Never Cold Call Again The Alternative View

Whats the big idea cold calling success telemarketing tipsCold Calling Success may seem like an unusual topic to write about today.

There is much chat about how the whole sales process has changed because the buyer is now more  educated & so cold calling tips are outdated & old fashioned. To make a cold call is simply going to irritate or even worse alienate your prospective clients.

Listen to the interview below to change your mind on this…………….!

There is even a product on the market called Never Cold Call Again that consistently babbles about how cold calling success is impossible & if you make a cold call you’re a dinosaur & a freak!

How sales managers that insist you cold call have no idea of what is happening in today’s world. There may be some element of truth in this particularly if they don’t understand digital communications – these are at the extremes of experience though.

My favourite email headline from this product is “cold calling is for morons” surely a moron is someone who discounts any method that can bring you success?

Cold Calling Success

At Sales Drive we focus solely on success – simply defined as increasing revenue & making your revenue more sustainable. We don’t ignore any method that will help you achieve this end. Any method that is legal, you are comfortable to participate in & fits your brand image has to be considered.

So if you personally end up in cold sweats at the thought of cold calling or your

cold calling tipsbrand feels that cold calling isn’t congruous – don’t do it!

However, don’t use these reasons as excuses not to do it – listen to the interview below to appreciate the level of success & revenue that has been generated by cold calling success.

Cold Calling Success

This is extremely common across most industries because it is direct, straightforward & simple. These 3 precepts are at the heart of any successful business & therefore recognized by any successful business person! Cold calling  therefore is respected particularly if you are targeting the business owner.

The only reason cold calling is discussed negatively is because people personally feel uncomfortable about making these calls, have difficulty with being rejected & are not clearly defined in who they are targeting & why – their success rate is low & therefore demoralizing.

Cold Calling Training

A lack of proper Tips for Successful Cold Calling also gives the practice of cold calling a bad name!

Mind the gap when planning your cold calling successI regularly get cold calls from firms – they do very often annoy me – mainly because they are rude, know nothing about me & so end up asking me irritating or stupid questions.

They are simply playing a numbers game. if they made an effort to build a relationship with me instead of attempting to hit call rate numbers per hour maybe they wouldn’t be so annoying & they’d get a higher rate of successful outcomes!

Particularly with cold calling successful outcomes are guaranteed to fail as any interruption in my day needs to be positive not negative……They even dress up their sales pitch by asking me to take part in a survey which in fact is worse as it steals even more of my time.

They are over complicating a very simple process…….

Cold Calling Success

I have personally cold called many times in life & I was most successful at getting appointments when I was part of a team & we had a laugh doing it – not only amongst ourselves but with the callers as well. In my early sales career without cold calling success I would have starved!

There is a bigger lesson to appreciate here too. If you want to be a professional sales person – understanding every aspect of sales is crucial as part of your education; building skills & learning more & more about people.

Cold Calling Training

Cold calling training is part of your apprenticeship. It builds mental muscle & resilience to the realities of sales – everything does not always go your way. Having the inner strength to continue, remain positive & look forward to your next success is one of the differentiators that will mark you out for sales stardom.

So let me introduce you to Odile Faludi who is going to share with us some cold calling tips, cold calling techniques & how to achieve cold calling success. She is an inspiration to anyone in sales & new business development because she oozes passion, skill & a professionalism second to none.

I’m not going to steal all of Odiles thunder by simply rewriting what she shares in the interview so please listen to it & share your thoughts below.

Cold Calling Tips

The key summary points to achieve your cold calling success are

  • Always be in a positive state of mind.
  • Always smile when making your call. A smile shines through on the phone.
  • Stand up & walk around whilst you are calling – walking & talking – this connects both sides of your brain simultaneously giving you an extra edge to achieve your cold calling success.
  • Don’t think cold call – think making new friends, new connections, bringing value & joy to someone new.
  • Research who you are calling, the person, the business, news about them. Our favourite subject is our self so being able to refer to someone specifically helps to quickly build rapport.
  • Be specific in what you are asking for, an email address to email a report, a meeting in the diary, a special offer.
  • A cold call is a mini sale in itself – so be ready & prepared to overcome objections, be practiced at your answers, be bold in probing with questions (without it seeming like an inquisition & rude)
  • Write a script & practice saying it – when you make the call throw the script away! Why? Because when you read a script you sound like you are reading a script! This will immediately put your prospect on edge & the barriers will come down & you’ve lost them before you’ve even started.

The benefit of a script is that you will build up natural phrases in your mind (because you’ve practiced them over & over) that will then subconsciously trip off the tongue when needed – sounding natural & real.

You’ll have to listen to the audio to get some even deeper meaningful tips from Odile! Particularly listen out for how Odile quantifies cold calling success.

In Conclusion – cold calling tips

If you are a start up or relatively young business & your prospects are senior people in organisations cold calling techniques could be a great way to success.

Why? Because these people are likely to have been in a similar position to you at some time in their life & so relate to where you are at & what you are doing – a great ice breaker & relationship building start.

As a start up you are looking for people who are early adopters to buy from you because they like new & different & enjoy not being seen as part of the pack – in all markets it is virtually impossible to define who these people are by any reasonable metric so cold calling is a great way to start your client acquisition journey.

Cold Calling Tips – A Final Point

A month or so ago I heard a knock on the door at home – it was 8.45pm ish in the evening. A young woman was standing there asking me if I enjoyed watching movies & had access to the internet.

Yes I replied!

I was being offered a special one time only subscription to try out an on demand movie rental service with unlimited access for 2 months if I’d spend £5 there & then.

This is a successful big brand company with an established online presence known for their service. They were cold calling me, at home, face to face. If I hadn’t experienced the call I would probably have struggled believing it.

To get extra market penetration & find new clients outside of their core market they were connecting with clients in different ways – in a cut throat market – especially online where everyone is using the same tools & strategies they were appealing to new people & demographics by more traditional means.


If you would like support, guidance or an audit of your new client acquisition then don’t hesitate to get in touch – complete the contact pop up box for a free initial audit & tips on how to increase performance & success.

Ivor Kellock. Never Cold Call Again Plan Your Cold Calling Success With Sales Drive

Never Cold Call Again – Busting The Myth

Never Cold Call Again The Balanced Truth…

From Discovery to Mastery – Networked Thinking for a Sharing World.

Sales Drive is all about balance & honesty – appreciating that all people’s circumstances are different – so a one idea fits all approach isn’t our style – in fact it is damn nigh impossible to offer this in today’s world – any successful coach or mentor will explain how they tailor their guidance specifically to a situation.

We like to look at all sides of the argument & opinions and let the market decide what works best for them.

Read on for Cold Calling Techniques, & tips, the truth & how to sell more.

Author, Frank Rumbauskas takes a hard & fast Never Cold Call Again position…

Frank kindly replied on twitter when I tweeted him for a response to my radio show guest Odile Faludi who extols the virtue of cold calling as she has been extremely successful at creating new clients & revenue.


This post is in response to Frank Rumbauskas tweeted reply.

In fact Odile prefers to refer to cold calling as ‘starting customer conversations‘ – beginning a beautiful & mutually prosperous win win business relationship. This is clever on 2 levels.

1. Cold calling is a negatively, emotionally charged phrase & so puts you off before you start – you don’t even want to appreciate its merits already! Which to Frank Rumbauskas credit is why he sells his course!

2. Starting customer conversations actually describes what is happening! There is much more going on than simply picking up the phone & hoping or begging to arrange a meeting or immediately sell something! The same applies when knocking on  a door while cold calling.

The response Frank has offered is here – it is simple & written in black & white with valves powering the TV screen when we live in a 3DHD 80 inch world!

