Drive Traffic To Your Website – Who Can We Help?

Before We Can help Drive Traffic To Your website?

You should Ask YOURSELF …. Are YOU prepared for…..Laser Targeted?

  • Crowds of Qualified Prospects
  • Ready To Buy
  • Eager To Return

So we can get a clear picture, as sales and a good idea of qualified leads needed, to who and how we can help drive free traffic to your website….

Do you need over priced former advertising execs now acting as digital marketing consultants, or do you just need results?

Please take a minute and consider these scenarios for your website…

And, so we are not wasting each others time.

Can you answer YES to any of the below?

Do You….

  • Have an established off line market?
  • Have you run out of steam trying to drive traffic to your website?
  • Have a need to fix your website presence now!
  • Can you afford to not use affordable specialists to drive traffic to your website?
  • Have a webmaster who needs some creative lead generation ideas?
  • How is your demand generation?

low cost solutions

Do You….

  • Use social media but lack a well constructed cohesive approach?
  • Have a website that is at least 12 month old but it isn’t working for you and is not getting the results (new clients and revenue)?
  • Know that you are a strong company who cannot afford not to have a strong web presence?
  • Lack the luxury of the time and the demands to engage in the long, drawn-out process of learning how to do everything yourselves?
  • Want to expand your online presence to Drive Traffic to Your Website?
  • Miss out on serious profit opportunities by having an inferior internet presence?
  • Want to free up time/money for more face to face contact?

Do You……

  • Want to develop a serious and productive social media presence?
  • Need your staff to be conversing with potential clients or existing clients?
  • Have Staff wasting time just using social media for chatting to friends?
  • Have a hosting account capable of having WordPress installed?
  • Accept that content is vital and more important than a fancy image that may impress their wives, partners and opposition but not the reader?
  • Are you confined to just Website Marketing Australia or do you want UK, USA and worldwide?

Are You…

    Prepared to make an initial investment in a professional digital marketing consultants proposal.  Not just looking for cheapskate mate’s rates?
  • Clear on the need for sustainability and on-going maintenance?
  • Prepared to have an input during all stages of the development process?
  • Wanting the option for our continuing support & creativity or do you prefer being training to be self-reliant?

Did you answer Yes to any of the above?

Why Sales Drive Innovative Marketing Strategies?

What we have learned in our Website Marketing Australia and the worldwide web endeavors has proven to us that just like the stock market the internet still is somewhat of an inside world where those on the inside happily talk to and sell their wares to those on the outside, especially competitors, and who knows if what they say is actually going to work for you.

That’s why it takes a true street smart sales and digital marketing consultants approach to master the response. To drive traffic to your website that turns into clients. Approaches where we know how to talk to your prospects and How to Drive Traffic to your website.

What’s an academic with a University MBA verses the street smart sales and digital marketing consultants wisdom that comes from handling daily objections, daily rejection and making and losing and making week in week out?

It’s the best business in the world if you can figure how to do it and stay the course.

We have managed to stay the course, both in website marketing Australia and internationally, because we have built close contact with a phenomenal team of talented individuals with unique skills and years of trial and error on the interment and the digital world that is now very much today’s reality.

No matter what any Digital Marketing Consultant tells you….

Google is now King of the Castle! They make the rules!

So much so that they are now cashed up with many billions of dollars in reserve waiting to pounce on great internet opportunities that appear and evolve each and every day. They have guys in venture capital roles interviewing budding internet entrepreneur’s everyday looking for the next big one.

Good luck to them. To succeed at playing in their very large sandpit with your own business website you must firstly take the time to understand what Google wants and what rules they set down for you to play by. Then, and only then will it dawn on you how to best present and drive traffic to your website so that it gains both prominence and relevance with Google.

The subject matter and ways of doing the internet involve the secret workings that not too many people have better knowledge of than our highly specialist sales and digital marketing task force. For those who need more than an informational type websites in this overwhelming market the days of thinking your website is just a glorified brochure are way past.

Yes, there are many similarities to a brochure but very different methodologies need to be applied to get the brochure read and responded to. The first is keywords and content are now more important than presentation!

Those who are searching with an inquiry on the Google, or any other search engine, seldom go further down that page 1 or page 2 at most. Page 1 is where the action is. The secret lies in dominating the first page.

Easy to say – awful lot harder to do! And no it doesn’t mean you have to buy up new websites just to conquer that name in your site main url or title page. The good news is that we have proof that we can do at a reasonable price and in a reasonable time frame.

How you get there and how you stay there starts with what is known as search engine optimization or SEO for short, success with SEO depends on several factors the key one being keywords.

With many thousands of people all over the world, every minute of every day, using many different methods, to determine them great Keywords are rapidly becoming as rare as Rocking Horse Manure.

They are becoming better investments than central city 1 bedroom apartments and like all CBD’s the areas to build are becoming harder to find. But, just like apartments keywords need refreshing maintaining to keep their value. Terms that were searched for yesterday in sufficient broad or local monthly numbers to count may not necessarily be searched for today.

For you to go it alone in digital marketing to make head way and get to where the money is on the search platforms be prepared to make a huge investment in hours working out to do it, failing, getting frustrated, tossing and turning at night and finally in desperation trying every shiny piece of software with promises of miraculous results.

For you to then try and get a whole lot of very reputable sites with high traffic and high page ranking, such a Government (.gov) or Educational (.edu) Sites to give you a friendly link that points back to you own one thus building trust and credibility is an even bigger challenge.

Our bet is if you weren’t a serious drinker of alcohol and absolute insomniac before you start you sure will be by the time you finish. Coffee only goes to so far!

You  must also put a value on your own time for example 6 months on the digital marketing of your own site means 6 months loss of income, that’s not counting lost evenings and weekends,  doesn’t it? Can you really afford to do what it takes to go from novice to specialist?

Or is it smarter to out source to, a genuine productivity orientated sales task force working away in the background like silent but very productive chameleons leaving you free to focus on doing what you do best to feed your family and keep your business running knowing that you have a very safe pair of hands taking care of your website development in a way that turns those who search for your services or product buy from you and not your opposition.

You simply need to supply the answers to very thorough discovery schedule and leave our sales Drive web development sales task force to get into it.

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Sales Drive
The Sales Drive Team consists of a measured mix of Gen Y geeks, social media specialists, content writers, search engine optimizers and professional sales consultants.

All have been through the internet mill and have come out as seasoned professionals with a thorough knowledge of selling, digital marketing to gain Traffic to Websites, online lead generation and social media ready to help you turn your efforts to drive traffic to your website into your very own pot of gold.

Some logical answers to your logical questions about this new website development service.

If you want your website to deliver better prospective client experiences & gain significantly better results (more leads, more sales, more oomph), talk to us.