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How To Sell More

Social prospecting is a whole new way of attracting people towards you. The right people! This is one way of how to sell more.

Developing relationships to the point that a prospect wants to meet you.

Know + Like + Trust are the critical first steps required until a sale can happen.

Building relationships online allows for the know & like to develop until you meet to cement the trust & do a deal.

It is perfectly possible today to build the trust as well without even meeting face to face going this online via Skype, Google Hangouts, Facebook chat & other conferencing facilities..

In fact Phil & Ivor collaborated online for 8 months before they met! 

Social is also a way of maintaining relationships once a sale has happened.

Think of it as social client relationship management – Social CRM

It is a way of informing stakeholders & managing communications with stakeholders..

We have a range of programs that can assist you in this new & skillful client attraction discipline. How to sell more with social media is an exciting efficient way to run & manage pipelines of prospects.

Irrespective of size of organisation the information below is a great introduction to what you need to consider & plan for working with social media – if it makes sense for you then you know what you need to do! We wish you every success in your endeavours.

If it sort of makes sense ask us a question to develop your understanding into tangible actions! Find us on one of our social profiles or call Ivor now on +447782193093 or Phil on Skype – or complete our contact form now.

How To Sell More Using Social Prospecting

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