Put another way Frank really alludes to Adam Smith the Scottish Political Economist – one of the grandfathers of the study of economics as we know it today in his book The Wealth Of Nations – 1776 – yes that’s right 1776!

One of  the core themes discussed in this great work is productivity.

Franks response is entitled Sales Training’s Dirty Little Secret! Controversial so attention grabbing – like it………

However Frank only goes on to dishonour an entire profession of people suggesting that cold calling is out dated, doesn’t work, the are moron’s & is simply a flavour of the month solution.

He doesn’t even say why cold calling is wrong – just that it is! An opinion no less but where is the guidance & advice & justification for his opinion?

In 2 tweets Frank says that people don’t understand the time cost & it’s a cheapskate way to avoid paying for marketing!

So here’s my opinion – Frank you are applying industrial age thinking in a networked age lets get real & modern & let’s play!

Sharing is our greatest asset – critical as part of your networked thinking to create revenue! I’ll come back to this theme!

Any form of prospecting is about ultimately creating revenue – the ONLY reason any business is there – “until a sale is made nothing happens” – attributed to Thomas Watson Sr IBM President for 42 years & considered by many as one of the greatest sales people to have ever lived.

Revenue only happens when a mutually beneficial relationship happens.

I have a problem or need to be solved – you have a solution that gives me great value – I buy.


However, how is the buyer & seller matched?

The buyer can search the internet for solutions – this may not bring you what you want if your solution is provided by a company that hasn’t got its web presence right – i.e. not well placed in search engines or you are not a digital native – you are uncomfortable with the internet or don’t trust it

Unless you are spending up to a couple of $100 you are likely to want to speak to someone to understand the nuances of their solution

You only want to do business with a real person not the internet

You only want to do business with someone who is recommended – from a colleague, business associate, friend, family member, supplier or client.

So, as a seller, you can run a pay per click campaign to capture people from the web – this is prospecting & costs money & unless you have a web savvy person running your PPC campaign you could well lose money – because the web is a complex place – these campaigns have a formula & require skill & talent.

Spread your word through social media sharing your talents & virtues – this works but can also be equally hit & miss with results.

The benefits of all of the above are that the buyers are in control – they are seeking you out when you want to buy!

Modern in thinking & approach – complex to deliver effectively with a positive return on investment.

We can then consider more traditional styles of marketing & advertising & PR all have their place – again this needs to be undertaken by professionals & there needs to be clear focus on outcomes (revenue) otherwise a positive return on Investment can be hard to obtain. Definitely do-able but investment is required.

The criticism of cold calling, advertising, marketing, email blasts & the whole gamut of options is that they are interruption based. They are designed to interrupt your day – interrupt your thinking – be allowed to shout louder than everything else around to get your attention.

This has a number of issues:

1. What is the buying cycle for your product or service?  – If you are sharing information at the wrong phase in the cycle you are likely to get nothing back & might – just might upset your prospect because it was sent at the wrong time.

If you are smart enough with your marketing approach you will at least get an idea of when they are ready.

2. Your research may be slightly out & they will never be buyers – you can ONLY ever ascertain this once you have had a proper conversation either face to face or on the phone / Skype because it takes a number of direct & carefully considered questions to understand where someone is at in their thinking, strategy, business plan & needs.

3. Your target key prospective clients may be listening & communicating somewhere else!

4. You are waiting for clients to come to you – great, forgotten when you have a reputation & are known for what you do – more difficult if you are start up or have been hiding your light under a bushel – a very familiar story with many prospective successful growth companies!

If you speak to a venture capitalist investing in your great new company they want to know 2 things – how do they make a return to get their money back with more & how are you selling your product service?

The return is a function of sales ie the return is driven by the amount of sales you will make – that create profit to create surplus money.

They aren’t interested in how you do this – so long as it’s legal! In fact there are many interviews online that discuss this very subject coming to conclusion that sales as a strategy. Process & outcomes are very often forgotten about!

For balance there are situations where an investment return can be made without generating revenue but these are very often limited to technology companies where a solution is built to fill a need & then sold on – the new owner will make/save money but the original company didn’t make a profit.

I digress!

Economic Woes Today – Failing Western Economies

At present Europe & America are printing money, raising taxes & hoping that economic growth will return – seemingly not! This is a clash of ideologies partly but mainly because Governments don’t create wealth – they are simply custodians of money – taxes – on our behalf to then spend on health, education, infrastructure, defense & social welfare.

Because these budgets are huge & much is spent with the private sector these investments have an effect on the economy but they are not in their own right wealth creators.

People are – we are the only real wealth creators – by either spending – consumers or by creating a product or service that allows for a profit to be had. If more of us did this we would be all helping one another!

Many of us are trying!

When asked Frank Rumbauskas replied in a tweet  “Cold calling isn’t part of a budget – that’s the problem – it’s a cheapskate way to avoid paying for marketing”

When asked what his cold calling definition is: “He says that “Cold calling is cold calling is cold calling whether it’s on the phone or in person”.

Why not join this cold calling twitter discussion as we love to hear your views on  and never cold cold call again and what it may mean to your sales bottom line?

I laughed myself to tears when Brad told me that a Sydney bean counter should be more worried about dogs sniffing each others’ bums than his web traffic…

Let me explain….

Recently a Sydney accountant sent me this email:

“Hi Phil,Phil Polson
One of my clients has just bought a dog food treat business.
They need to do a social media campaign and I thought of you, can you do a brief dot point quote (just for or five lines) with a price per month and a list of achievables.
The client assures me that there is no need to do any website work, they have their own developer for web traffic marketing. Only social media and building fan base.”

I forwarded this along with the website link to one of my USA domiciled JV partners, and one of the world’s leading content writers, Brad Antin, for his opinion. When it comes time to Generate Website Traffic I tend to think like a sales person whilst Brad thinks like a marketer because he is one.

Brad Antin - Sales DriveNow, here is how Brad replied:
(Keep in mind that this is two old friends talking to each other man to man about How to Get Website Traffic and websites so forgive the colourful language (only slightly sanitised for public consumption).


Phil, I visited the website and I’m happy to give you my comments, but I don’t think your Sydney bean counter accountant friend will be happy to hear them.

Let me preface my remarks by saying I’ve had, and loved dogs for most of my life. I even got into breeding and showing German Shepherds for several years, so I know what dog people are like. But…

If I were a late night comedian, I’d have a field day with this.

Now maybe dogs in the land of Oz are different, but over here they smell each others’ asses to say hello. They eat their own, and other dogs’ doings and spew, so I think their menu concept and the names (and stated ingredients) are a bit moronic.

Now I know that people do personify their pets, and they’ll spend a ton of money on them. But “human grade food”? Medallions of Cashew, Beef & Sage? Lamb, Spinach, and Mint Biscuits?

If I didn’t know better, I’d think you had made that site up as a way to just mess with my head.

That said, we have major pet food companies here in the USA that do advertise “gourmet” foods on the net and attract a bunch of Free Web Traffic. Anyway, let me first say that if this was my client, I’d do a lot of web traffic marketing research first.

Maybe there is a big enough market of people willing to spend big bucks on dog treats made for humans. But I suspect there’s a much better niche, and message to be had. Again, I haven’t researched it, so I may be talking out of my you know what, but here’s what I think…

I’d go for the premium market for sure, but I’d define the market, my product, and the benefits of my product differently. I’d put my name and face on the brand (well, not MY name and face that would scare the appetite out of the poor mutts).

I would explain (and show graphically) that for years commercial pet food makers would buy the wasted scraps from various slaughterhouses and combine them with the cheapest fillers of grains and cereals they could get, add what was necessary to make it palatable for dogs and turn it into dog food.

Other companies trying to capture the high end would create and sell their foods based on human standards which really aren’t any better.

