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Please feel free to join us socially on the web as we are on all the major platforms (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest). We are also on many other social media sites where you will be able to access dynamic sales resources to help show you how to increase sales volume, close more deals, become a buyer magnet, boom your income, build your success with sustainable prosperity whilst being able to chat with everyone in this unique sales community.

We want you to treat Sales Drive as your go to sales resource.

Now you can get the sales you really need & want in the growing networked
economy. Joining us at Sales Drive you can share your sales ideas, successes, failures &
learn whilst benefiting from other proven sales specialists shared sales

Network on the move with your peers & interact with other sales
professionals & Sales Drive mentors. Ask your questions & we will coach &
guide you with our answers & those of the community to ensure your 3
pillars of sales – your sales skills, your sales goals & selling motivation
are always leading you to Sales Stardom.

Ask the Sales Drive community for introductions, referrals & new sales
positions. Real time social prospecting.

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  Sales Drive

Contact us today to learn how we can provide you with sales skills and support tools that will improve sales and boost your team members no matter what size your organization is.  Once the decision for the best course of action for sales success is agreed we either then use our experience and expertise to finalize and deliver, or provide the powerful leading edge,  training to our clients to empower them with a complete solution to drive themselves.

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Seasoned professionals know that to achieve the best sales productivity and sales success classroom training never works, in the trenches is where it happens.

Here’s to your improved sales skills and sales success!

Sales Drive Street-Smart Skills

Every time a salesperson goes out the gate for a sales day you will encounter a variety of sales situations. This system is fully detailed and will equip you with the skills necessary to handle all of them.

The COG also highlights the danger areas in the selling process. Those vital areas that, if you skip over, leave out or forget, then you are dead in the water. Trust, belief, integrity, ethics and all other positive personal states are right in the hub of the COG.
Without them, the COG shatters.

Sales Drive COG

The COG represents the sales side of the business machine.Be it large or small, it is the pulse of any company. It does not matter how big or small you consider sales to be unless you keep this COG well oiled and well maintained it will stop working for your bottom-line. Sales are the vital component to have running smoothly at all times.

To look at it graphically, the diagram shows how the Professional Sales ‘Champions Operational Guide’ to selling stardom functions.

COG works brilliantly for any salesperson, from self-employed, to small and medium size companies, and for large multi-national companies, who want to reach Sales Stardom. The central hub of the COG represents trust, belief, integrity, ethics, and all the other intangible issues.

You will be fully armed for a great sales day everyday.

The amount of sales presentations that you as a salesperson can make in a week or a month means a whole new world of opportunities can present themselves.

You can make more money with even a modest improvement of skills.

Imagine how much more you can make with a significant increase in skills.

Sales Drive Process

  • Meeting and greeting.
  • The ‘Discovery Schedule’.
  • Intensifying the need.
  • Tying down.
  • Preparing your tailor-made solution.
  • Giving your presentation, and dealing with your purpose written proposal.
  • Welcoming and Handling Objections.
  • Closing.
  • Following up

All on sales drive