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Selling Skills

For Business Development, Sales Consultant, Sales Reps, Sales Support, After Sales Support

Welcome to Sales Drive – your genuine street smart, real life, no theory, resource  for sustainable sales growth and profitability!

Selling SkillsWe wish you every success with your sales career. You have found a true modern, up to the minute Selling Skills Training resource for taking salespeople from all walks of life from where they are now to where they want to be – making your dreams a reality, your aspirations come to life & drive your career in the direction you want to head.

We sincerely believe that……

In sales YOU are the Star, our sales experience and sales skills will take you even further!

The heart & soul of the business – without you the business doesn’t function because it has no money to spend….No orders to fill, no reason for being.

Selling brings cash and cash is King. Sustained selling systems bring sustained cash flow. If cash is King then cash Flow is his Queen. Too often those running a business, with all of the various departments, divisions & segments considered like production, distribution, leadership, management, business strategy, HR, marketing, finance and operations ……

…….Simply forget that every business begins and ends when someone with selling skills makes a SALE! We know that unless YOU, the salesperson sells someone something, nothing happens, all of the disciplines mentioned above are superfluous.

This is how critical YOU the salesperson, the person needed for business development, are to the business.

We also understand that you want to sell more at better margins so you can house, feed, cloth, educate, entertain, travel with and support your self and your loved ones. The higher up the sales ladder you get the less companies tend to support you so the more your individual style and approach counts. Thinking that you can run on your own while they focus on the newbie’s.

At Sales Drive – We won’t desert or criticize you like that; we are geared up to support with modern methods that will win the sales for you no matter what level you are at.

We will give you the big idea to easily & quickly lift your results.

  •  If you understand the sales process
  • Know the right way to sell, ethically and professionally
  •  Learn the 8 important steps that lead one to the next, until you secure an order
  • Appreciate the idea of giving value
  • Have an appetite for success & personal growth
  • Want to rapidly progress your career

Sales = revenue = cash = profits = wages = Bliss

We are here for you -modern selling skills with old school attitude to service! It is important that you understand that our style is all about YOU and your self determination. By this we mean we are fully aware that it is YOU who determine the outcomes in your sales life – our role is simply to support YOU with sales ideas and tools on your journey so that you can really GO FOR IT!

It is YOU who determine the outcomes in your corporate life – you are the one with Good Selling Skills that ensures the sales happen.

Show them all you are a Sales Star!

For us, a priceless personal outcome & the ultimate satisfaction will be when YOU come back advising us on how we can improve our selling skills to do Sales & lead generating & social media better.You’ll be in good company – Plenty already DO!

That’s Gold to us -Win, win, win- You & yours win, your clients win, we win.

That is the spirit of mutual benefit! We also want to make sure that YOU and your selling skills don’t get left behind in this new digital economy.

Enlighten – Educate – Empower your Selling Skills

sd-header 2Selling, it’s easy! –when you know the right selling skills and have the best sales tools! This is me time for YOU! You see we know that once you begin our exceptional selling skills sales improvement programme, you will see instantly how vital it can affect the rest of your business life. You will make better decisions, faster decisions and more consultative sales executive orientated decisions. You will command respect from your family, your clients and your fellow workers, as you have never done before.

You will have access when you need it to a mixture of two or more great sales & marketing & social media minds for your convenience and private consultation. We want to do as much as we can to ensure that our proven selling skills program works for you. We ask you to honestly and sincerely read the following questions to cover off on any remaining fears or reasons that might otherwise cause you to procrastinate & stall.

We can’t imagine a reason for you not to take advantage of this special invitation to hone and improve your selling skills. If this $20 is an affordable initial investment in your Selling Skills For Business Development, Sales Consultant, Sales Reps, Sales Support, After Sales Support future then please read on! But, before you go too much further, & so we don’t waste your valuable time, we want to be very upfront with you please be advised that if you are:

Someone who believes that professional selling skills are not needed that……….

…..“Tell – Persist – Plod – Thump, sell-sell-sell”…. Shock tactics type Selling Methods…

….. Or one day once a year GENERIC MOTIVATIONAL PUMP UP events from an, in for just the 1 day, out of town expert are the ONLY ONES that work….… Then good luck to you, we wish you well but we just won’t be able to help you in the New Ways of Doing Business.

Or if you are:-

  • A pushy salesperson trying to learn some new clever closes.
  • Someone who believes that updating their professionalism is a waste of time
  • Bait and switch, lost leader, merchants looking for a new gig. You know the ones who ask you for $47 and when you finally get there you are  bumped to $97.
  • Aluminum siding salespeople branching out to other areas.
  • Business owners who admire snake-oil type salespeople.

Then we can’t help you either because our definition of sales is different from what you are used to. We are Sales Drive & have been selling and in the business of sales and marketing for more than 50 years combined and know the value of taking time and effort to build your selling skills and yourself into a Sales Star!

But! If you are in Business Development or Sales Consultant, Sales Reps, Sales Support, After Sales Support, sales agent or sales person, then Sales Drive has been formulated with you specifically in mind. Even if you are a seasoned professional sales person or just starting out in your sales career! Either way whatever the stage your career is at we can support & coach you with modern lead generation and sales methods to greater success, income & status. How can we make such a BOLD statement?

Because we have lived & breathed sales all our business life & supported & coached How to Improve Selling Skills to many thousands of people already in our own careers.

We know we can take you on this selling skills improvement  journey to your chosen successful conclusion. By starting your journey with us you will have the comfort and knowledge that we will be your companions on this epic voyage. Let’s start by establishing which level of selling skills you are at so we know how to help you the best!

  1. There is the salesperson whose company always has the lowest price.
  2. Then there are salespeople who only need to focus on the product such as a regular corner store.
  3. Then, there is the solution sale where the salesperson has to be able to provide a solution to the client’s concerns.
    Being able to describe the features and benefits that the customer can expect is the first requirement.
  4. Then there are the higher levels that require a lot more skill and time to complete.
  5. Then there is the level where the salesperson owns the solution with the client.

The higher levels are were the GOLD is. The quicker you get there the better.

That’s why investing in Sales Drive and our sales training programs will give you the edge. How Much Is This Investment For Your Future? There are several ways you can invest with us to improve your Effective Selling Skills!

(1) You can Hire our selling coaching services for a one to one consultancy which will cost you $10,000 a day or

(2)  You can come in self motivated & self determined with one of our product packs as below (ranging from just US$20 for our eBooks right up to US$7000 for our one on one personalized sales coaching program), utilize our complete sales coaching program where we share our methods & know how with you on your specific clients you are working with – we literally make the sale with you!.

Our sales coaching packages are extremely affordable for you and if you check with your accountant it could be fully tax deductible as a legitimate business expense.

Your can also chat with us via our chat feature located at the bottom of our website. Can we be any fairer or more straight forward than that?

But! Don’t let us stop you.  If you are ready to invest in updated selling skills with us NOW contact Phil TODAY!!.