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What’s The Big Idea? Powering Sales People To Sell More

How do we increase sales for you & your team? 

Successful Sales = Skills + Attitude + Desire

In a perfect world you would like to coach every member of your sales team before each sales call to ensure peak attitude, desire & skills. We provide the solution to this conundrum in a straightforward easy to use & access package.

  • easily accessible sales skills knowledge & training with an 8 step process
  • a system for individual coaching irrespective of sales team size
  • goal setting & drive are at the heart of successful saleswith a simple to follow process made available to individuals
  • access to online coaching with blended learning techniques

Here’s How You Can Create the Ultimate Sales Team with Reliable, Enthusiastic, Up-Skilled Salespeople …… ….An Abundant, Regular, Loyal Client Base… Profit Boosting Systems in Every Department… And A Powerful Future Proof Sales & Lead Generation Blueprint That Works 24/7 So You Don’t Have To.”

This might be the most important personal message that you read today!

Professional consultative collaborative salespeople are made not born!

You have arrived on this page not by accident or by chance but by personal recommendation.

Because this is the case, you’ll already know that we aren’t your run of the mill, latte sipping, know it all consultancy with huge overheads to recover.

Nor are we desk jockeys who are all know but no Go!

Many of the sales advisers out there today have only ever been trainers, few have been top performers in the sales field with many differing products. These career based consultants often know 1000 ways to make love – but can’t find a willing partner!

So, before you resort to any measures that may potentially damage your sales team, or hire some trendy training company loaded with academic ideology & theory to prepare an unrealistic campaign that is expensive and difficult to implement and measure… consider this… they don’t necessarily know that the real secret to a sales team’s rejuvenation is a custom, formally architected, “Future Proof Sequenced Sales Blueprint” (Blueprint) – Sales Drive Blue Print.

The Sales game is not as straight forward as it first appears, nor is it as complex as many make it.

We are hard working, bottom – line intensive collaborative and contributing sales partner who know exactly how to add value and expand your sales possibilities and opportunities in this new way of doing business.

Over the last four or five years, many have taken the decision to commit to the internet for lead generating based largely on some fairly rash claims and shining objects from supposed gurus and instant experts. But circumstances have changed and for many of those internet opportunities, the worst case scenario has loomed ominously.

We’re all acutely aware of how recent events – election promises, Government intentions, the credit crunch, price of petrol, down economies that turnovers have all been affected. In some cases, drops of 20%-30% revenue or more have been reported. Some are holding their own, and now, some are bouncing back. Generally revenue needs to be cranked up to get back to growth.

For the larger sales operations, this has caused some concern for boards, investors & management who are either not cashed up or who cannot weather challenging times. There has been a damaging effect on EBITDA and thus the value of the total business has been put at risk.

The huge question for those in that critical situation is “what to do now”?

And for those already recovering, the crucial question now is, “how do we accelerate and start making more serious profits as quickly and seamlessly as possible?”

As field-hardened street smart professionals, in the sales business our team sees things differently.

We know that any real long term solution to sales team’s situation & ultimately their bottom line performance must address the two most fundamental elements: Quality and Quantity of product knowledge, attitude, desire and sales know-how with client satisfaction as the mandatory imperative, the common denominator.

When it comes to maximizing returns on the investment in a sales person, much attention is paid to the newbie’s, the inexperienced. Far too little attention is paid to the fundamental drivers of the business that increase revenue and produce 80% of your revenue – the top sales performers.

They are often left to their own devices and yet these are the ones who already know how to perform but may not be squeezing every possible cent from every single part of the sales operation to reach optimum capacity driven by a client focused perspective.

That’s where we come in.

We have a hand-picked sales task force on call and as the coordinator I will sit down with you, on a strictly confidential basis and/or your sales management to prepare the sequenced blueprint that will cost effectively and rapidly future proof your business and boost your sales.

Because our absolute focus will be to push and pull your sales team to its optimum with many components that must be addressed. We will expedite the project with minimum disruption so that clients only see and experience the positive enhancements.


The speed and thoroughness of our approach can be an eye opener for those uncomfortable or unfamiliar with true client oriented professionalism and results oriented action. Many believe that sales turn-a round’s take months or years.

We don’t.

That is professional reality.

The collective hands-on sales industry expertise of our Specialists Blueprint System cover all aspects of Selling, Prospecting and Lead Generation by an experienced battle hardened 15 year veteran of the internet & social networking environment. Pricing Analysts & Specialists. Sales Database Engineers and in the cloud Management. Proposal and Presentation Specialists. Sales and People Management, Sales Training and Motivation, Social media Policies and Procedural matters, Compliance Issues, Web 2.0, Sales, Promotions, Marketing, Special Seminar Events, Customer Service & CRM specialists. Marketing Integrators. Organisational gap fillers plus niche sales systems and .

The real picture will quickly emerge.

Before we can recommend and execute solutions, we need to be given the authority for unfettered access to the sales team including all existing methods and manuals.

