Sales Course –Sales Mastery – Personal Study

Sales Course –Sales Mastery – Personal Study

Your complete affordable Sales Mastery Personal Study – Online Sales Course

Are you a new business owner or entrepreneur just getting into selling and don’t quite understand systems and procedures and understanding how to create plug-and-play things in your business, as your business grows? Now you can actually create a sales mastery system for your business that will help grow it dramatically.

Even if you are a seasoned professional sales person who has been around the traps for years you don’t want to be the old body that gets left behind now do you? You will not have all the face to face sales skills and social sales skills. This sales course will work wonders for you sales results. So not only will this sales course offer you a refresher sales course you will also gain the sales mastery edge with these up to the minute social sales and social media networking and sales prospecting tools.

You see a failure to understand sales mastery and selling skills and techniques means that things will only get worse. And it gets exponentially worse, it doesn’t get worse a little bit; it gets worse a whole lot in a shorter period of time.

Between us, we’ve had a handsales Course in so many different elements of sales, sales mastery, selling and social media. We are the guys who reduce stuff down to really simple step-by-step when other people get kind of confused with sales theory that they have picked up from other sales trainers.

We are street smart and actively involved as sales partner’s everyday, we have designed and written our personal study online Sales Course for sales mastery especially for people like you who just want to see their sales improve. We will put our sales system up against any other on the planet and win with it.

Nor are we afraid to call a spade a spade; a lot of people really enjoy that about us because we just tell people how it is. Our sales course is written in everyday easy to learn and understand language no industry jargon. Fair enough – a sales course for sales mastery that works for you as you study and grow with it.

Complete Sales Course – Sales Mastery – Personal Study



“If people feel any sense of overwhelm in a small business or in selling in a team or on their own not making that much money and they are doing it wrong, then they will get lucky just by learning our easy Sales System in this Sales Course and if they have the determination and the will to actually grow their business, without sales skills it’s only going to get worse.”

Phil Polson, Author Sales Drive and co-designer of Sales Champions Operational Guide

So, if you’re a new business owner or just getting into selling and don’t quite understand systems and procedures and understanding how to create plug-and-play things in your business, as your business grows, now you can actually create a sales system for your business that will help grow it dramatically:……Your investment in this powerful, life changing sales course sales mastery covers:

  • Complete eBook – Sales Drive by Phil Polson

  • Complete set of MP3’s Sales Drive by Phil Polson

  • Applications 1 thru to 7 Sales Drive Sales Course and Coaching Support:

    • Application 1 Sales Coaching Your Road Map To Sales Stardom.
    • Application 2 Sales Coaching COG Action System To Sales Stardom.
    • Application 3 & 3A Sales Coaching Your Sales Drive Skills Questionnaire
    • Application 4 Answers/Analysis To Your Sales Drive Skills Questionnaire.
    • Application 5 Sales Coaching Our Favorite Free Resources To Sharpen Your Mind.
    • Application 6 Sales Coaching Sales Preparation Coaching Pack. Included Successful Pre & Post Call Sales Planning.
    • Application 7 Sales Coaching Observations On Real Live Selling Situations
  • Access a lifetime of sales coaching through our private LinkedIn Group…

The immediate benefits you can expect to gain from our Sales Course include…..

  • How to be amongst the best and most professional sales consultant in the world
  • How a straight talking no BS approach attracts customers faster than a horse attracts flies
  • How to determine the perfect time before during and after your sales presentation
  • A fail safe way to have your client happily involved at your price
  • How the bright layout for your sales presentations and proposals leads to far bigger payouts
  • Powerful tips and techniques to use during your sales presentation that will eliminate the need for clever closing techniques
  • How to close in one sentence or less
  • How to take the intimidation out of selling
  • How to maximize your sales opportunity with every one of your prospects
  • How to effortlessly demonstrate why your product or service is better
  • How to hit as many hot buttons as you can
  • How to use Social Media to enhance and increase your sales.
  • Secret sales tactics that will revolutionize your bottom line
  • The little-known rarely used secrets of tying down and intensifying the need before leaping to demonstration
  • Critical steps to follow to ensure that the close becomes automatic.

Plus at least 20 more proven Sales solutions and SALES Techniques……….

This online sales course will solve that for YOU and improve your sales straight away. 

The Sales Course involves YOUR TIME….There are no short cuts, sorry.  But in this step by step sales course, you will be able to immediately apply your newly found sales skills as you progress at you own pace through this personal study sales course. That is lack of sales skills and lack of sales is one of the key issues that a lot of people don’t realize, that it’s always there, and so the earlier you nip that in the bud with a serious sales course, the better off you are because it also helps you grow.

Every sales system and sales course has a constraint; Often that constraint is the user of the sales course. Hence we set up a private group to answer and guide you. That’s right invest in our sales course and once you have started the sales course you automatically qualify to access our private members group on LinkedIn.

Wow, by investing in this sales course you can have the system in place, the system runs and it’s working so you only need to adjust it to your own circumstances; then you can move on to the next level for your business

.……….Then this is the sales course for YOU!

What that comes down to is an understanding that every successful person or thing can be boiled down to working to a system. Just look to Nature, it works in systems; the tide comes in and goes out 12 hours, the sun comes up in the morning and goes in the evening followed by the moon. There are 4 seasons. Things work best with systems.

Sales Course Sales Mastery Personal Study, Sales Drive: Sales Course Personal Study- Sales Training

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Complete Sales Course –Sales Mastery – Personal Study