But I’ve researched the finest ingredients for a dog’s health and prepared them in a way that dogs can’t resist. (Maybe even show photos of passages in textbooks to create more credibility and authority).  After all, if you’re a dog lover like me, you want the very best for your dog, don’t you?

I would create all my web traffic marketing around these four benefits.

The healthiest possible ingredients for a dog (not a human, cat, or donkey, but a darn dog). The most irresistible taste for a dog. This is important because the more a dog likes it, the better it is for training purposes, and the more positive reaction the dog gives to the human (read love).

Something that doesn’t smell too bad to humans and maybe even contain something to freshen the dog’s breath (because if it’s around the house I don’t want it to stink, and when my dog is panting in my face, I don’t want his breath to stink).

Something that doesn’t leave a mess (either in crumbs, or stickiness) where the dog eats it. Everything in my web traffic marketing would revolve around one of the above.

I’d have more video and less copy. I’d use a combination of live action video to create the emotional heart warming feelings as well as animated screenshot graphics offering facts and figures to justify the emotional buying decision.

I think their entire look and feel sucks. And the flash presentation on the home page is an utter waste of the most valuable real estate on the site.

Well, that’s my first impression.

You’re probably sorry you asked, and I hope that your Sydney bean counter friend has a good sense of humour, but one thing you can count on from me is that I’ll always tell you the truth.


Once I stopped laughing and dried the tears from my eyes, Brad and I got on Skype and discussed the site and it’s web traffic marketing potential further.

The point he was trying to make was that here was a typical business with the kind of traffic marketing website where leads go to die rather than buy, and the client wanted to hire me to bring him another truckload of casualties – instead of showing him how to sell the traffic he’s already getting.

Last week I talked about how critical a steady flow of web traffic by laser targeted lead generation is to the success of your website. And that’s true. But, as in the case of my Sydney bean counter friend, Brad insists (and I think he’s right) that all the targeted traffic in the world won’t make you a dime if you can’t convert them to customers.

If you go back and read Brad’s email again, it’s really all about benefits. The key to a highly converting website (or any marketing, according to Brad) is presenting compelling benefits to the visitor in a clear and concise way.

And if those benefits solve some problem for the web visitor at a price he or she is willing to pay you make a sale. If not, you don’t. It really is that simple. Yes, it helps if the website is attractive and engaging. But if it doesn’t present compelling benefits, or those benefits don’t immediately jump out to the visitor, the most attractive website in the world quickly becomes a dud.

The old WII- FM (What’s in it for me?)

In the next article you’ll see how I would have responded in my more conservative web traffic approach. And you will love Brad’s reply to that.

Brad and I always have highly entertaining and spirited conversations during which we often capture the essence of some extremely powerful marketing concepts.

Stay tuned and I’ll share more in future articles.

Plus don’t just take my word for it follow my next blog and I will send you a link so you can see for yourself how dynamic Brad Antin is and also be amongst the early movers to subscribe to his brilliant 59 second marketer videos …..Enjoy and profit!

Why your website is an expensive, ineffective brochure instead of the most laser targeted lead generation force to be reckoned with.

Why are you still mucking around with that under performing, revenue draining website that produces less than the office mouse, when you could have a hard charging, take-no-prisoners, lethal, laser targeted lead generation force to be reckoned with.

Sure it may be pretty but it’s probably not effective.

 Most businesspeople naturally understand that the only purpose of their website is to bring in new customers, clients, or accounts.

Unfortunately, they all seem to be listening to the wrong people when it comes to creating a website that actually does that.

You’re probably one of them, so please forgive me for speaking frankly.

It’s just a little disheartening to see so many fine businesses (including some of the top firms in Australia) missing out on the business-building power of the internet and sometimes even losing market share to their smaller, more nimble and web savvy competitors.

So, if you do believe that the main purpose of your website is to bring in new customers, clients, or accounts, read on and I’ll tell you in plain, easy-to-understand English exactly how to do it.

OK, first of all, you’re probably listening to a designer or advertising agency about your website. In fact, they’ve probably convinced you to let them oversee the entire design and building of the whole thing. That’s what I meant by listening to the wrong people.

Your designer/agency guys are great at helping you create and maintain the image you want. They may even be pretty good creating expensive TV and radio spots and glitzy magazine and newspaper ads. But what they’re best at is spending your money on media and hosting to promote your brand for which they reap huge, ongoing commissions and site management fees.

Sorry. I couldn’t help that.

Listen. Branding and image building are important—especially for big corporates like a bank, insurance company, or stock brokerage. They deal with people’s hard-earned money, so they’ve got to build and maintain an image that conveys trust and reliability.

However, an image, even a great one, without a compelling message is like an empty shell. Whereas it is important for a potential client to trust you it is even more important to give them a compelling reason to do business with you.

And that’s one of the things your website must do for you.

In fact, your website really only has to do two things

and two things only…

One is to create a steady flow of people coming to the site. I’m talking about an absolute flood, not the little trickle of traffic you’re probably getting now…

And the other is to present a message that in form and substance forces them to stop and realize that they absolutely need what you’re offering and they’re not getting it from any other company with whom they may be trading.

It’s only when your website does both of the above that it can finally become the powerful business weapon it should be. Of course, your investment in branding and image creation can be incorporated into this, but as a partner to the message, not superior to it.

Here’s why. Remember, there are two things your website has to do to make you a raging river of profits.

The first is to create laser targeted lead generation traffic.

Suppose I could deliver a steady flow of people into all your locations. I’m talking people by the busloads lining up to talk to you, your account reps, business development or sales people.

You’d be pretty happy, wouldn’t you?

But look a little closer. What if all these people had no money, no credit, and no prospects? What if they had no capacity to buy whatever it is you sell or to take advantage of whatever services you offer?

You wouldn’t be very happy then, would you?

Let’s modify our first requirement for our website just a bit. It’s got to create a steady flow of qualified people coming to the site. It has to perform a laser targeted lead generation function for you.

So you see, which people go to your website and how they get there makes a difference.

There are only four reasons people go to your website:

1.      Because you told them to go there.  Either you or one of your reps told them, or your other advertising told them. These people are obviously qualified. They’re going because they’re interested in something you offer.

2.      Because someone else told them to go there: This could be a friend of theirs, or a promotional partner of yours. They may be qualified if they’re going there because someone accurately told them of your service and offer.

3.      Because they mistyped an address in their browser: These people arrived by accident and as they have not been attracted by laser targeted lead generation they are most often NOT qualified.

4.      Because your site came up in a search engine: These people were probably looking for something you offer and the Best Search Engines displayed your link. They’re obviously qualified because they were searching for something that your laser targeted lead generation marketing offers.

Obviously the first group is good quality lead generation traffic, but relatively speaking there just aren’t that many new prospects there.

The second group has tons of lead generation potential, but going back to my busloads analogy, what if I told them you were giving out free money to get them on the bus. They’re still not very qualified, are they?

But, if a third party gave them a true and accurate reason to visit your website, these people could be some of the most valuable lead generation traffic you’ll ever get.

This is why SOCIAL MEDIA can be….such a powerful lead generation force for you.

Social media marketing is kind of a specialty within a specialty (and one of my favorites). Unfortunately, most people who claim to be social media marketing experts think they know a lot more about it than they really do. You know the kind of people I mean. So be careful if you go to hire one of them.

Obviously the third group above, are not the people you want, so let’s just forget about them right now.

This brings us to the fourth group—the people who used Google Search Engine or one of the other major engines.

These are the people who can make all the difference between a B2B Lead Generation laser targeted website that generates more business for you than if you cloned an army of your best sales rep, and one that sees less traffic than a ghost town.

Search engine marketing…is the most powerful lead generation of all!

