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 Online Profit Internet Sales Coach, Sales Mentor, Sales Trainer, VP Sales Boost Your B2B Sales Strategy & Sales Profits by Implementing The Advice You’re About To Get

Phil’s private clients tend to be from 5 levels of clients:

B2B Sales Strategy1) If you are a small business or just starting out we recommend that you us visit our store and start with our book which is also in audio and our extensive self study course.

You need Sales Drive:


Keys To B2B Sales Strategy Keys to Successful Sales, Small Business

Then take advantage of our Google hangouts and Private LinkedIn Group were all your questions can be answered in chat privately.

Visit Our Store You Can invest as little as $20 to get Going Immediately

2) SME or Business owner with team who hates selling buts knows that sales are the lifeblood of their business. Knows that you really do need an up to date world class b2b sales strategy to achieve growth.

We Challenge You to take Up Our B2B Sales Strategy 30 Day Challenge!

3) Seasoned Sales professional who are just looking to update their b2b sales strategy and sales skills or adding 1 or 2 new ideas for that extra-stay in front- edge.

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4) Corporates and Industry leaders who know the value of an outsider with a new face who knows how to coach and implement a world class b2b Marketing and Sales Strategy and exactly how to rev sales and lift sales teams performance quickly.

 Request A Strictly Confidential In Depth Discovery Schedule and Complete Sales Audit for your teams overall b2b sales strategy or a specific product sales strategy.

Best not to linger though

After I get all the necessary data from you to fully understand your current b2b sales strategy position preparing your proposal and specific sessions  will take me – 7 days. Due to extremely busy schedule, I’m only able to do a couple of in-company B2B Selling conferences or training sessions each month. Let’s get started on this and give you the insights you need to boost your sales results.

Winning street-smart and online sales strategies and smart sales objectives, from a passionate streetwise professional salesperson and sales mentor.

The Sales Trainer You Only Need To Experience Once!

At last you can toss most your old B2B Marketing, sales scripts out, with this training system salespeople automatically know where they are at in the process and what to do and say next. The system has been designed on-the job, by street-smart sales professionals, not by career sales trainers. Incorporating both business to business and in-home sales processes.

Background History

Phil’s strategies as a b2b sales strategy provider and sales trainer will ensure that when you go out the gate every morning as a salesperson you know exactly what to do to maximize every sales opportunity that is presented to you that day. His sales training methods merge old school ethics with new information age thinking and technology.

What Phil Does For Your Business Is Simple ~ He Increases Sales- he gives you a proven b2b sales strategy

Phil is an International Speaker and Sales Consultant, and a sales trainer. He has a motivational speaker presentational style that is eye opening, informative and entertaining – he is a motivational speaker and sales trainer who will make you think, make you laugh and make you want to take immediate action for more sales at better margins. In his challenging sessions he will share the concepts and ideas that have helped to build some of the world’s most successful salespeople and show how to apply these ideas to deliver boom results.

Areas Of Expertise

Phil has spent the last 30 years developing and honing the world class ‘COG sales Model’, a measurable framework for sales, operations and customer service best practice that lifts salespeople into a higher class of sales operators. From a practical background, Phil started in sales and sales management over 30 years ago and has worked with many leading sales teams for long term systemized results that are easily duplicated. Here are some Keynote / workshop topics that Phil covers:

  • Increasing Sales whilst maintaining and improving margin
  • Your blue-print for lead generating
  • Building, supporting & maintaining Successful Sales & Service Culture
  • Instilling the ‘X’ Factor into salespeople
  • Creating a client experience that delivers
  • Maximising Lead conversion
  • Building a Bullet Proof Sales & Service Sophistication
  • Implementing a b2b Sales Strategy and Service Culture That Delivers
  • Understanding how you are perceived by others?
  • What the top 20% of salespeople do differently than the rest?
  • Ten words that lead to sales success.
  • The importance of great first impressions.
  • Steps to achieve Best Practice
  • Working Smarter not harder
  • You only fail by giving up

Please contact Phil your b2b sales strategy team now to experience what we can do for you CEO & your organization.

B2B Sales Strategy Keys to Successful Sales, Sales Coach, Sales Mentor, Sales Trainer, VP Sales.


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