The sales task force will set about discreetly, or otherwise, unearthing the real reasons behind the current situation – good or bad. These facts will then be reconciled against the information that has already been previously supplied by sales management to Head Office.

Any discrepancies that exist between those two lists will then be red flagged as both important and urgent. In other words, we will drill right to the core of the problems with bankable rapidity.

The first question we want answered is, “What is actually happening when management are not there?” Such as out in the field, 2.00pm Friday afternoon, etc … a complete picture.

Let me give you fair warning.

I can almost guarantee that your peak performers and those with entrepreneurial spirit will step up, embrace the challenge and absolutely love their association with our team approach to working with them on the Sales Blueprint.

But, when we start putting your people under pressure, be prepared for any:

  • weaker less enthusiastic ones
  • poorer performers
  • dishonest
  • out of their depth
  • bored or sheltering in a comfort zone
  • unmotivated with disruptive attitudes

to resist, feel nervous, threatened, play the blame game, or come under so much team mate pressure they leave to become someone else’s headache.

Call us old fashioned if you like, but we’re from the school that considers taking an unscheduled 10 minute break, talking to friends on a mobile phone during work hours, abusing the company internet & social media policies or giving shoddy service to clients as tantamount to theft and should be treated as such.

Yes. We do adopt a somewhat hard-nosed common-sense, roll the sleeves up, get down and get the hands dirty approach. That comes from our sales task force collective of international experience knowing and executing what really works at all levels, from small local sales teams to large International multi cultural ones. But this is only for the initial preparation stage and prior to the transition to sales performance enhancement.

Pre planning prevents poor performance.

Our team will question you about your business, your sales goals, your ideal prospective clients and your clients. They’ll explain every element, and they’ll underpin your Sales Drive Blueprint with sustainable profitable solutions. This is far more than just a “survival turn around kit” for sales driven organizations. It is a complete step-by-step action plan of what to do to ensure the sales and profit at better margins heads upwards on the graph.

Our team will carry out a complete and extremely confidential assessment of everything related to sales. Whether you have them or not here are just some of the elements we scrutinise and perfect, listed in no particular order.

  • Individual salespeople performance, time management, punctuality, promise making, delivery, tasking, recruitment
  • Compliance issues, confidentiality and security
  • Ideas, creativity, expanded thinking, sales presentation, service
  • Occupational Health & Safety manuals, operations manuals, policies, training manuals
  • All sales performance to date
  • Sales budgets
  • Checklists, daily activity lists, sales orders
  • Flow charts, procedures, delivery
  • Understanding of client issues, ability to uncover potential lost opportunities for clients and other matters
  • Sales commitments and obligations
  • Client prospecting, segmented marketing, sales event mix, special attractions and reasons to buy
  • Equipment, material, maintenance, improvements
  • Your rivals and your competition … everything

If they drive a company car we will even look in the trunk to see the hidden time wasters – golf clubs and the like.

Obviously we need all corporate governance, company rules, client lists and any need to honour existing contractual commitments.

The good news is that we have encountered nearly every imaginable challenge and problem in the sales industry. They all have a solution. Thankfully for you, there is no need for us to reinvent the wheel or rely on guesswork.

What we learn about your business is kept strictly confidential. Both parties must sign a Non Disclosure Agreement. Because of this, you won’t have access to testimonials or client lists. Quite frankly, just like you, when we complete your system you wouldn’t like any of the matters we discuss repeated to anyone either.

You can expect to enjoy

Before you know it, your sales team will be fully systemised; the key people up skilled, motivated and working at capacity for you. This means you can sleep soundly at night knowing that:

All stakeholders will see progress

 The sales support staff will be eager to satisfy the clients

The clients will be eager to return more often

 The reputation and therefore the value of your organisation will rise

Quality salespeople will be queuing to join your team

Staff turnover will drop

Costly Lost sales will decline

Sales Team and overall Staff morale will improve

Recruitment will be easier

Poor performers will be gone to become someone else’s headache

We are deadly serious about this for you. 2013 is rapidly approaching. After Christmas is going to be too late to take advantage of this traditional highly profitable period for the year ending 30th June 2013.

Here are the rules of our engagement:

  1. We only deal initially with the principal and the key decision makers.
  2. Face to face progress reports are to be given weekly.
  3. We are given access and insight to everything as described above.
  4. You always pay our invoice on receipt; with travel, accommodation and out of pocket expenses to be pre-agreed in writing.

What more can I say?

Get back in touch with who referred you to this site and arrange a time

Phil Polson Author of Sales Drive

for us to get together.


Phil Polson

PS. Just so that you know right up front – there are no magic quick fixes. What we’ve described we will do involves hard ‘yards’. We are a specialist team and we tailor make proposals for each project. This may include a performance incentive which is based on audited increased revenue and profit.

PPS. After our initial meeting, if we identify that our task force is not right for you, please do not be offended if we are the first to say so. Some situations that could preclude our involvement are – a schedule clash, the job is too small to warrant us or your business needs a complete administrative overhaul, something which is others expertise. We will be happy however, to suggest alternatives for you.

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