But alas, search engine marketing is another one of those specialties within a specialty that seems to attract a lot of incompetence. So you’ve also got to be very careful when hiring someone to do laser targeted lead generation research for you. Often someone (like myself), who specializes in social media marketing also specializes in search engine marketing. They’re closely related.

By the way, when it comes to both Social Media Marketing and search engine marketing, the big agencies say they’ve got experts on staff, but I haven’t seen much evidence of it.

This is serious results laser targeted lead generation oriented marketing, and it’s a far cry from the branding and image marketing arena those web designers or big agencies specialize in.

As I said at the beginning of this article, branding and image are important, but…

…search engines don’t see your branding….and they don’t care about your image.

They only care about relevance. And only then it’s relevance that fits into their particular algorithm or formula.

That’s what search engine marketing is all about—creating your lead generation website in such a way that when someone searches for a specific key word or search term you’ve laser targeted, the search engine, whether it’s Google, Bing, or one of the others, notices and lists your website first.

So what makes Google, Bing, and the other search engines see your website first?



But not just any content. It’s got to be written content.

The search engines aren’t smart enough to evaluate pictures or videos, they can only read words.

So here’s the final piece of the puzzle.

You’ve got to write your website so that the content attracts the search engines as if it had bright red blinking lights, sirens, and a marching band to get the top listing.

That’s what generates that flood of laser targeted lead generation qualified traffic that you want.

But it also has to present that content in a way that furthers your brand and projects your image while presenting an attractive and compelling offer to turn visitors into customers, clients, and accounts.

We’ll talk more about the details in another post, but let’s recap where we are now.

  1. The whole purpose of your website is generally to bring in new customers, clients, and accounts.
  2. Big ad agencies are much more suited for creating branding and image advertising than creating specific customers, clients, and accounts.
  3. There are only two ways a website can do this: bring in a huge flood of qualified traffic; and present a compelling message to convert that traffic into customers, clients, and accounts.
  4. The most effective sources of traffic are: referral traffic (especially social media); and search engine traffic.
  5. Search engines look for and rank websites based on written content, not pictures, video, or other media.
  6. People make buying decisions based on an attractive and compelling offer more than just branding or image alone.

Watch for my next installment on creating laser targeted lead generation websites that flood your business with new customers while your competitors cry about their lost market share.

Resilience In Sales

Resilience In SalesWhat's The Big Idea About Resilience In Sales People


Definition from Wikipedia – an individual’s tendency to cope with stress and adversity. This coping may result in the individual “bouncing back” to a previous state of normal functioning, or simply not showing negative effects.

A third, more controversial form of resilience is sometimes referred to as ‘post traumatic growth’ or ‘steeling effects’ where in the experience adversity leads to better functioning (much like an inoculation gives one the capacity to cope well with future exposure to disease).

Resilience is most commonly understood as a process, and not a trait of an individual.

Client on boarding or sales or new business development is the lifeblood of every organisation it is what generates the cash to pay the bills, salaries , dividends & investment.

Why Is Resilience In Sales The First Place to Look When Developing Yourself Or Your Sales Team?

Considering the definition it is how to increase your bounce back rate from lack of success – dealing with set backs – learning how to deal to deal with setbacks – it is a learned skill not innate………

Whatever the numbers say every salesperson suffers setbacks – even the top performers lose out – chances are they have a greater level of resilience; we all suffer not getting our calls returned, not converting every quotation or estimate, losing highly trained sales people.

If you’re reading this & saying to yourself I get all my calls returned I wonder how proactive you’re being reaching out to new people?

Your top salespeople may not even consciously recognise they are resilient or how they learned this critical skill!

Resilience Touches The 3 Core Pillars Of The Sales Process – Skills – Attitude – Motivation

Mind Body PurposeMastery Self Determination FulFilment








In the pictures I have substituted

Skills = Body or Mastery

Attitude = Mind or Self Determination

Motivation = Purpose or Fulfillment

Simplifying A Complex World With Resilience

Consider this statement –

“When people are trained to be compliant they will always remember the process in their own way – however much we define a process people will always be slightly different every time.  This can cause costly mistakes, upset, annoy & distress people. Particularly frustration from management.

Simply increasing the pressure to force all people to do it the same way creates a dumb place & unnecessary stress for everyone involved. People stop thinking. The only lever management can use when it goes wrong is to chastise, start a disciplinary process & offer more training.

Fixing this is slow & inefficient because it relies on a chain of command to measure the mistakes and get to the decision makers to decide how to fix the errors.

Group members learn to fear change.  So any innovative change in how your groups work will be resisted.

Bad people (lazy, troublemakers, old school, lifers) can play any system, avoid accountability & hide within the compliance rules.  Bad people can pretend to be loyal to you & as soon as your back is turned break the rules.

There is so much pressure on you to be present all the time you will eventually need a break.  As soon as you are not there the motivation to be compliant will go.”

Resilience From Sales Coaching With Sales DriveDoes this sound familiar?

In simple language -

If you tell people what to do they won’t listen

They need to engage in their own way & want to be involved

It has to add value in their own lives

It has to fit with their own view of the world & the team they belong to

When they don’t know what to do they need to be confident in being able to ask & know where to go for the answer

Coaching Not Training To Develop Resilience For Sales People

This is a big change for the world of sales

In an ideal world every sales person should be coached before each sales call – this is clearly unrealistic for a sales manager where there aren’t enough hours in the day to achieve this – let alone making the sales person feel like a child!

Plan B therefore is to encourage sales people to coach themselves before each call

This is likely to be a big change of habit for the majority

More importantly what should they be coaching themselves about?

I could create a list here (which would be good for internet marketing & SEO!) but misses the fundamental point!

Resilience Is About Being Self Aware Particularly For Sales People

We are all different

Embracing this difference is the key

Each sales person will need to focus on their strengths & weaknesses & their personal inner voices in order to best coach themselves before each sales call

In order to be effective at this they will need to appreciate how to self coach & how to self assess strengths & weakness

This process has to be overlaid with the requirements of the organisation either practical (working with the CRM) or philosophical (how they think)

Skills Motivation Attitude Sales Drive Resilience Program

Sales Drive Resilience Program

Our experience with thousands of people over the years comes back to a few core basics for the majority of sales people we meet

This program works particularly well for new sales people & experienced sales people who have had little sales training or coaching in their careers – which is a surprisingly large number of people particularly when working in Small & Medium sized businesses.

  1. Recognise & understand your own communication style
  2. Recognise & appreciate your own learning style
  3. Have a stable sales process that is recognised in the organisation

These 3 key aspects to an individual encompass all that is important about today’s business world –

Increased expectation of personalisation

The sales person only gets involved at the end of the decision making process

Not everyone can be a great challenging consultative seller

Resilience & Your Own Communication Style

How we communicate is of course a key determining factor in success – particularly sales

Recognising the type of language you naturally use, your natural body language, how you listen, how you speak will be received by each of us on the planet in a different way

Most importantly if you have never gone through this process you will not be aware of how others communicate too! By this I mean that the simple model we use to highlight differences in people will show you that there are different personality types – helping you recognise them – making it easier for you to help your prospects understand your core offering that much more quickly. It sounds simple but it is incredibly powerful!

Active listening & Resilience For Sales People

Part of learning about your own communication style is the biggest learning point of all for every sales person – active listening

On average we can only recall 25% of a conversation – this has been shown in all aspects of life including witnesses to crimes

With a few simple games & techniques we can quickly improve your listening skills – this is the single biggest gain any sales person & organisation can gain sales & profits from.


  • It will reduce the need to reproduce quotations & estimates
  • It will increase accuracy
  • It will avoid necessary meetings, emails & phone calls
  • You’ll get to decisions that much more quickly!

