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Without water there is no life, without sales there is no business…achieve your goals & unleash your personal power for sales leadership.


Hi and welcome to my profile!

I’m Phil Polson and I would love to give you the benefit of my winning sales skills and having me as your sales coach.

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A sales sounding board for you. I love sales & marketing, helping & mentoring others in sales and have an in depth knowledge of B2B Sales skills.

B2B Sales Skills from a street smart sales coach!

No selling & sales theories just real life street smart proven selling skills. We have Sales coaching programs, sales seminars,  to help you achieve your sales goals & self development goals. We will show you how you can  unleash your personal power for sales leadership, sales & sales management. We take up your immediate sales challenges add a few new proven ideas and convert them to sales!

“When you need more sales –our team drastically improves sales results for you.” We turn ordinary people into extra-ordinary sales achievers using simple skills. You might be new in sales or already know how to sell I especially enjoy working with people who are sick & tired of being sick and tired and want to get up and go in their sales & business regardless of economic conditions & their level of sales expertise.

Combine my extensive sales experience and sales skills with your knowledge of your product/service and bingo, it all happens. From Corporates Channel Sales to SME’s or internet start-ups, I will show you b2b sales skills and how to bring in 2, 3, maybe 10 times more sales at better margins. Starting NOW! Bold claim I know, so let me prove it.

I have written a book that is more than just another how to sell book, to my great delight have received many unsolicited testimonials on how valuable it is for increased sales results.

Sales Champions Operational Guide approach to selling….

….That I have learned these advanced but simple b2b sales skills from International Sales Masters over 30 yrs, people who do things differently for huge results, continues to result in sustainable sales growth long after implementation. Experts and thought leaders such as the late Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, Norman Vincent Peale, & Denis Waitley. Roger Dawson, of  ‘Secrets of Power Negotiating’ fame.

The definitive sales process,  &  sales techniques are easy to understand & apply. My seminar selling process was shared with many international speakers, who now use the same formats. Does your sales process create the sales you need to prosper? Are your sales efforts working to maximize results? My proven sales system will teach/ coach/ equip you with how to sell and how to deliver what you want to sell with exceptional results.

Here’s to sharing in your business and selling success.

Stuart Bazga“Phil Polson brings together all of his 30+ years as a salesman in this break  through book & coaching program.  If you are just starting out or have been involved in sales, then this is the book and system for you.

By using a real life example of a sales presentation of which he was present as an observer, Phil explores each segment of the Sales  Champions Operational Guide – COG and explains the process that each particular segment plays in the overall scheme of the sales presentation. His selling skills are superior to any of the many b2b sales skills that I have been exposed to before.

Stuart Bazga Owner at SEO Search Engine Consultants and founder of www.BusinessMarketingInterviews.com Melbourne, Australia.

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COG – Your pathway to Sales Stardom

Phil Polson has learnt the definitive sales process and techniques from many of the great International sales masters of our time.

For 17 of the more than 30 year’s involvement in the sales industry Phil Polson has had the good fortune to have been around some extraordinary top sales achievers. In that time he has had the privilege of promoting, learning from, traveling with, dining with, laughing with, sharing yarns, and socializing with some of the world’s leading sales, management, and motivational authorities.

Included in this list are such powerful sales and motivational authorities as Zig Ziglar, E. James Rohn, Dr Norman Vincent Peale, Roger Dawson, Dr Denis Waitley, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, and the fabulous Louise L. Hay. He shared his seminar sales process with many international speakers. Many speakers today still use the same formats.

Highly specialized knowledge and sales solutions

He has been invited by a number of specialist professionals to become part of a network that offers highly specialized solutions to companies and higher net worth individuals. These solutions encapsulate sales growth, sales audits, joint sales ventures, peak motivation, as well as structuring sustainable executive incentive packages.

The critical success of all these solutions are founded on the COG® System which is fully explained throughout the pages of his book Sales Drive: the definitive street-smart, ‘no-brainer’ guide to Sales Stardom! Sales coaching programs, sales seminars,  achieve your sales goals, self development, unleash your personal power for sales leadership, sales & sales management.

No one person has all the knowledge and wisdom…

The team knows that no one person has all the knowledge and wisdom necessary for sales and business success at all levels. They understand that collective sharing of wisdom is a far more powerful force when brilliant sales results are needed. This tight-knit team of professionals operates under the Sales Drive Group banner and can best be contacted at www.salesdrive.com.au

Phil is a recognized keynote speaker. His topics are b2b sales skills and inspirational based to achieve increased sales results in any economy. Phil uses, understands and teaches proven b2b sales skills using the definitive sales process that keeps on producing sales results.


In 1981, he co-founded one of the first sales, management, and motivation training companies in Australasia. This company quickly became amongst the largest facilitators of proven b2b sales skills and motivational seminars in the world, promoting many of the biggest names in the industry.

Rock The World With Phil Polson & Mike O’Neil & Lori Ruff The LinkedIn Rockstar & LinkedIn Diva

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Phil Polson’s salescoaching program & sales mentoring will help you achieve your goals with sales & unleash your personal power for sales leadership.

Contact Phil now to learn how he help you achieve your goals and to experience what he can do for you!

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