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Save The Hassle Of Building A LinkedIn Profile.

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The challenge is Creating an Effective LinkedIn Profile   that gets the result that you want, when you want them.

All business people often need is a well SEO’d website, a great LinkedIn Profile and social media engagement with a well planned Digital Strategy.

Save time and lots of frustrating hassles and effort by having Sales Drive’s affordable specialists help you in creating a LinkedIn profile that really works for you.

We do it all for you to free you up to do what you do best. We are sales experts and know how to promote and edify you better than you can promote and edify yourself.

Jason Baudendistel explains some tips for building a LinkedIn profile:

We can save you time and money by providing a strategic plan and implementing the right technology to make your business sales bottom line more efficient with a fully customized LinkedIn Networking Strategy for you & creating a great profile for you and your team if you have one. For bigger companies and organizations when building a LinkedIn profile for everyone who needs one it is smart to have a consistent and uniform LinkedIn strategy and your own LinkedIn company page.

Building a LinkedIn profile:

Using our LinkedIn Management System is often easier than doing one yourself. LinkedIn is just one of many sales tools we can either teach you to use to get more free and low cost leads. Or we can set about making a LinkedIn profile for you!

As professional sales people we here at Sales Drive know how to sell. And as professional speaker promoters for many years we also know that edifying someone else is often way easier than trying to think how to best promote yourself. We also know how much of your budget can get soaked up in time consuming activities like Creating an Effective LinkedIn Profile for lead generation.

With some input from you for properly optimized keywords is all done for you, you will then have a lead generating machine waiting to be harvested.

What does this making a LinkedIn profile and LinkedIn Strategy service include?

A great profile attracts prospective clients to you but business it does mean that you may need to be more proactive, so it’s essential to create a lead generation system. You’ve build a great LinkedIn profile, so you will want to put it to good use with a well developed strategy!

  • In depth profile analysis and optimization
  • A LinkedIn Profile Strategy Sessions
  • LinkedIn Tips
  • Full LinkedIn Management
  • LinkedIn Training On How To Use Tools For Lead Generation

Don’t want our Sales Drive lead generation specialists to teach you? Want us to do it all for you?

That service is also available including:

Making a LinkedIn Profile uniquely to you.

With LinkedIn Management we will bring the leads to you. You just focus on running your business.

Sales Drive have several Specialists for building a LinkedIn profile that suits you:

We invite you to check our LinkedIn profiles by clicking on the LinkedIn logo across on the right hand column of this page where you will see how 2 of our senior partners have completed their LinkedIn Building Profile. We also invite you to follow our Sales Drive LinkedIn company page.

Why Use Sales Drive For Creating A LinkedIn Profile?

In short to sell thousands you need to reach millions as cost effectively and efficiently as possible. LinkedIn is regarded as the best available platform to reach business decision makers.

With our combined reach and LinkedIn Strategy our group specialists are covering more than 51% of the whole LinkedIn active 161+ million database.

As part of your LinkedIn profile building we can invite our large number of connections to join you if you like, that will accelerate your profile many months before you could achieve that yourself.

Building a LinkedIn Profile Meet one of our specialists at building Profiles on the Web team Jason Baudendistel.

As an Amazon #1 Bestselling Author and serial entrepreneur Jason has spent time as a senior marketing executive at two different technology start ups – one which received a buyout offer of $800,000 – he missed being in the thick of the action and began his own company and his services form part of the Sales Drive Group specialist lead generation team.
Jason has consulted with many entrepreneurs and businesses on their IT strategy and Internet Marketing Strategy. Previous clients include Dell, Financial Bin and Lemonesse. Jason’s Company, Elite Web Training, also provides in-depth technology consulting services in web technologies, IT and Computer security.

The 7 Deadly Sins To Consider While Creating a LinkedIn Profile.

By LinkedIn profile building specialist Jason Baudendistel – Enjoy!

Building a LinkedIn Profile Sin #1

Spreading Yourself Too Thin

Your efforts should be targeted within a specific niche or group of niches without targeting you are spreading your resources thin.  For example don’t join a group on forestry if you want to target real estate. Most mistakes are not that obvious but you get the idea.

Building a LinkedIn Profile Sin # 2

Not Being Visible

Put yourself out there is no room for secrecy if you want to build a well-known brand.  Interact in groups, publish content and feed it to your LinkedIn contacts and be active wherever possible.

Building a LinkedIn Profile Sin # 3

Being Afraid To Leave Your Comfort Zone

Building a business profile for lead generating is a calculated risk you need to consider any opportunity that comes your way strongly. You will need to seek out prospects and use LinkedIn management tools aggressively there are countless ways to generate traffic and leads on LinkedIn. You can put them to use.

Building a LinkedIn Profile Sin # 4

Giving Up:

Never do this it is like one of my favorite quotes by Thomas Edison “Many of those who failed never realized how close they were to success when they gave up”. Giving up usually happens when you are finally gaining momentum, never stop hustling.

Building a LinkedIn Profile Sin # 5

Not Creating A LinkedIn Profile That Shows Your Personality.

You need to be personable and interact people want someone they can connect to and trust.

Building a LinkedIn Profile Sin # 6

Not Having a LinkedIn Strategy to market yourself

You need a game plan centered on how you will grow contacts,, generate leads, interact and add value to your LinkedIn network.

Building a LinkedIn Profile Sin # 7

Not having SEO as part of Your LinkedIn Profile Building

Whatever niche or niches you are targeting should be positioned for through your profile. Use all aspects of your profile to insert your primary 5 target keywords. These alone are only just the beginning a full LinkedIn profile is an absolute must.

There you have the 7 deadly Sins of Creating a LinkedIn Profile. We hope this report has been a great help to you.

Hopefully you now have a better understanding of why do you want to work with us?

Contact us today for a free no obligation initial conversation for creating a LinkedIn profile for you and your team LinkedIn analysis by clicking the “Contact” below below – Let’s talk!


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