Building Resilience By Recognising Your Own Learning Style

How we learn is important for everything we do in life. Discard the labels that were put on you at school. Embrace your personal skills & traits. Work around your weaknesses.

This will increase your speed  of absorption & develop you as a person

Most importantly you will then appreciate how other people learn – immediately giving you an edge in presentations & sales meetings.


Because you can now change the way you teach people about the nuances & specialisms of your product & service in a way that they understand more quickly

This is subtly building rapport & helping your prospect get to like you more quickly

In large deals where the sales process will be closely defined by both buyer & seller – decisions about who to buy from very often come down to the whole introduction process – because this is all the buyer has to differentiate one company from another!

Building Resilience With A Stable Sales Process

Sales Drive Sales Process Sales Champions Operational Guide - Sales COG


We come across all the time sales people that have no formalised sales process.

In our modern world of training & coaching we genuinely find this shocking!


The biggest reason we find is that people want to personalise their process to each new sales call. This is great thinking & we salute you all for thinking this way – it’s imperative.

However it then means – in many many shadowed sales calls we have observed that many of the basics that need to be covered off are forgotten & active listening doesn’t take place because all the focus is made on remembering the right questions to ask!

Quickest Routes To Profits & Success For Sales People Is By Developing Personal Resilience

In conclusion then our experience has found that actually focussing on a few core elements of individuals actually brings much greater reward & success – because it is the individual – the person that is selling – get their motivation, skills & attitude fully tuned & you have a loyal effective successful team member

To be resilient is to embrace the uncertainty of life.

It is artificial to put life into boxes. Life does not work like that. Putting life into boxes will in the end make us vulnerable to change & unable to cope with uncertainty

To embrace uncertainty requires the ability to see the truth

Seeing the truth with our own eyes requires us to stop being tribal; stop trying to fit in;

stop trying to be popular; stop letting others tell you what to do & most importantly stop trying to tell others what to do

The ability to make choices simple makes people resilient


Author Ivor Kellock

Sales Drive Become Media Partners For Women In Sales Awards 2013 UK & Europe

Are You A Woman In Sales? Do you know a woman in sales?

We are delighted to announce that we are official media partners for the new Women in Sales Awards 2013 UK & Europe

Why have we got involved?

  • Women are not recognised enough in our world of sales – it seems to be a male led industry
  • Sales is recognised as a major contributor to accessing C suite positions such as*
  • Ginni Rometty is CEO of IBM – her history is in sales – previously IBM’s global sales leader
  • Marissa Meyer – CEO at Yahoo is also making waves – with a history in revenue generating jobs
  • In the UK there are twice as many women employed in sales as men – let’s recognise their contribution to our economy**
  • Economic growth only comes from the sale of goods & services – any opportunity to stimulate this is an opportunity for greater shared prosperity so let’s get nominating & promote & support success!
  • There is a shortage of good quality sales people so any opportunity to create a buzz about the one industry that can create economic growth makes sense to me!

The deadline for nominations is looming – it is 9 September 2013 so you need to start getting involved – there are a maximum number of nominations per category – accepted on a first come first served basis

To nominate & find out more click here

The gala award ceremony & prize giving is to be held at the Savoy Hotel in London on 3 December 2013 

The categories for entry are -ZC08_ZarsMedia_WISA_WebBanner_160x260px

Best Woman Pharma Sales
Best Woman Healthcare Sales
Best Woman Financial Sales
Best Woman Software Sales
Best Woman Technology Sales
Best Woman Insurance Sales
Best Woman Advertising Sales
Best Woman Sales Director
Best Woman Sales Manager
Best Incentive and Motivation Programme of the Year (award given to the company)

Nominations for Women in Sales Awards 2013 UK & Europe

You can not nominate yourself! You have to be nominated by your company

The list of prizes has not been finalised yet but I know there are some awesome ones including mentoring for each winner from top female business executives – more to be announced soon!

Coming to Women in Sales Awards 2013 UK & Europe

I know that over 2/3 of the tables have been booked for the gala prize giving evening too so if you’d like to network with some of the greatest companies in Europe you need to book soon.

Why Get Involved?

Motivation is always critical for all sales people – I don’t even need to say this do I but being nominated, being short listed for the final & winning – all stages make for great stories to be shared internally & externally

Being seen as a progressive organisation promoting your female sales staff is again a great story to share

Using these stories to aid recruitment & diversity

Giving a lift to company morale

Choosing to have a great night out with industry professionals & peers

I can’t wait!











Are You A Woman In Sales? Do you know a woman in sales?

Quickly get nominating to celebrate the successes in your organisation!

For more information please get in touch with myself or Afi Ofori at Zars Media

*McKinsey & Company, research of the largest US corporations shows that 62% of women are in staff job positions that provide service and assistance but don’t directly generate revenue. These roles very rarely lead to major jobs in senior management.

In contrast, 65% of men on executive committees hold line jobs associated with revenue creation. This helps explain why the number of women CEOs in Fortune 500 companies appears stuck around 3%

**Labour Force Survey 2007/09 Office National Statistics

Author Ivor Kellock

What Is A Social Media Platform?

Social Media Platform Definition:

A tool that provides users the means to build, mix and promote community engagement, conversation and user-generated material.

You can also share content, such as blogs, & link them all together.

A lot of people with websites that have been going for awhile are curious about expanding to Social media; they know they should but how?

Let’s take a look at the 6 major social media platforms that we suggest that you should include in any serious digital strategy when you need lead generation Sydney, Hertfordshire, or Timbuktu more leads that will lead to you making more sales at better margins.

Why Social Media?

Well now you can tell millions about your products and services in record fast time. You can spread your message far and wide or you do as we prefer to highly target your lead generation we prefer quality leads who will potentially turn in to happy clients for repeat business as opposed to as scatter gun approach. Hence we use lead generation Sydney as a target or lead generation Hertfordshire for our UK based clients or lead generation Melbourne, New York and so on.

Makes sense doesn’t it?

For business networking we recommend & luv LinkedIn as a starting point.

Why LinkedIn?

Business people tend to prefer this outlet. You can gain valuable social proof cost effectively. By creating a LinkedIn profile you not only can strengthens your individual and company brand, but you also strengthen others trust & confidence in you.  You can join like minded thinkers and share your views in targeted groups. Our group is Sales Drive: be great at sales no matter what you do, networking meets Sales!

Feel free to roll up and join us, all debate and conversations welcome.

LinkedIn is more than just an on-line CV it really demands that you show your personality there. You can inform & engage with your connections.

Why YouTube?

YouTube allows you to: Rank well with its owner Google. With video marketing you can really amplify your message.

You can also increase your brand awareness.

Another serious benefit is that you can Laser target your audience. Get away from the clutter and noise of the internet and use YouTube’s huge lead generation potential with appealing, informative videos with a call for action maybe in the annotation as you see here or in the description. You have access to some very cost effective marketing with lower cost videos.

Why Twitter?

Twitter allows you to: Get instant feedback from your followers, if they don’t like something you tweet that will soon let you know! A social media policy is essential for businesses even a one person business. We think the first point of any social policy should be if so much as a drop of alcohol has passed your lips turn your twitter off.  Twitter also allows you to quickly and easily identify those who want to engage personally with you and your brand.

You can discuss topics of the day, best to keep to your specialist subject. If the like what they read in your tweet others will Re tweet your messages but we feel it is best to retweet others first before seeking retweets from others.  The old saying the riches are in the niches has never been truer than on Twitter where you can identify niches and Attract niche followers. Such as people who are looking for Social Media Platforms for Business, or leads generated in London and so on:

Lead Generation Sydney is an example of just one of our target markets.

Why Facebook?

