 Stage Progressive Plan:

  • Stage 1: Essential Basic Lead Generation Services, digital marketing, redesign and SEO
  • Stage 2:  Design, Installation, Transition and Implementation of Ways Get More Website Traffic.
  • Stage 3:  Enhancement with Social Media
  • Stage 4: Maintaining.

The idea being to have you in a position by the end of project upgrade so that you are the master of your sites destiny equipped with some automation, complex mechanisms made simple so that you then have most of the skills either you or a team or family member need to take it forward under your own steam if you desire or retain ourselves or others to carry on.

Our initial objective is to have you up and running, in as short a time frame as possible with a smooth transition reworking of your existing website, which may already have a Google Page Rank and good Google relevance, to a new one with all new theme look and feel.

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We will give our best endeavors to maintaining its existing integrity whilst also attempting to save you as much frustration, time and money, as possible. You need to maximize the benefits that can come from “getting it right this time!”

We want to expedite as quickly as possible but will be always mindful of professionalism both yours and ours. Our own team of professional specialists are all highly proven performers in their specific area of expertise content writing, deep keyword researching, social media profiles and co-ordination will be involved.

If you want your website to deliver better prospective client experiences & gain significantly better results (more leads, more sales, more oomph), talk to us.

Take a giant leap forward in your quest to monetize your website traffic by starting a conversation, with Sales Drive worldwide, specialists today.

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