FAQ’s – How To Increase Website Traffic

 Q: Why even bother with digital marketing and social media?

The ultimate goal of your website and social media is to give your company vital internet exposure that you are currently missing and also to see it maintain organic growth into the future. The skill is in knowing which platforms and media pay off for you and put the most profit in your pocket!!!


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The question “should we invest in this new digital economy?” is now obsolete and you might be better to exchange it for the question “Why haven’t we already invested more resources into our web and social presence?” You desire to take your current turnover up the most cost-effective way possible.

Websites and Online Marketing attract prospective clients that you may never otherwise ever find by conventional sales and marketing methods.

Working with The Sales Drive Group as your consultants will save you time and effort as we increasingly improve your digital and social impact and effectiveness. Your input will obviously be needed but will be kept to a minimum so you can get on with what you do best, while we do for you what we do best.

Q: Which is more important, Social Media or SEO?

4 or 5 years ago the answer was probably SEO and your website are most important. Now, both are equally important with social and mobile applications accelerating everyday. Both are great profit centre opportunities. Best to make them your profit centres before your competition does.

Q: Is being an early adopter or trend setter risky?

Fear not! If you do not already have a strong web presence then you are not a trend setter or an early adopter you are in fact well behind the 8 ball already. Don’t delay any further, don’t be the old guys and gals who get left behind.

Q: What will make us stand out in the crowd?

Your Value proposition! That is the state of taking what someone wants and matching it to the product or service that you are offering. You have to match your offering to what they want, and then they must see more value in that proposition than what you are seeking to charge for it – Simple.

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Q: Will these structural website changes reduce our cost of sale & increase our competitiveness?

Absolutely. Sales and marketing people have never seen anything like this before. Consider what your cost of sale is right now? Then imagine the result of getting to many more in a highly targeted manner that are on their computer. Digital marketing, done well, is a very direct route to the website visitor’s hot buttons.

Q: What is website traffic?

Website traffic is the number of people visiting a particular website.

Q: What is conversion?

Conversion occurs once someone who is viewing your sites becomes interested enough to take an action that you’re marketing has intended for them to take. Such action might be a purchase, fill in a form or question, and sign up for your newsletter or take an action that you have asked them to take in your content.

Q: Why is testing how to increase website traffic important to my websites success?

When profitability is a major focus for your digital and online efforts and to capture maximum value website traffic becomes an important part of the results equation. It is also commonly referred to as impressions, page views and unique visitors. Testing is the only real way to sustainably improve and perfect.

Website Traffic x conversion = Profitable Results.

Q: What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the science and the art of making your website more visible online by using the most effective keywords. It is a vital part of the work that Sales Drive carry out to improve Search Engine Marketing for you. Traffic which then turns to paying clients for your website. This includes getting your website found via natural, organic (unpaid) search results…and then once visitors find you, making sure they become your ongoing clients and online advocates.

No SEO tool can turn dull inconsequential, infrequently updated web content into Google Gold.

Working with The Sales Drive Group as your consultants will save you time and effort as we progress along a predetermined timeline.

Q: What are keywords?

Keywords are a set of words or phrase that when inserted into a piece of content helps a search engine to determine what that page is about. The search engines can then place relevance on to the content and rank it accordingly. Keywords have to be deeply researched because it is no good having a keyword or a set of words pertaining to musical instruments if your page is about Nike shoes.

Q: What does relevance mean?

Each keyword/keywords phrase needs to show relevancy to the topic and the content within that topic as well as being in keeping with the overall theme of the website.

Q: How long have Sales Drive been doing SEO & social sales media for?

Sales DriveWe have a combined total of over 100 years’ experience in social media and website reconstruction all facets of “how to increase website traffic”, website development, lead generation and SEO.

Plus, between us we have over 100 years of sales experience in a wide range of products and services. And 30 years of combined experience in direct marketing. We understand your prospective client’s needs and how to converse and engage with them.

We are salespeople who know how to talk to potential clients and help them become happy buyers.

 Q: Is my work done on a strictly confidential basis?

Please be assured of our strictest confidence always and our best efforts at all times in helping you ensure that your upgraded website and social media project and investment hits the highest possible results and rewards for you and all those concerned. That way you will tell others about us in favourable terms.

All of The Sales Drive Team will sign and be party to a confidentiality agreement drawn up to your satisfaction.

Glossary of Website Development and how to increase website traffic terms and jargon.

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