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  1. With so many acclaimed sales books and published free material available via the internet it can be very confusing what we should spend our valuable time reading. I love to read and I have invested a lot of my spare time diving into all sorts of books relating to sales. But, I must say Sales Drive, The definitive `no brainer’ street smart guide to Sales Stardom by Phil Polson is a winner and a keeper. Whilst, you may think you know everything about sales rest assured this book has lots of new stuff to work with. The manner in which it is written in bite size easily digestible chapters makes it a great reference tool for anyone in business. Quite frankly, I have adopted some of its content into my lead generation training course, “Starting Customer Conversations” as its no nonsense approach to selling makes it a reliable strategy for anyone wishing to increase profitability.

    There is also another reason which I really enjoyed reading this book and maybe this comes with being a writer myself. I sensed that every word Phil Polson had written he had intimately experienced. He allowed us to enter his life and showed me his personal side showcasing his incredible sales expertise. I knew there was decades of experience which was being imparted to me. It felt like a cherished gift one is lucky to receive. It is warm, entertaining but mostly honest. He has worked with the best and it shows!

    The takeaway gems are many and I won’t list them all as I suggest you read the book but here are just a few to whet your appetite.

    1. The skill of selling must be a core competency and its one not learned in university. Like golf, a golf swing can be taught. However, to perfect that swing and create a champion there is no substitute for going out, and hitting the ball thousands of times to develop successful memory patterns. Similarly, in sales to perfect these techniques they have to be taken into the field and used many times over.

    2. When you are successful you will reap rewards. Hence, Phil’s comment, “There is no luggage rack on a hearse, so you can’t take it with you therefore enjoy what you’ve got while you’ve got it.” Work hard but play hard too!

    3. Always look to intensify the need by asking an implication question. Ask a probing question that causes someone to lose sleep. This will have the effect of disturbing him or her and gaining that person’s attention. If there is no need there is no sale! Ask your prospect to list their needs 1-5. Write it down in their words including $ value. Later discuss in a proposal. Shows you are “listening” and “care”. Often these items become objections – beat them to the punch.

    4. Old wisdom correctly determines that you should deal with the one you are with and exhaust every possibility to conclude that opportunity first.

    5. Often the little things kill the deal. Failing to honour others confidentiality is one of those.

    6. Remember their names and profit.

    7. Try to practice your ability to simply pause and wait for the prospect to answer the question because this process draws the best out of people.

    8. It’s All About Them – leave your personal baggage in the car!

    9. Stop yourself from getting cocky, because if you don’t the universe has an uncanny knack of balancing matters for you.

    10. Finally, the one I love the most… One great phone call a day can often produce more sales than you can handle. The quality of the sales call always beats the volume of sales calls.

    My father always said to me when he was alive `read, read and keep reading.’ I tell the same to my children. We learn so much from other people and Phil Polson is certainly no exception. I cannot recommend Sales Drive – The definitive `no brainer’ Street smart guide to Sales Stardom enough – it has plenty of WOW factor.

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