Sheer Volume makes Facebook hard to ignore.

Highly personalized messages are able to be left there with many even going so far as telling what they have eaten for breakfast and putting a picture of their said breakfast up fro all to see. Bless them!

Facebook has a wall for you & others to paste material on.

You have an option of having both a Personal & a company page.  On Facebook you also have the advantage of being able to use Multiple keyword optimized pages. Do it right and you will have a strong audience retention, and a solid advertising platform.

Why Google Plus?

Google dominates the internet, so it makes the rules: Google is the worlds most used search engine so common sense tells you to be there. They deliver relevant content. Influencers are there who might miss you elsewhere.

Google Plus also enables group meetings, conversations, or demonstrations. It allows for longer discussions to build relationships.

Why Pinterest?

Women especially love this platform: Pinterest is great for sharing images, photos where a picture tells 1,000 words. You can segment & target your themed message on Pinterest. It also means that you can shows your passion for what you do. Priceless and Fantastic brand recognition opportunity.

Where to start?

Easy start by discussing your Best Social Media Management Platforms needs with our international specialists at Sales Drive!

What is a social media platform?

 Including our team leaders: Phil Polson, Ivor Kellock, Stuart Bazga, Jason Baudendistel and Odile Faludi.

We Do It All For You!!

Relax, take care of your business & family while we… Plus, We Can Manage Your Social Community For You!

Your Social Platforms handled Professionally.

Let’s talk soon. That Free’s you up to enjoy life & do what you do best!

Lead Generation Sydney!

Get More Website Traffic NOW – New Service

Sales Drive Lowers Cost of Your Lead Generation

Where does your organisation sit amongst all of the internet noise and how will it be heard? Odile Faludi, recently interviewed Phil Polson, founder of Sales Drive for a heads-up on Ways to Increase Website Traffic.

Get more website trafficBy Odile Faludi.

Some people think the internet is like a big phone book on steroids that contains a lot of solutions. Most will also say it is surrounded by a huge amount of clutter.

Starting a conversation with Phil Polson about the best ways to Get More Web Site Traffic Free to your site is so easy.

He is instinctively an astute salesperson.

He is on a mission to help others lower the cost of their sales and increase their return on investment in lead generation.

This isn’t a surprise as he has been involved in selling and how to sell for the last 30 years.

Phil’s expertise is his deep understanding of how to excite people’s minds. Phil points out something we often forget, “Each day the internet has a captive audience but how many businesses are truly exploring the positive message they can be sharing with these people.”

It’s a good point and something we all can take for granted.

Phil commenced the successful site Sales Drive out of sheer frustration. He had previously worked with organisations where traditional methods of lead generation i.e. direct mail, stands in supermarkets, door knocking, advertising, were ineffective and costly.Phil Polson

Phil quickly realised that if he put everything you needed to know on the internet he could bring down the cost of sales by 50%. Phil Polson reflects that the success of Sales Drive has been mainly due to him surrounding himself with a team of experts who have all put up their hand to be involved.

Phil calls himself a “coordinator of experts.” His website covers the whole gambit of online sales & is the culmination of a combined 8 years of effort.

His formula for web success is simple, choose people who have all had longevity on the internet.

Phil stresses there are too many two minute wonders. Phil says, “I want clients to be happy and profitable. Longevity is the key from all aspects. I have found people keep coming back and send their friends and this is the biggest compliment and really important to me.” Phil states that one of the elements that bring you longevity is your website.

Ensuring your content has Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with the right mechanisms in place so that people can reply to you is important. Together with a solid LinkedIn profile which becomes a point of reference and then you meet up with prospects on social media such as Twitter. This is a combination to get more website traffic, connect socially and cultivate good business.

At Sales Drive the team are all Specialists:

Specialists who intensely search into keywords and are LinkedIn profile builders as well. Phil believes “Key words will be as expensive as two bedroom apartments in the future.” You may be laughing but by the look in Phil’s eye he is not joking. Phil stresses, “When it comes to how to Get Web Traffic Google rules the world so you need to SEO according to their rules.

It’s like everything in business, the devil is in the detail. All the examples you need are up on the Sales Drive website and if you attempted to do this all yourself you would be overwhelmed. That is the benefit of this service. Sales Drive do everything for you.”

Phil likes to use the scenario of the Barrister in the court room. The judge rules and it is not the business of the Barrister’s client to know law. They totally rely upon the Barrister representing them in the best way in front of  the judge. In this case, Google rules and Sales Drive is your barrister representing you. You don’t need to understand the science of Google.

You just need to brief Sales Drive well.

Phil Polson candidly says, “People mistakenly try to appeal to everyone on their website. Content must be in context to your specialty, substance is more important than form. Content is King. Focus on those you can help and let the others go elsewhere. Have someone read your website who is a likely candidate for your product or service and see their reaction. Attention is secondary to response.

Sales Drive only try to appease the people that want your product or service.

Google calls that relevance. A good website should take you on a journey and tell a story.” Sales Drive runs everything by analytics so none of this is guesswork. The idea behind deep diligence keyword research is matching those people up who need your service in this very overcrowded market. Like never before it is the targeted message that counts. You don’t want your message lost at sea, floating around hoping someone finds it. You want it to be highly targeted.

People tend to think they know what their keywords should be but Phil insists that is false.

For him it’s a matter of deep research. A tip Phil gave was that the big thing most people miss out on in content writing for a website is “foraging”. Foraging in terms of SEO and content writing just means people will scan through for what they are looking for. Length of content is dictated by Google rules and if Google can’t see it optimised they won’t give you the higher ranking or position. Too short with your content and people are foraging through and what they are looking for is not there they will click off your website and go elsewhere.

Potential customer lost.

Once people have left your website they may never come back. Phil explains that the key is to keep regularly adding something new to your website so people will return. In the fast moving internet space things quickly become ancient. You can’t just keep wheeling out yesterday’s speech and dust if off for a new audience. You have to refresh and redesign with new information to engage and make conversation constantly.

Sales Drive is updated every few days with new material.

The next tip given was that the big thing that people are missing out on is “back links”.

Search engines often use the number of back links that a website has as one of the most important factors for determining that website’s search engine ranking, popularity and importance. It was obvious throughout the interview the one thing that Sales Drive does is take the frustration and loss of sleep out by taking care of your business whilst you focus on what you do best.

Phil Polson’s top winning tips:


1) Content is King
2) Reducing cost of sale by presenting your website correctly so you get repeat business which equals profit.
3)  Traffic is more important than branding
4) Social proof


1)  Don’t just treat it as your on-line CV, show your personality and level of expertise, tell your story
2)  Stand out from the crowd, become the go to person in your field
3) If you are on a networking site, use it as a networking opportunity to meet new people
4)  Start a group and have a company page and key word target who you would like to meet


1)  Have a complete profile
2)  Be conscious of keywords and how to use hash tags
3) Make the message concise and give preference to those who are following you


1)  Make sure you use it
2) Make sure you use it to get subscribers
3)  Make sure you use it to generate more traffic to your website

Overall, Phil Polson says:

“The number one rule is CONTENT IS KING for all of the above.”

Spending lots on expensive videos is unnecessary. Doing from 10 seconds up to two minute YouTube video’s is Hot and Google loves it. There is no doubt that Phil Polson and his extraordinary team lead the pack in this field.

Click on the Let’s talk and start a conversation. Sales Drive will get more traffic to your website and ultimately more sales in your pocket!


Success – what does it mean for you?

Money? Fame? Fortune? Recognition? Acknowledgement? Accolade? Awards?


How much money?

How much fame?

How much fortune?

Where do you want to be recognised?

How do you want to be acknowledged?

What accolades would you like?

Which awards would you like to win or be coveted with?

