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Social Media: Ivor Kellock Knows Exactly How To Best Leverage Your Social Media

To Increase Results + Reach + Returns For YOU!

Social Media and Social Community Management – When Ivor Kellock Speaks About Social Media & Digital Strategy 1,000’s Listen. Ivor knows how to glue all of your social mapping together. Ivor has 4 levels of social media audience lessons:

1) Newbies with need for Social media such as LinkedIn, Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook

2) Established Company now wanting to raise their internet presence and percentage of Social Media social sales

3) Advanced Social Media presence

4) Private High Nett Worth Clients, Individuals & Companies wishing to maximize their Social Media digital results & ROI

Each level is designed to suit your level of understanding and your budget. Ivor works with leading companies who are right at the forefront of the wave. Let’s be frank right up front!

Ivor’s Social Media is not suitable for those who:

Do Nothing – Prefer to Procrastinate – Play Follow The Leader- Or Keep Hesitating – Or have a Friend Building their site at mates rates (Unless your mate is a Rich Schefren this is a sure-fire way to massive frustration, expense & failure on the net in 99.99% of cases we have seen.)

Sharing is Ivor’s pleasure –powerful – dedicated – proven

You just have to discover what Ivor knows about Social Media!

The lifeblood of your on – line business!

B2B Social Media MarketingIvor is a doer not just a great speaker. Ivor Kellock Knows Exactly How To Best Leverage Your Social Media. He is out there all day everyday practicing, testing & refining his art -his passion – with his many highly successful clients. With social media the Sales Drive’s teams methods work.

Ivor will show you how to maximize the invaluable functions of the many social media components and how to glue them all together giving you more customers! He knows how and where to quickly discover new markets. He builds markets, he intensifies and revitalizes markets; he performs, in summary, for the products you want or have to sell. And that’s what we all need, isn’t it? Clients.

It is really nothing else. Just customers, by the millions. Then how to channel and direct those clients. These markets might be only a few thousand people, such as your local area or a desire for highly specialists equipment. Or it might be a market of tens of millions, for example those who want to lose some weight. Since these infinite possibilities are potentially shared by millions of potential clients they have traditionally taken many years & many hundreds or thousands or even millions of dollars to develop. Not NOW though, things move very rapidly.

One day you are the Windscreen next day you are the Bug!

Social Media Monitoring is a field that sees the rules changing constantly—where the invisible, hard to fathom, hard to keep up with things that determine the outcome are continually moving— where new problems are being encountered every day—old thinking, old rules, old  formulas and old the principles of business simply don’t work anymore.

This is the age of flexibility of continual renewal. You simply cannot keep fighting against it. But you can – and must – direct it, channel it. Focus the power of it onto your particular branding, products & services. Going with it lights the way, running against it causes frustration, firings, company collapse, failure & the inevitable grief that follows. Being too rigid – too inflexible – too tightly stuck to the past is out.

Your Social Media means change. They must firstly be replaced by the only known method of dealing with the Constantly New—analysis. Social media is a business of statistics

And what is analysis?

It is a series of measuring rods, checkpoints, signpost questions that show you where a particular force is going, and enable you to get there first. It starts out as a series of educated guesses, based on past successes, that enables you to cut through the surface of a problem to see what is really making it beat. Analysis is the art of asking the right questions and letting the problem dictate the right answers. It is the technique of the break-through.

And it can be learned—just as surely as grammar, mathematics or spelling. Just like you know that 7 x 7 = 49. You can now address all of your efforts specifically to targeted individuals. Either locally or to thousands, or even millions, of targeted individuals sharing the same response to your branding and messages, the response of wanting your product enough to pay you the price you ask for it.

And it is the making of a funnel through which that product can be obtained by those people who, thanks to your efforts, have come to desire it and see the need for it as more valuable than the same sum of their money.

B2B Social Media MarketingIvor will equip you with 100’s of the latest proven dirt-cheap ideas to drive profits from your social media efforts. He will turn your frustrations into fruitful highly rewarded endeavors. You will be fully armed with actual proven time-tested ways to explode your number of pre-qualified leads.

You will literally know how to mine for gold in this minefield know as social media, where you can easily get lost, misinformed and make expensive mistakes. Now you can eliminate those expensive mistakes and false promises for gurus with bright shiny objects who promise no-work instant miracles.

All talks can be tailor made to be industry specific & timed to fit your itinerary

★ Social Works! ★ Your Why + Your Network + Chat + Trust + Action + Data = MORE SALES!

Get Great Results with Ivor Kellock – the lifeblood of your on-line business. You need Connections, Collaborators & new Customers to Grow YOUR business irrespective of size, location & industry! Particularly in the growth of the internet and all its surrounding issues such as legal ones GROWING networked economy. No Airs And Graces – No Guru Arrogance – No Guesswork – No Out Of Date Info – Just Real Life Actuals that work for you!

Power Your Social media UP- Right Now with Ivor Kellock & the team at the dynamic sales and marketing savvy at Sales Drive. Fast paced & action packed Ivor’s talks always get you motivated up beat & ready to take on the world. Topics that Ivor Covers -

•     Developing your why?

•    Connecting your devices for productivity gains & better prospecting

•    Everything You Need to know about individual social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube, Twitter.

