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Why would any Entrepreneur, Start-up Founder or Company Executive knowingly let their business operate below its peak potential?

Yet on the internet many are doing just that – by failing to contact new prospects, failing to capture new customers, and failing to use “state-of-the-art” marketing systems – and thus losing sales, leaking profits, and missing out on the best opportunities for success!

Why wouldn’t they use every  possible Entrepreneurial advantage?

One reason I find – sadly – is ignorance.

Not to be confused, of course, with lack of intelligence. The business world is filled with intelligent people who are simply unaware of the most up-to-date, most effective, and most profitable tools, techniques and systems for maximizing sales and profits.

In the four countries that we mainly deal in, Australia is going through rapid change from an age where a job for life is no longer an entitlement or even a reality.

The age of Entrepreneurship is here.

There is an urgent need to begin to embrace those with the nagging entrepreneurial bug in a new light and offer them more help.

Now that the mining booms of the last 60 years look to be easing it is time to get off collective backsides and create new businesses and hence new careers for the next generations to come.

The good old days of a job for life down on the wharf working four days a week with Friday off in case you want to donate blood belong back in the 1970’s.

Productivity is vital for economies to survive and prosper and it looks like with a new Prime Minister from an Entrepreneurial background in place that hope abounds. Hopefully the old political ‘gunners’ (gunna help entrepreneurs, gunna do this and gunna do that) might become champion ‘doners’ (here’s what we have now done to help entrepreneurs).

The Office of the Chief Economist, Australian Government, Department of Industry and Science Research Paper 4/2015 states:

“Australia has relatively high start-up activity but this activity has been declining. The employment generated per start-up is low compared with other OECD countries.”

Entrepreneurial talent is plentiful but Venture Capital isn’t.

Which means that the financial sector also need to play their part.

Sadly, many Entrepreneurs in times of hardship have witnessed first hand how the Banks and the second tier lenders ‘Fairy God Mother’ like loan Genie from their glowing advertisements quickly morphs into the greedy merciless foreclosure and repossession Bank Bandit Monster at the door.


They ignore the rights of the individual and not only chase money, late fees, legal costs and anything else that has been slipped into the mass of very tiny font small print and endeavour to damage the poor entrepreneurs credibility and reputation forever more.

David and Goliath victories are rare.Peak Performance Entrepreneurship

For further evidence of a distinct lack of moral compass in that sector you only need to look at the current exorbitant credit card interest rates and fees being charged in Australia.

Those cards are often a life-line for start-ups and Entrepreneurs survival.

Edward (Ned) Kelly, the much admired outlaw hero legendary Australian bush ranger, couldn’t compete.

There must be better ways of rescuing at least part of an ailing business, instead of just forcing a company to collapse which results in financial losses for all parties and the social cost of homes and job losses. A USA style Chapter 11 isn’t perfect but it sure would be a step in the right direction.

In Australia we now need to stop the political entrepreneurial rhetoric create a new environment so innovative Entrepreneurs’ can survive, employ others, prosper and just do it!

As I have discovered from my cultivating orchids hobby ‘plant many seeds and many flowers will blossom’.

Many of our clients are American Entrepreneurs who really want to get on with exploring and maximizing opportunities. In America their age old love of entrepreneurship and other entrepreneur’s success is alive but showing signs of sagging.

However, they more fully understand that all Entrepreneurs and all Small Business Owners are always at risk of failure and they say ‘so-what, get up and go again.‘ Venture Capital and crowd funding is common place.

In the UK businesses are starting to accelerate again. Asian countries are gaining.

All Entrepreneurs face risk.

For starters, there’s the high risk of failure. Peak Performance Entrepreneurship is never guaranteed.

No matter what your psychological makeup, big setbacks in your business can knock you flat.

Failure is a learning experience that many Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs, for one reason or another, go through and in America they just keep forging ahead.

Sadly that same spirit doesn’t exist so much in the United Kingdom and Australasia where the system tends to hang failure around someone’s neck for the rest of their lives.

Why, when the old ‘win at all cost’ (read as: ‘shaft everyone else’) formula is now a broken model and collaboration and team effort is at the forefront?

Peak Performance Entrepreneurship isn’t just about creating a small business for a person who can’t otherwise gain employment to start earning an income. Nor is it simply a leap of faith. It is an attitude as much as a skill. And, it takes time, gumption, know-how, patience, financial investment and persistence.

Did I stress persistence, persistence, persistence?

Complicating matters, Entrepreneurs often lower their resilience and productivity by neglecting their health.

They either over eat, especially if they are starting up on the dining room table, or don’t eat enough. They sometimes reach for the demon bottle too easily.

They can’t sleep.

They forget to take breaks and to exercise.

They often set up on a wing and a prayer in the hope that bootstrapping is the way to go. But when push comes to shove bootstrapping is an easy theorist expression to toss around out there, it sounds exciting and challenging; it isn’t, it is very hard work.

Bootstrapping can be nerve wracking and mind draining; it puts families and friendships at risk.

Limiting financial exposure for Peak Performance Entrepreneurship  is a must, as is limiting any dependence on the wrong people. Believe me when I tell you that I have been up a lot of dry gullies to build my A grade, diverse thinking, international internet marketing team and find the successful internet sales and marketing solutions that I will happily share with you in my new FREE EBook.

Proven Online Profit Process.proven online profit process

The reason they chose me to do their sales and marketing for them was that others had only ever offered them “Hope” in their Marketing.

You know that’s where you create a product or open a business or roll out a new ad campaign, and you hope it does well. Just like you might send a yellow rose to a potential love interest who you “Hope” will respond well.

A swing and a miss approach is very costly and time consuming.

No need when for peak performance entrepreneurship you can target market to your exact audience so accurately.

You simply can no longer afford to base the future of your business either online or offline on hope.

“Relying on HOPE in marketing is like holding your hand out in the dark and then waiting and hoping for something valuable to fall into it.”

That’s why after 30 years in sales and marketing I have spent five years (and a small fortune out of my own pocket) to study, test and develop the processes I use in my international online sales and internet marketing consultancy business. I am all about helping my fellow entrepreneurs, would-be entrepreneurs, start-up Founders and small to medium business owners who want to grow and prosper online.

And that’s why I wrote my eBook Proven Online Profit Process (and why I am offering it for FREE – fPhilPolsonauthoror now – to business people worldwide)

Phil Polson is the Founder of He is also the author of Sales Drive: the definitive ‘no-brainer’ street smart guide to Sales Stardom and Proven Online Profit Process. Grab your FREE download here…enjoy!

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