Some Logical Answers To Your Logical Questions About Sales Drive Website Development Sydney.

Announcing the new Sales Drive, specialist website solutions and digital marketing service.

For your convenience we have also included at the bottom of this page a few links to some terms and concepts that you may like to familiarize yourself with as you learn and grow on your internet and social media journey:-)

Q. Will I further my revenue streams and profitability by improving my website and social media presence?

A. The refining and enhancement of your web presence by our online sales and social media specialist team will be a skyrocket for your website, boosting leads, sales, confidence and morale to new levels.

Q. Why is knowing how to increase website traffic so important?

A. Many of the most successful business people and companies in the world now attribute much of their achievements to these very same internet and website solutions. There is no way we or anyone can describe the true value, you simply have to look at the balance sheets of those successful companies and see for yourself.

Q. Can Sales Drive Easily Salvage & Fix Cheap $500 to $2,000 websites?

A. Yes, but with the “But” caveat…….but miracles take a little longer. When you send us your website details we will take a look and then give you a prompt straightforward, no BS, Yes or No as to whether or not we can salvage and fix and refresh your website to our standards. We will un-apologetically be the first to say so if we can not help you or if we think it is uneconomic to salvage and better for you to simply to start again.


Q. What factors will likely determine if a cheap site can be salvaged economically?

Website Development SydneyA. We will run our digital slide rule over the website looking for existing factors such as; URL rating, age of site, navigation and site design, Page Ranking, Google Relevance, number and value of existing back links, internal and external links, content, and site visitor numbers such as you see in this screen capture off our own site that you are on now.

Q. How do I know that improved web and social media presence will benefit me and my business?

A. The opportunity to be amongst the leading edge abounds – leaders not followers. In their June 2012 Yellow Pages Social Media Report well respected Sensis says:

The popularity of social media amongst Australian consumers is an undisputed fact with a sizable majority of us actively engaging with social media on a regular basis.
However, there still remains a sizable gap between the social media strategies of Australian businesses and the corresponding behaviour of a large number of their customers with only 27% of small businesses and 34% of medium-sized businesses having a social media presence.

In Britain, Virgin Media Business news reports research  carried out by LM Research and surveyed 5,000 directors / business owners from companies with 100+ employees found that:

In late 2011 nearly half (43 per cent) of British companies now have a social media presence, an eight per cent rise from last year. Despite this increase, companies are choosing carefully where they represent their organisation online. Facebook is seen as the most important (34 per cent) with Twitter second (24 per cent).

Just eight per cent of companies are currently using location based sites and even fewer (two per cent) offer customers direct deals and promotions. Yet this is expected to rise significantly in the next decade with 38 per cent of companies forecasting more geo-location deals set up with banks or supermarkets.

Investis says:
40 percent of FTSE 250 companies now have a corporate social media presence – compared with just 14 percent at the same time last year. The increase rises to almost 60 percent in the FTSE 100. This rate of growth shows ‘companies will soon be in the minority if they continue to avoid the social trend,’ says the digital corporate communications firm.
Corporate social media have also boomed in Europe, where 44 percent of MDAX companies are represented in social media – more than double the Q4 2011 figure – while 60 percent of Switzerland’s SMI 20 companies have a corporate social media account.

Q. Does this mean we can cut Costs in these Tough Times?

A. Yes. You have the capacity to get to millions instantly with 2 way communication and feedback possible within minutes at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising and media. The digital and social media space is in some ways a modern version of the old village square, where folks gathered and exchanged information, it can be either great or bad depending how you handle it.

Organisations are relying on the mind blowing amount of data at their disposal today, but many of the best decisions still come from humans interacting with each other, far cheaper yet priceless conversations using Social Media to Increase Employee/Client Engagement.

Q. How long does it take Sales Drive to get a web site refined?

A. There are no magic wands or over hyped shortcuts that last. A general website that contains anywhere from 5 to 15 pages, can take around 2 to 4 weeks to complete. Online stores or E-commerce sites can take 5 to 8 weeks. We can work to shorter deadlines, depending on our workload at the time. If you need your project completed quickly, don’t hesitate to tell us when you contact us.

Q. What sort of monthly budget do I need for my website and social media?

A. We have packages that can satisfy most business lead generating and cost of sales budgets.  If you are looking for a quick fix or a cheap and cheerless option then we are not for you.  The ultimate investment  will depend on the type of website, the complexity, the extent of your social media needs and how technical your website needs are.

Q. Who at Sales Drive will be in charge of my work?

At Sales Drive we care about personalization of service and offer you applied exceptional website and social media thinking and knowledge. Your project, depending on its size may involve up to ten people. Our experienced consultants can go beyond simple SEO and link building and on-demand create an elaborate strategy for your website.

Q. What Social Media Strategy Will be Considered For My Business?

A. One of Sales Drives Senior Partners, there is a huge amount of information in his answer!

Including bit of detail about the major platforms. Followed by what & how to create engaging content. Useful tools to accompany your social media strategy. Email & other digital media.

Sales Drive initial recommendation for you may be as simple as a 5 page website fully search engine optimized and coupled to 4 or 5 major social media platforms. LinkedIn, Face Book, Twitter, Google Plus and YouTube. Or it may be more extensive depending on your needs, goals and budget.

Q. Whose Rules Do Sales Drive Follow For Website Development?

A. Google’s, because they are King Of The Castle!

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