•    Creating Expertise on quora.com

•    Social to local how to grow your business online aimed at SMB’s & SME’s

•    Social prospecting – using the web to create face to face meetings – how to sell more!

•    Creating your online strategy – from ideas to outcomes – websites to social to emails to mobile to pay per click

•    Creating engaging content – strategy – power words – keywords – sharing

Advanced Skills That Will Give You An Unfair  Leads & Prospecting Machine Advantage

If you need and want to make more sales for more revenue & income Ivor will show you & your team how! With 28+ years successful street smart & strategic sales & marketing experience both B2B & B2C, mainly in corporate & consumer financial services: over recent years with brand new non financial innovative products Ivor has massive experience off & online. He has advised thousands at all levels – CEO to new sales staff just like you!

Sharing, collaboration & partnership are at the very heart of what Ivor does – a learned not natural skill. Whilst the prospect of expanding the online presence of your company into new markets to reach potential customers is intriguing, getting it right for dirt cheap with the right balance between informal, personal and professional social media output is tricky.

Let Ivor explain the best ways to you with no hype, no b..s… just plain simple easy to understand everyday language. Here is just a sample of what you will from Ivor.

Look at just some of the huge benefits you can expect, Social Media pitfalls to avoid, advantages to can grab:

  • Turbo-charge Your LinkedIn Profile prospect machine on THE Business Network
  • Your Gold Mine Facebook Profile, company page & advertising
  • Build your own lead rich YouTube Channel
  • 5 major benefits of using Twitter to achieve your business goals.
  • The advantages + few disadvantages, of SlideShare for document sharing
  • The secret behind getting the phenomenal growth of Pinterest working for you
  • Google Plus Profile & Pages
  • Why Google Hangouts are awesome
  • Why WordPress is great for Search Engine Optimization SEO.
  • Learn about how partnering with Amazon can benefit your eCommerce business.
  • The little-known section of Scribd you need to maximize
  • Bring traffic to your site from the large amount of users on SlideShare.
  • Foursquare one of the hottest areas in mobile technology
  • Maximising Digg’s popularity for increased traffic goes up as well.
  • Stumbleupon is highly personalized traffic based on your prospects interests
  • How to take advantage by using the Flash video format profile on Viadeo
  • Your reputation management & networking for professionals Namyz
  • How to gain your expert status with Ecademy
  • Have your brightkite messages go to Twitter anyway
  • Delicious you cant live without it
  • Tumblr hosts your blog for free
  • How Scoop It has the ability to do the searching for you
  • Sound Cloud how to streamline the process of hosting and distributing audio
  • Posterous the dead simple way to put anything online using email.
  • Ipadio technology and services to shine, with clear business benefits.
  • Paper.li to grow brand awareness & website traffic

Ivor will also compare the various social media TV outlets for so you can see which are the best options for you.

  • You can Browse 1,000’s of streaming live videos, or start your own live broadcast channel. Justin.tv
  • Livestream TV Just like a real TV station, but without the multimillion dollar broadcast trucks and
  • How Ustream TV provides partners with enormous reach in the U.S. & around the world
  • Socialcam, the “Instagram for video” has millions of new users
  • Bloggerspot is a free blogging platform, fast & easy to set up & create a blog,.
  • Flickr is that the site has a large amount of credibility (and therefore online visibility) on all search engines
  • Blip.fm, a really cool website where you can create a radio station for yourself.
  • How to turn Audioboo to your social media advantage
  • You Listen is fast, free, and no download or registration is required!
  • Social Hubsite proven to facilitate an increase in leads, membership recruitment, membership retention&brand advocacy
  • Klout are pioneering the science behind social media.
  • PeerIndex helps social media contributors assess and score their influence

Ivor has over 7 years social media experience guiding others, he has probably forgotten more than most know about social media.

You to can MASTER these valuable Social Media skills starting TODAY!

We’ve just finished an extensive global research project confirming the difficulties & obstacles currently faced by C Suite Execs referencing strategy, integration & growth for the next 8 to 10 years -what’s your route to 2020? The world has gone social from street level up with clients now expecting more sophisticated meaningful engagement. As a board director looking at the street your social media choices options & demands remain complex & confusing.

What’s Social Media and social engagement & sales really all about? Ivor has a unique set of skills that can increase revenues & sales, coach your sales teams to success, find new markets, find new price points, communicate with appropriate engaging language & feed your business. Dashboard intelligently.

He has a keen collaborative mind. Ivor’s life’s work & Social Media experience can bring you the necessary foresight & guidance to powerfully propel your company towards 2020. Your focus has to be your customer. How will they help you innovate to stay ahead of your competition whilst giving you up to the minute real time feed back on your performance & products?

We have simple solutions for these complex social media issues.

Beauty is Simplicity

Who should get involved with Social Media and Attend?

Ivor can tailor his Social Media talks at any level for your organization whether it be for a Social Media keynote speech, conference warm up, finale or after dinner thought provoker. Develop new markets by giving Ivor the opportunity to assist you with your Social Media and sales partnering & collaboration efforts. You’ll be undoubtedly pleased………..

Leverage Your Social Media To Increase Results + Reach + Returns For YOU!

When Ivor Kellock Speaks On Social Media & Digital Strategy 1,000’s Listen

Ivor Kellock Knows Exactly How To Best Leverage Your Social Media

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