I’m taking a sideways glance here at Success offering alternative perspectives.

Success doesn’t necessarily have to be about any of the above.  What about –



Making a difference

Stimulating change

Empowering others

Bringing joy

What does this have to do with sales & creating & making more sales, being able to bring on board more clients,  generate more revenue for your company?

At Sales Drive we recognise that you are unique, individual, special & above all else have a desire to want to be a part of something & make a difference.

We offer you a different perspective here because by looking & listening differently our experience shows us that this will stimulate new thoughts & ideas that will help you in your quest – on your journey of self discovery to creating success as you define it.

If part of your definition of success  is that you want to earn more money, create a business of your own that supports your family or want to develop your career in sales so that you feel successful – we absolutely recognise this & understand it.

Most importantly we will support you on your journey as an individual recognising who you are as you are so that your path to your new mastery is smooth, accelerated & fun.

Using videos shared from other people share their stories & thoughts giving you a sideways glance that can inspire you, encourage you & most importantly encourage a change to create your personal success story.

Get in touch with Ivor Kellock now (  )to have a sideways conversation on life & how developing you as an individual will create for you your personal success formula.

Enjoy your personal freedom & success – cheers Ivor

Success – “I can” – Kiran Bir Sethi teaches kids to take charge

I defy you to not be inspired by this video

Success – How to start a movement – Derek Sivers

A simple powerful message

Success – Sheryl Sandberg Why we have too few women leaders

Facebook’s COO

Success – A story of mixed emoticons – Rives

Get to grips with what they are!!

Success – How healthy living nearly killed me A.J. Jacobs

Don’t believe all you read watch & hear

Success – The news about the news – Alisa Miller

How are you being affected by what news you watch & listen to

Success – Get more sleep Arianna Huffington

A simple success solution!

Success – Looks aren’t everything. Believe me, I’m a model – Cameron Russell

The truth about being a model

More FAQ’s – How To Increase Website Traffic!

Q: Is the handling of my website locked into Sales Drive forever?

how to increase website trafficNo not at all. Our initial objective is to have you up and running, in as short a time frame as possible with a smooth transition and reworking of your existing website.

The idea being to have you in a position by the end of project upgrade so that you know for yourself how to do a Site and are then in  a position to be the master of your sites destiny if you so choose. Equipped with some automation, complex mechanisms made simple so that you then have most of the skills either you or staff/family member need to take it forward under your own steam if you desire or retain ourselves at Sales Drive or others to carry on.

 Q: How long does SEO & social media take to do?

For some keywords you can rank in weeks or months while others might take over a year. The results depend on what you want to achieve, the keywords you target, the specific niche you are in (some niches are harder to break into the top ten due to the strength of competing websites) and the existing state of your website.

An average SEO assignment typically takes us between 6 and 12 months to fully complete. The sooner you start the sooner we have you up and running.

The solution that we prescribe to you will be based upon how much work/analysis can be done within a budget and a time frame. Obviously costs will vary at each stage, so therefore we will take the time to develop a good scope with clear goals that we can tick off as we progress.

Please keep in mind that like your clients – you are paying for human services, their process, their expertise and the software that they have to subscribe to.

Q: How long do the effects of Sales Drive’s SEO last?

Getting a first page listing in the major search engines (Google, Bing or Yahoo) can take quite a bunch of initial effort. Sometimes we get lucky and go for lower hanging fruit which gets page one ranking earlier but gets far fewer search queries. The secret is in the overall mix. Once we get you there it becomes much easier to stay.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a strange business. SEO businesses are offering all sorts of bright and shiny objects and software with disingenuous promises of vast riches. So if you hire someone like that to do search engine optimization for you, you’ve got a slim chance of success and a great chance of getting your site slapped down by Search Engines for rule breaches.

Therefore, you need to understand the basics of SEO and social media so that you can either create a search engine friendly web site yourself or hire specialists, such as the Sales Drive Group that knows what they are doing.

 social mediaQ: Can’t my web designer friend/niece/cousin do this SEO and social media stuff?

You friends or co-workers, and your kids might be able to do a portion of what is required, but to achieve the best results you need to use professionals.

You want to totally master and dominate your competitors online and offline, have more customers walking through your door or buying your products, that’s where we at Sales Drive come in.

Q: What happens if Google changes the playing field why might they do this?

Google publicly state that they simply want to deliver their internet customers with the greatest (and most appropriate) experience they can. That means if you deliver valuable, appropriate information for would-be consumers you will do well out of most Google changes.

As none of us “owns” Google or any of the search engines, no guarantee can be given for results but you can be reassured that we know digital sales, social and marketing and will use our extensive expertise and give you our best endeavours at all times.

Q: How much does a web site rework from Sales Drive cost?

The cost is determined by:

a) The amount of material you want to include in you website; and

b) The structure (complexity) of your website. This includes things like, databases, if you need an e-commerce store, order taking software, images, videos, or animation.


Q: What kind of budget is realistic for my website?

The larger and more complex a site, the more time will be involved.

Nevertheless, if you really just need a simple but highly professional website and social media presence, with general information and contact details, the price may be less than you think.

If you plan to sell your products or services directly from your website, then you will need to invest more.

Q: Will my website design be” Search Engine” friendly?

All our websites are created with search engines in mind and the website design is compliant with search engine guidelines. It is a good idea for your website to be re-evaluated in time as over a period of time the search engines do alter their rules and algorithms and you will want to be certain that your website is kept up to date and complies with new rules.

Q: Where should I start on my website and internet strategy?

Fill in the opt-in box or the contact slip that you see here and Talk to us at Sales Drive today!

New, Website Development Sydney, Service

Some Logical Answers To Your Logical Questions About Sales Drive Website Solutions.

Announcing the new Sales Drive, specialist website solutions and digital marketing service.

For your convenience we have also included at the bottom of this page a few links to some terms and concepts that you may like to familiarize yourself with as you learn and grow on your internet and social media journey:-)

Q. Will I further my revenue streams and profitability by improving my website and social media presence?

A. The refining and enhancement of your web presence by our online sales and social media specialist team will be a skyrocket for your website, boosting leads, sales, confidence and morale to new levels.

Q. Why is knowing how to increase website traffic so important?

A. Many of the most successful business people and companies in the world now attribute much of their achievements to these very same internet and website solutions. There is no way we or anyone can describe the true value, you simply have to look at the balance sheets of those successful companies and see for yourself.

Q. Can Sales Drive Easily Salvage & Fix Cheap $500 to $2,000 websites?

A. Yes, but with the “But” caveat…….but miracles take a little longer. When you send us your website details we will take a look and then give you a prompt straightforward, no BS, Yes or No as to whether or not we can salvage and fix and refresh your website to our standards. We will un-apologetically be the first to say so if we can not help you or if we think it is uneconomic to salvage and better for you to simply to start again.


Q. What factors will likely determine if a cheap site can be salvaged economically?

Website Development SydneyA. We will run our digital slide rule over the website looking for existing factors such as; URL rating, age of site, navigation and site design, Page Ranking, Google Relevance, number and value of existing back links, internal and external links, content, and site visitor numbers such as you see in this screen capture off our own site that you are on now.

Q. How do I know that improved web and social media presence will benefit me and my business?

A. The opportunity to be amongst the leading edge abounds – leaders not followers. In their June 2012 Yellow Pages Social Media Report well respected Sensis says:

The popularity of social media amongst Australian consumers is an undisputed fact with a sizable majority of us actively engaging with social media on a regular basis.
However, there still remains a sizable gap between the social media strategies of Australian businesses and the corresponding behaviour of a large number of their customers with only 27% of small businesses and 34% of medium-sized businesses having a social media presence.

