Planting The Seeds To Sales Success

“It’s common to say that trees come from seeds. But how could a tiny seed create a huge tree?

mountain ashSeeds do not contain the resources needed to grow a tree. These must come from the medium or environment within which the tree grows. But the seed does provide something that is crucial: a place where the whole of the tree starts to form. As resources such as water and nutrients are drawn in, the seed organises the process that generates growth. In a sense, the seed is a gateway through which the future possibility of the living tree emerges.” Taken from Presence: Senge, Scharmer, Jaworski, Flowers, 2004

Aren’t the seeds just like the starting point of a conversation in business? With the right attention these conversations have the capacity to grow into big whopping accounts. This tiny seed which you plant as an idea into your prospect’s mind eventually grows and with more healthy conversation it continues to grow. Therefore the way you start conversations can change the landscape of your career, business and even your life. So why wouldn’t you take the time to really understand how to germinate these seeds and reap the rewards.

Never Cold Call Again The Alternative View

Cold Calling Success may seem like an unusual topic to write about today. There is much chat about how the whole sales process has changed because the buyer is now more  educated & so cold calling tips are outdated & old fashioned. To make a cold call is...