Sales Partner Program

Chose Sales Drive as your online sales partner & great things happen.

We know the sales cycle, the sales process, both online and off and how to create and operate partner programs.

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We also know online sales and internet marketing, social media and networking.

Sales Partner and Opportunities:

At this sophisticated level, the sale is truly client focused, and the sale becomes all about building long-term relationships. This sales partner level requires constant research, and an even higher capacity, smarter sales approach. Whilst we are part of the solution with our partner client, the client is always in control.

Confidentiality is assured.

We currently have a number of sales partnerships in progress, sales partner programs include:

  • Internationally recognized women’s swimwear company Togs Swimwear.
  • Numerous boutique Property Developers throughout Australia.
  • Numerous High Nett-worth Individuals and their respective companies.
  • We also are involved with a number of Small Cap mining companies.
  • Sales Partner for top brand Internationally renowned  Women’s Swimwear Wholesaler
  • A top of the range USA Fitness Equipment Manufacturer

Client confidentiality and sales partner client testimonials.

Because the nature of our work with clients is carried out on a signed confidential, under the radar, basis we do not generally speaking, publicly display the companies that we work with.

We work like chameleons, setting up the sales partner program, merging into your marketing and sales team with as little interruption as possible. Our objective as your sales partners is to promote your sales figures skywards not to promote ourselves.

Naturally, we do have testimonials available that will be produced upon request to the appropriate sales partners decision-makers. Opportunities that currently exist with The Sales Drive Group in sales partner program.

1.  We currently have a number of positions that would be ideally suited to people with sales experience to join our sales partner or our affiliate partnering group of advisers. In the first instance please attach your CV to an email and send it to we will respond to you within 24-48 hours.

Why not sales partner with us?

To develop & grow your own business. You can also become a sales partner in our affiliate & sell our products on your website. We can help you deliver sales coaching, sales training, social prospecting client relationship management & systems integration. Once you complete our partners program we will certify you & support you with marketing, sales, research & development, keeping you up to date with the latest prospecting, sales, marketing, coaching, training & systems support. Growing together for a successful 2020.

Benefit from having a team of people working with you. Our systems provide an affordable way to develop and maintain the highly productive sales people and teams that you need. When companies choose to partner with us, great things happen.

Past clients have experienced many of the following performance improvements after implementing The Sales Drive Group’s Sales system COG – The Sales Champions Operational Guide.

  • Higher sales
  • Improved performance
  • Greater Consistency
  • Greater control
  • Quick-fire, easy to understand, executable and organized training system remembered in the field & office & alike
  • Meeting & surpassing established sales plans
  • Sales increases averaging 25%
  • Implementation of measurable outcomes that assess and improve productivity throughout the organization
  • Impressive conversion rate of lead-generation increases
  • Team and Individual sales persons accountability
  • Strong sales plans and sales strategy aligned with corporate goals
  • Increased efficiency through the use of COG Program and consultative strategies

Every Sales Drive Group training programme contains proven and practical information and techniques that are the result of working in the field every day, solving problems and generating sales for clients.

Our team of experts is committed to devising systems and processes that make running your business easier and more profitable. The Sales Drive Group is a partnership of specialists, motivational speakers, sales trainers, sales database engineers, CRM designers and implementers, Google SEO optimizers.

Social media consultants, prospecting, pricing and sales incentive specialists who can provide your company with reality-based systems and methods tailor made to suit your unique situation for developing peak-performance salespeople and sales teams ensuring sales forecasts are exceeded.

The Group provides sales partner and service focused partnerships, sales audits, interactive database development, systems, motivation, consulting and training with the focus always being to deliver bottom-line increases. With a powerful combination of experienced street smart minds contributing to some of the most successful sales partner companies and individuals The Sales Drive Group are continually developing and improving sales and sales incentive systems.

Having worked with and in many sales teams, with many top sales achievers, more than any career based sales trainer could ever have the opportunity to have experienced, we are able to provide a unique perspective on what it takes to create more sales via sales partner arrangements.

More significantly, we know how to transfer this sales partner ability to all staff that has communication with clients. Over the past 30 years, The Sales Drive Group’s expert sales partner facilitators, consultants and business improvement specialists have delivered millions of dollars in sales improvements to companies like yours.

With The Sales Drive Group as your sales partners great things happen.

We know the sales cycle, the sales process, & how to create and operate sales partner programs.