In Britain, Virgin Media Business news reports research  carried out by LM Research and surveyed 5,000 directors / business owners from companies with 100+ employees found that:

In late 2011 nearly half (43 per cent) of British companies now have a social media presence, an eight per cent rise from last year. Despite this increase, companies are choosing carefully where they represent their organisation online. Facebook is seen as the most important (34 per cent) with Twitter second (24 per cent).

Just eight per cent of companies are currently using location based sites and even fewer (two per cent) offer customers direct deals and promotions. Yet this is expected to rise significantly in the next decade with 38 per cent of companies forecasting more geo-location deals set up with banks or supermarkets.

Investis says:
40 percent of FTSE 250 companies now have a corporate social media presence – compared with just 14 percent at the same time last year. The increase rises to almost 60 percent in the FTSE 100. This rate of growth shows ‘companies will soon be in the minority if they continue to avoid the social trend,’ says the digital corporate communications firm.
Corporate social media have also boomed in Europe, where 44 percent of MDAX companies are represented in social media – more than double the Q4 2011 figure – while 60 percent of Switzerland’s SMI 20 companies have a corporate social media account.

Q. Does this mean we can cut Costs in these Tough Times?

A. Yes. You have the capacity to get to millions instantly with 2 way communication and feedback possible within minutes at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising and media. The digital and social media space is in some ways a modern version of the old village square, where folks gathered and exchanged information, it can be either great or bad depending how you handle it.

Organisations are relying on the mind blowing amount of data at their disposal today, but many of the best decisions still come from humans interacting with each other, far cheaper yet priceless conversations using Social Media to Increase Employee/Client Engagement.

Q. How long does it take Sales Drive to get a web site refined?

A. There are no magic wands or over hyped shortcuts that last. A general website that contains anywhere from 5 to 15 pages, can take around 2 to 4 weeks to complete. Online stores or E-commerce sites can take 5 to 8 weeks. We can work to shorter deadlines, depending on our workload at the time. If you need your project completed quickly, don’t hesitate to tell us when you contact us.

Q. What sort of monthly budget do I need for my website and social media?

A. We have packages that can satisfy most business lead generating and cost of sales budgets.  If you are looking for a quick fix or a cheap and cheerless option then we are not for you.  The ultimate investment  will depend on the type of website, the complexity, the extent of your social media needs and how technical your website needs are.

Q. Who at Sales Drive will be in charge of my work?

At Sales Drive we care about personalization of service and offer you applied exceptional website and social media thinking and knowledge. Your project, depending on its size may involve up to ten people. Our experienced consultants can go beyond simple SEO and link building and on-demand create an elaborate strategy for your website.

Q. What Social Media Strategy Will be Considered For My Business?

A. One of Sales Drives Senior Partners, UK based Ivor Kellock has prepared one of the best summaries of potential social media options to be considered. There is a huge amount of information in his answer!

Including bit of detail about the major platforms. Followed by what & how to create engaging content. Useful tools to accompany your social media strategy. Email & other digital media.

Sales Drive initial recommendation for you may be as simple as a 5 page website fully search engine optimized and coupled to 4 or 5 major social media platforms. LinkedIn, Face Book, Twitter, Google Plus and YouTube. Or it may be more extensive depending on your needs, goals and budget.

Q. Whose Rules Do Sales Drive Follow For Website Development?

A. Google’s, because they are King Of The Castle!

Need your website development Sydney, Australia or anywhere in world, then why not click here on the “Let’s talk” contact widget and get the ball rolling in your favour?

Attract More Clients By Starting Conversations!

Just Stop Cold Calling And Start A Client Attraction Conversation.

Conversations are how we humans communicate!

Aren’t they?

The telephone is one of the most common ways we communicate, research shows that with the explosion in mobile technology no one is ever more than 2 feet away from their phones.

Odile Faludi is being very honest about how to attract new clients over the phone when she points out “No one is looking forward to someone “cold calling” them tomorrow, but will respond to someone who has done some homework and makes a genuine presentation.”

It is about having a new client Attraction Marketing System:

Starting customer conversations to attract more clients.

Whilst I know the experience of calling prospects is heavily regarded as cold calling, I believe it is so much more than that, it is a guaranteed way to attract more clients. Ditch the idea of cold calling and recommence the process with “Starting a Customer Conversation” and thereby Attracting Customers to Your Business in abundance.

When you want or need to attract more clients…

it takes just as much time to attract a small client as it does to attract a big one -but you do need to know how!

Further, Jeffrey J Fox says, “When times are tough, don’t cheapen and worsen your product. Don’t cut your outreach to customers. When times are tough, you out-sell, out-promote, and out-advertise your competitor. You offer more, not less. And you never take the cheese off the pizza.” As the author of “How to Become CEO,” which was on the NY Times, Business Week, Wall Street Journal, Knight-Ridder,, best seller lists Jeff knows how to attract new clients.

So if you really want to discover how to attract new clients then go back to basics, pick up the phone and dial.

At 15 cents a call it still is the easiest and most cost effective way to create a client conversation opportunity if you know how.

An emotionally competent sales director has resilience in adversity and doesn’t allow emotional negativity to stand between their sales process and their bottom line. He or she recognises that telephone calling is still the best way for Ways to Attract New Customers in the most cost and time efficient method of doing business.

Being focused and disciplined is essential and a good communicator should be able to speak with ten people per hour; gauge their interest and make an appointment to see them face-to-face. The appointment success rate will be on average, 10% for a good communicator, 20% for a great communicator and 40% for a star. i.e. Thus, as a star, C-suite executives can expect to make four appointments out of ten “qualified leads” per hour. How’s that for time efficiency.

If a start-up entrepreneur is following up after a networking function and wants to attract more clients this success figure could be even higher. By using the conference as the springboard for telephone conversation.

Like, “Hi John, Sorry I didn’t get the opportunity to speak with you at the CFO Conference last week but why don’t we set a date now for that catch-up?”

Usually, the results will be even higher than 40%, especially if the start-up entrepreneur is a great schmoozer on the phone. Remember, speaking is not telling… simply start a conversation that lands in a nice place that results in a meeting.

loved workshop

Often I am asked how to attract new customers?

I often say, “You can spend millions on product research and development, but if the delivery of these products is impaired due to self-limitations nothing can be accomplished. At the end of the day, nothing is more important to the success of your product and service than face-to-face meetings. But, remember the start of that conversation is over the phone. The meeting is progressing the call to the next stage.”

Wayne Marshall

Senior Manager at Levi Consulting Pty Limited

Sydney, NSW, Australia

“I recently attended Odile Faludi’s workshop on Starting Customer Conversations and would highly recommend it to anyone who has just set up a business or is looking to expand their business and win new work. The workshop gives confidence and tips. Odile is a brilliant communicator and her style of presenting is dynamic and energetic.”

The art of starting a customer conversation is neatly wrapped into six specific words – rapport, empathy, persuasion, cooperation and consensus building. If you can’t get the first two words actioned right from the start the others will not follow.

To succeed in starting a conversation in the correct way you must really care about the interests of others not just your own. This will shine through in your personality and your approach. You make the conversation safe where people feel comfortable to let down their barrier and progress the call.

As Dean Rusk says, “One of the best ways to persuade others is with your ears – by listening to them.”

Make sure the content of your conversation has relevance, and your intent is genuine and most people will give you a brief moment to listen to what you have to say. Through your questions and your attitude, you must also express that you are okay if you and the client’s attraction is not a right fit, no different to dating.

This client attraction attitude will help you to be seen, even in the early stages of the selling cycle as a potential advisor.

Thanks for your time!

Why not get your sales team trained by Odile. She runs four hour workshops on Starting Customer Conversations in the heart of Bondi Junction, Sydney. Give her a call today on +61 425 250 677.

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