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Sales Motivation – 11 Times & Reigning World Self Defense Champion Turns Sales Motivation Speaker

World Champion keynote sales motivation speaker combines with seasoned proven sales trainer for sales motivation, attitude adjustment, & peak performance.

Time for an attitude adjustment – A Tune Up Between The Ears – The Top Six Inches checked up!

How to develop a Champions Attitude What it takes to become a World Champion. New Sales Motivation speaker for your Sales Success.

The 11 times world self defense champion. John has featured on Channel 7’s Sunrise, The Morning Show and Channel 9’s Kerri-Anne programs and previously on Channel 7 News, Hinch, Channel 10 News, Wonderworld and the 7:30 Report.  He turns sales motivation speaker to help you succeed.

John is also a high achieving salesperson, working out on the road daily with prospective customers. John believes that the greatest factor for success is discipline. John knows that ‘Attitude’ is a state of mind, if, as they say ‘you are what you eat’ John the sought after Sales Motivation Speaker also believes that ‘you are what you think!’ All new, deeply-insightful, thoroughly enjoyable ‘Brain Stimulants,’ for increased sales productivity and team bonding and personal motivation.

Total immersion world champion, high impact, sales motivation speaker, attitude adjustment programme.

Many sales motivation speakers talk a lot about the skills involved in Martial Arts, name one who doesn’t – John is not just a Sales Motivation Speaker actually far from it he lives these skills. He is the reigning world champion. In a powerful, action packed sales motivation session that will remembered and practiced for years hence John teaches the leading edge strategies and techniques that have taken him to the top of the world.

Once they have experienced John’s hands on approach as a sales motivation specialist and sales trainer Salespeople will become empowered and more passionate about achieving high level results. These are exactly the same techniques that John uses himself for self-defense.

Unique, unbeatable approach

You will learn first-hand techniques that will allow you to recognize when to separate your personal and business life. This means you can then improve both your business life and your personal life because you will get more sales which in turn will make you more successful and prosperous. You will keep the fun in both parts of your life and know how to show respect to both clients and family. Your sales success will follow.

Family, work, love, and life balance

John strongly believes that balancing personal and professional life is extremely important for a salesperson as unlike other professions their not hiding behind a computer or doing physical work where they may release some stress so before they meet with a client their mood , body language and persona must be a happy , motivated positive one. John provides real life, easy to apply solutions for many of the mental issues facing salespeople in a competitive, tough, often high rejection environment.

Starting with the ‘Art of Winning through Visualization’ which was a major part in all of his 11 World Martial Arts Championship titles and other tournament wins, such as his many tennis tournament wins. John will show you why correct visualization is such a great tool to use before going into a meeting to picture in your mind a happy comfortable meeting with a successful outcome that is an advantage to both yourself and the client.

Sometimes all you need to see in a sales motivation speaker is a new face.

When you need a sales trainer or motivational speaker please. Take your pick of the option that suits you best. There are the 3 day complete system programs or John’s in-depth 3 hour sessions, or the regular ‘ Sales Motivation Sales Booster’ 1 hour sales vitamins sessions:

Planning a sales conference need a top Sales Motivation Speaker?

For your next sales conference discover how powerful it is when the World Champion keynote motivational speaker combines with a seasoned, proven sales trainer for sales motivation, attitude adjustment, and peak performance.

John Gill – Motivational Speaker displays his successful techniques for keeping the competition in their rightful place.

In sales you need to be able to consistently seal the deal. Just like John does time and time again.

John Gill – Sales Motivation Speaker Topics and Title:

Brian Stimulus, Discipline, and Action for High- Performance Sales Achievement

Background History

The reigning 11 Times World self-defense champion and top sales achiever turns master sales motivation Speaker. He has won eleven world martial arts championships, and is the current world self-defense champion at age 49. He is a Sixth Dan Black Belt martial artist, specializing in Hapkido and Taekwondo.

John is high motivated and shares his experiences of getting to the top in a unique fashion. “Go hard or go home,” and “fear not, fire up” are his mantras. John is not a quick-fix Sales Motivation Speaker, wheels spinning motivator, he knows that sustainability is the key and so his systems inspire confidence and techniques that last.

He demands corporate fitness that will deliver long-term performance excellence. John will give anyone and any team the attitudinal X-Factor with his latest motivational tips. A hands on ‘action’ packed session, this program captures the passion and spirit of John’s world beating motivational techniques. Your sales team will know that John is talking directly to them as he shares his newest discoveries for making them more successful at, and more motivated towards their sales endeavours.

Here are some Keynote / Sales Motivation Speaker / Conference speaker/workshop topics that John covers:

  • ·How to Motivate & Retain Top Performers
  • Motivational tips for daily peak performance
  • Patience, persistence, and perspiration.
  • Winning in an Increasingly tough business environment
  • Understanding the mindset of salespeople who achieve ‘WORLD CLASS’ sales results
  • How to lose the fatal character trait of indecision
  • The importance of laying  the foundation for new and better habits
  • Find out what motivates your buyer.
  • Getting what you want with what you’ve got.
  • Ten simple workable rules for developing self-confidence.
  • Three proven secrets for keeping up your vigour.
  • Setting and getting goals.
  • Inspire others in your team to give fantastic service.
  • How to use enthusiasm, to the best effect.
  • Define complete clarity of purpose, a winning game plan
  • How do we compete against our competitor’s strengths?
  • Motivational tips that motivate change for the better,
  • Be Team oriented through trust and mutual support
  • Commitment, Shared responsibility, Flexible
  • The keys to developing mental toughness
  • How to harness your inner self discipline,
  • determination and perseverance
  • Breaking through limiting beliefs
  • Success strategies of champion athletes and teams
  • Release stress and build inner calm with tai chi
  • How we overcome our weakness
  • Becoming more optimistic with positive thinking
  • How to develop unshakeable self confidence
  • Achieving the results that my company wants



Sales Motivation
World Champion keynote motivational speaker combines with seasoned proven sales trainer for sales motivation, attitude adjustment, & peak performance

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