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The Sales Champions Operational Guide To Sales Stardom – COG!

The simple 8 step system that you can easily carry in your head for achieving sales stardom

  1. Meeting and greeting
  2. The ‘Discovery Schedule’
  3. Intensifying the need
  4. Tying down
  5. Preparing your tailor-made solution
  6. Giving your presentation and dealing with your purpose written proposal
  7. Welcoming and Handling Objections
  8. Closing

How To Sell More Achieving Sales Stardom With Sales Drive

Selling Tips & Techniques

The COG also highlights the danger areas in the selling process. Those vital areas that, if you skip over, leave out or forget, then you are dead in the water.

Trust, belief, integrity, ethics and all other positive personal states are right in the hub of the COG. Without them, the COG shatters. The COG represents the sales side of the business machine. Be it large or small, it is the pulse of any company.

It does not matter how big or small you consider the sale to be unless you keep this COG well oiled and well maintained it will stop working for your bottom-line. Sales are the vital component to have running smoothly at all times. To look at it graphically, the diagram shows how the Professional Sales ‘Champions Operational Guide’ to selling stardom functions.

COG works brilliantly for any salesperson, from self-employed, to small and medium size companies, and for large multi-national companies, who want to reach Sales Stardom. The central hub of the COG represents trust, belief, integrity, ethics, and all the other intangible issues.

Street Smart Skills

Every time a salesperson goes out the gate for a sales day you will encounter a variety of sales situations. This system will equip you with the skills necessary to handle all of them.

You will be fully armed for a great sales day everyday. The amount of sales presentations that you as a salesperson can make in a week or a month means a whole new world of opportunities can present themselves. You can make more money with even a modest improvement of skills.

Imagine how much more you can make with a significant increase in skills.

Building rapport can be hazardous

Building rapport can be hazardous because most salespeople over do it and therefore, it is easily recognised as a sales technique. Get this wrong, and you will not establish a trusting relationship with your prospect. Instead, they will get the impression that you are just trying to control or manipulate them in an attempt to sell something to them. Anyone who feels manipulated will be distrustful of any salespersons intentions and, no matter how sincere, they will never want to really connect with themBuilding Rapport Sales Drive How To Sell More on anything other than a superficial level

To create a sales boom when dealing with business prospects salespeople want the client to know three things very early in the discussion.

  • Firstly, that they appreciate the prospect giving their valuable time
  • Secondly, that they are there primarily to listen to them
  • Thirdly, they should want them to know that best business practices will be followed at all times, and the prospects best interests will always be paramount

A sales situation goes in and out of rapport many times.

A sales situation goes in and out of rapport many times. When the situation needs some rapport building, the thing people most like to talk about is themselves, and their sport or hobbies. Therefore, salespeople who do their homework, and research the prospect before they set out for the appointment have a better chance of building rapport early. A Google search on the company and the person is easy. In addition, if it is a business then reading the annual report or any related newspaper articles.

What you are after is a clearer picture, or things that you may have in common, in an effort to choose the best ways to connect with the prospect towards building rapport and building a mutually beneficial, long-term relationship. On the first visit, use my peripheral vision to look for any obvious signs of a sport or hobby and then if you think that you need to discuss those sports or hobbies, do so, at the appropriate time. Avoid scanning the room as it makes you seem nosy and is not a good look at the outset.

Very rarely does a prospect ever say to a salesperson, “Look I’m sorry I just do not have time to talk about my hobby or sport”

Once a level of rapport has been established, then you can begin at the start of the sales COG. Progressing to ‘identifying the need’ and following the COG right through progressively to the end. The steps to sales boom results are remarkably straightforward and easy to learn. COG is a method that gives you a clear picture, in your head, as to exactly where you are at in the sale. Many sales trainers suggest starting with a closing question and that you should ‘always be closing’ during your presentation. Rubbish, start by building rapport, follow the COG system and they buy you, your company and your solution, you do not need clever closes.

It all starts with building rapport and ends with a sales boom.

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