Cold Calling Redux – Odile Faludi


They laughed when I said Odile Faludi was a Cold Calling Specialist….


 Until they saw her results!


We think it is not only very much back in the marketing mix, just as we think the equally maligned Direct Mail has never been more effective (that might explain why Google is doing direct mail-right now!).

But hey we think this lead generation method has never left and has never been cheaper with just a Skype subscription you can now call anywhere in the world and talk for hours FREE!

And, one of the great things about cold calling now is that there are way fewer people doing it because the so – called internet gurus (who send endless emails with the same sales message that you get so sick of you delete them) have convinced them it doesn’t work or somehow ruins your reputation.

Which really means they have just never known how to do it properly!


Anti Cold Calling Spruikers say:

Odile says:

“Cold Calling never works.”


“Calling 100 people cold only makes 98 people angry.”

“Does it?

“Managers who still allow Cold Calling are morons.”

“Are they?”

“Never cold call because my leads all come from Adwords.”

“Is that really still profitable?”

“Best to use repetitive sales copy emails.”

“Don’t they offend people more?”

“Cold Calling is so last century.”

“Is it?”

No one ever said it was easy. But with the right skills you can excel!

Make more money now and in the future – get back to basics… still one of the most cost-effective ways to create an opportunity – make the conversation starting phone call.

Odile is not talking about Boiler Rooms so forget the hype about cold calling damaging your reputation, that is pure unproven theory, because the person you call will forget it in a blink of an eye if they don’t like what you say when they pick the phone up!


Odile Faludi has worked in the not-for-profit, real estate and the management consultancy space for the last ten years.

She has a proven track record in Cold Calling and has opened doors predominantly at C level and scheduled meetings for executives that most people only dream about.

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Recent client feedback on

Successful Workshops:

“Odile is passionate about passing on a decade of experience inJonathon Glass starting conversations with business prospects.

Her advice is directed and practical. She makes the learning experience fun although there is an underlying sincerity that keeps the group focused.”

Jonathan Glass Owner, SolveXia


Caitlin Young  Caitlin Young, USA,
Agile Reasoning Account Executive

“Odile is a woman of wisdom who changes lives, including mine! She is brilliant, helpful, and worked with me until I was confident that I could hit the ground running with confidence and a precise plan. I’m honored to know Odile, and she is worth every penny of her consultation fees and more! THANK YOU ODILE for being my muse, ally, and one of the most incredible mentors I have ever had!”


Here’s how Odile accurately describes herself:


“I am the business development meeting lady… I am the go to person to teach others who want more business to get into doors that are really hard to open “top C-suite level”.

That’s a real art.

Selling over the phone… they can be just pests! I can show sales people how do it… how to stop overlooking a ready-made sales opportunity to maximize their own sales potential.

I love to help Small to Medium Enterprises and corporates basically take all their sales and support teams through the program.

I am really proud to be able to show them how they too can increase sales at better margins – it offers some really practical methods of breaking down barriers, in a disarmingly powerful, yet simple manner.

I know I can make a real difference for individuals and sales teams”.

Odile is a consummate professional oozing passion & drive.

What Odile does not know about cold calling – Starting Customer Conversations – isn’t worth knowing……

…..Despite the new global love of online communications savvy Executives, salespeople, entrepreneurs and business owners who want more sales appreciate the need to mix marketing to begin the sales process with prospects. For tips, tricks, in depth knowledge & a tried & tested method to Starting Customer Conversations your best starting point is with Odile.


Specialties: Cold Calling Australia Workshops on Starting Customer Conversations.


Increase your profitability by eliminating the constraint of making calls.

Benefits you can expect to gain from Cold Calling Training:

  1. Self-Confidence
  2. A clear understanding of the process of starting a customer conversation
  3. The ability to fill your calendar with appoinments.


Cold Calling Tips & Outcomes:


…by starting customer conversations — eliminate your sales constraint with these red hot cold calling tips.

  • 1 new business development meeting per week over a year =  5 new customers.
  • 2 new business development meetings per week over a year = 20 new customers.
  • 4 new  business development meetings per week over a year = 83 new customers.

“Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret.” – Ambrose Bierce.

Starting customer conversations can be tricky – listen to these 7 quick tips.


 Odile Faludi’s cold calling definition is:


Initiating Customer Conversations with someone you don’t know but would like to know for the sole purpose of doing business.

….by starting customer conversations — eliminate your sales constraint with these red hot cold calling tips. Increase your profitability by eliminating the constraint of cold calling.

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How To Prospect For New Clients.


Most people think Cold Calling “is not for me” or is for someone with an outgoing personality.

This workshop is perfect for those that might think that way! Odile’s material will comfortably guide you as to exactly how to gain new business by using your telephone to dial for dollars.

Course outline:

  • Introduction – What are your main challenges as a cold caller?
  • The mental frameworks of being a successful communicator – getting rid of the constraints.
  • Understanding your own personal feelings and learning to deal with them. Facing fears, rejection and moving on.
  • What are the traits of a great cold caller and how to develop them?
  • What to do when casual conversation turns to crucial conversation and the stakes are high?

What are the steps to successfully make a call to someone you don’t know that you would like to know for the sole purpose of getting that business development appointment:

  1. Doing your homework prior to the call – where do ‘quality’ leads come from?
  2. The power of LinkedIn.
  3. Research – Finding out about the company or person you are calling and more importantly the ‘individual’ you are seeking to speak with. Where do they sit in the organization. Are they a blocker or an influencer?
  4. Build your database as a representation of the wider marketplace.
  5. Prepare a script for your call – demonstrate your capability as a cold caller.
  6. Make a date for a meeting with a commercial agenda in mind – an opportunity to pitch for a sale.
  7. Follow up – communicate periodically with individuals on your database, with communications designed to stimulate the emergence of sales opportunities.
  8. Now let’s practice – role playing.

How To Prospect For New Clients

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