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Increasing Sales and Ensuring That You Achieve All Your Sales Goals and Success

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Increase Business Sales with – Sales Drive: The definitive no-brainer street smart guide to Sales Stardom!

By Phil Polson
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How to Increase Sells

That is one of the the key objectives for you when your livelihood depends on making sales. Salespeople do not always close all of the prospects that they sit in front of. Nor do they always get in from of as many qualified prospects as they hope for or deserve. Worse, they do not close enough of the qualified leads supplied to them, or they burn the very costly leads from the lack of skills.

This is not their fault, getting results is their focus and many are unaware of the key elements that champion salespeople, having taken years to perfect, often jealousy guard, and are using for increasing sales of their own and are often reluctant to share.

You Will Discover Proven Strategies For Different Ways to Increase Sales

“The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person who is doing it.” – Chinese Proverb.

Ways to help you sell more with a very simple sales systems using the GOG Sales Champions Operational Guide as described in full in the book. just like riding a bike the system is so easy once you have learned it you will never forget. Imagine the little COG in your head just like the figurine shown here and anytime you are in a selling situation for increasing sales you have a light weight sales system in your head forever for instant recall!Increasing Sales

On the job lessons for  increasing sales from one of the world’s best

For 17 of the more than 30 year’s involvement in the sales industry I have had the good fortune to have been around some extraordinary top international achievers. In that time I have had the privilege of promoting, learning from, traveling with, dining with, laughing with, sharing yarns, and socializing with some of the world’s leading selling, management, and motivational authorities.

Included in this list are such powerful speakers as Zig Ziglar, E. James Rohn, Dr Norman Vincent Peale, Roger Dawson, Dr Denis Waitley, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, and the fabulous Louise L. Hay. All masters, in their own way, at the art of selling.

Increasing Sales The New Way – Tear up your worn out sales scripts

Each has inspired me in different ways to write Sales Drive the no-brainer street-smart guide to Sales Stardom. The finer arts, special tips and techniques that I have gleaned for increasing sales from time spent with these champions have been incorporated into the system that I call ‘The Sales Cog’. I have used ‘The Sales Cog’ system to help clients generate over $4.7billion dollars of business.

I continue to use that system to increase sales to this day in my day to day sales drive and sales activities and have covered it extensively in this book. In that time, I have also taught sales techniques encapsulated in Sales Drive to many thousands of salespeople from individual personnel to smaller business right through to corporate multinationals.

Real life sales experience for increasing sales – not just a career trainer

Every time I observe someone in the sales field, or when I am on assignment in an advisory role increasing sales for our private clients, I pick up insightful nuggets that I also learn for myself. My sales qualifications and my own experience come from burning shoe leather out on the street, so the narrative used in Sales Drive reflects that background.

My three adult sons, now in their mid to late twenties, have sat around the dinner table or at the barbecue over the years hearing their father impart his sometimes unconventional wisdom, and relating stories of both my own and others successes and failures in selling and increasing sales attempts. They have seen firsthand the highs and the lows that all those in the profession of selling experience over time. They are now, in their own way, involved in selling. I feel that the time is right to encapsulate my thoughts and experiences to share with them.

This will ensure that my sons and other like-minded people gain every competitive advantage that I can offer them. I understand what the daily grind of increasing sales is like if things go even slightly wrong.

Family man who understands day-to-day challenges

Each son is educated to a high level. The oldest son has a degree in International Business, along with numerous, maritime-specific, qualifications. The middle one has a Bachelor of Business Management, majoring in Real Estate and Development, and a Masters of International Finance and Economics. The youngest has completed a Bachelor of Arts degree to which he is now studying to add a degree in Law.

Any edges that they can gain from my experiences of increasing sales captured in Sales Drive are not necessarily taught at university, but will help them in their own life plans that they are full steam ahead on already.

No theoretical stuff, packed with street-smart wisdom for increasing sales

To get a job when I first entered the workforce the only criteria that needed to be satisfied was to be 15 years of age, so it was legal to leave school, plus a certificate to prove you had attended. National school examination certificate and a higher certificate for entrance to university helped a bit more. A university degree guaranteed a job. To buy a first home was around thirty thousand dollars. My first wage was nine dollars and seventy-five cents a week, and for an orphan boy that was mountains of money.

My knowledge of sure fire ways of increasing sales has been hard won! Nowadays a degree is accepted as a starting point. Becoming employed is far more competitive. First homes are around three to four hundred thousand dollars, which makes it a lot tougher. Getting an edge is vital. Unless, of course, you have inherited a fortune like well respected business tycoon, the late Malcolm Forbes of Forbes Magazine fame did. In his biography Mr. Forbes was quoted as saying,

“I made my money the old fashioned way. I was very nice to a wealthy relative right before he died.”

Don’t you love that?

Selling is still a field of huge potential

So read Sales Drive and discover where salespeople fit in the machine that is business in the twenty first century? Reading Sales Drive you will discover proven winning strategies. Look what the author Phil Polson has to say about his street-smart guide to sales stardom. The greatest pleasure I have in business is when someone who has been stuck in the middle of the sales pack, or is just new to selling suddenly ‘gets’ my system and discovers simple ways for increasing sales that others don’t know about and their sales and their income skyrockets.

The full system is laid out for you in my book in a fun, easy to understand and implement way. Enjoy it!

Increasing Sales and Ensuring That You Achieve All Your Sales Goals and Success