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C-Suite Sales and social communication?

Attention: CEO, Chairman, MD, C Suite Sales, Executive, Chief Operating Officer, The Executive: Social media is moving fast. Don’t be the old guys that get left behind.


C-Suite Sales Training
What is your strategy to ensure future success that will see your organization not get beaten with disruptive technology, sales and marketing?Are you winning the talent acquisition war, providing high quality C-Suite Sales Training and C-Suite social media training with real time service & have a public perception that others envy? How are you innovating and partnering to grow beyond 2020? Are you placing the new business opportunities with product innovations that abound with social media, mobile & cloud computing at the heart of your sales, acquisition & business plan? But lacking in the latest C-Suite Sales Training and C-Suite social media training. How are you putting C-Suite sales training and C-Suite social media training driven, sales management & coaching at the heart of your sales organization, or are you still just continually culling the bottom performers?

Are you as CEO capturing astonishing growth, outstripping your peers revenue & profitability by 50% to 80%?

We are specialists in the latest C-Suite Sales Training and C-Suite social media training. We will Explain & fill  the Gaps in your social media selling and prospecting via C-Suite Social Media training. Selling is traditionally neglected as a unit because it is a complex mix of people issues – this is what we love C-Suite Sales Training and C-Suite social media training! Let us dive in with you and make your sales organization the benchmark everyone else chooses to peg their results to. CEO, Chairman, If You’re Serious About Growth Then It Must Be Time To Get Very Serious About C-Suite Sales Training and C-Suite social media training! In the 2012 IBM CEO Survey found that those CEO’s who outperformed their peers the most financially were outward looking innovators disrupting markets & creating entirely new ones. Partnering was at the top of their list of growth methodologies both externally & internally. How are you developing these ideas as CEO? Would some creative inspirational street smart application of C-Suite Sales Training and C-Suite social media training give you and your team extra vigor and purpose? Let’s talk then..CEO! Everyone says that they understand partnering except our experience shows us that this isn’t quite the case, there is a lack of cohesive understanding of C-Suite Sales Training and C-Suite social media training and communication – required at every level of the partnership; internally & externally to get maximum return or in some cases any return at all. Injecting energy with purpose comes naturally to us – CEO. Sales Drive Senior Business Partner Phil Polson is a specialist in C-Suite Sales Training. Phil-Polson  

Sales in any organization is a team effort involving your entire organization from the CEO down – first everyone who has direct contact with the client, then the rest of your organization – they all have an effect on product quality, outcomes & perception.

Only you the CEO, or MD, can push this kind of deep multi-disciplinary coordination through with C-Suite sales training. Would an external advocate help you with your cause?

Are your board members working as a team with a clearly defined common C-Suite sales training and C-Suite social media training purpose all clearly engaged with your vision supporting your sales operation?

Is your Strategy as CEO providing you with the right insights into current future trends, products, markets & demographics, finding growth before your competitors do; capturing trends, finding pockets of growth in existing niche markets or crunching big data to find new ones.

  • Are you as CEO monitoring mega trends?
  • Are you investing sales budget towards this?
  • Are you leading with conversations & planning with recognizable actions that embrace change for the future of your organization?
  • Are you taking advantage of your leadership power, positively influencing all your staff across your entire organization?
  • Do you have strong up to the minute C-Suite sales training and C-Suite social media training systems in place


  • Does everyone, including you as the the CEO, sitting around the board room table speak the same language that creates motivation, input, action & results?
  • Does everyone sitting around the board room table envision the same future?
  • Do you have a trained dedicated team designated to encourage, manage & implement innovation across your organization encouraging everyone to be innovators?

Plus Is Marketing providing the CEO absolutely reliable intelligence to identify where to compete & how; delivering the right messages in the right places using all available channels including digital in the most cost effective highly targeted way.

  • Has marketing brought together your different routes to market in a cohesive way?
  • Are finding extra sales value.
  • Analyzing growth and penetration potential in macro & micro markets?
  • Grouping similar markets together CEO?
  • Creating customer value on the digital frontier by integrating all offline & online efforts?
  • Powering growth through digital optimizing passionately & often?
  • Monitoring & adjusting resources according to market needs?
  • Managing change & lining up your resources to deal with these changes?

Then… ………Is IT developing technology to support effective remote customer interactions and self-serve capabilities, with data flowing meaningfully into your business intelligence dashboard? Are you tuning sales operations for growth, leveraging back office systems for front line capacity? Putting maximum resources into front line sales?

  • Are you building a technological advantage in sales to arm your sales team with real time insights?
  • Are you enabling channel partners by providing meaningful collaboration tools?
  • Are you mining big data for new markets & opportunities?
  • Collecting data from multiple sources?
  • Are you gearing up your analytics?

…considering all CEO Operations, as a generic term to cover off other departments/divisions in your organization? Such as manufacturing, supply chain & distribution. Is your Customer Service strengthening your sales efforts translating customer interactions into cross & up sell opportunities focused on solutions & outcomes not simply interactions and time.

Are you converting service to sales either directly by your customer service teams or indirectly by sharing information & crunching customer insights data? Do HR ensure people development includes the delivery of the practical outcome that sales is a people function; that every member of staff is a sales person; delivering understanding of how everyone fits into the bigger picture & can make a difference?

Finance can model risk & assess strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats associated with your current & future markets, products, partners, distributors? …

CEO are they offering these insights without overkill & minutiae of detail that can often kill sales teams?

Are Sales selling as your customers want using multiple channels to serve customers of different sizes, different markets & different needs? Are you as CEO keeping sales staff focused on your organizations vision with the personal goals of your sales team interwoven into it?

Do you get real time market feedback & intelligence from the sales force: into your business intelligence dashboard.

Are they working closely with marketing or fighting each other?

With Sales Drive you, as CEO, will be committed to powering up your sales team management & delivery?

You will be:

  • The CEO Developing a winning culture focusing on middle management to drive this.
  • Using sales coaching that will turn rookies into stars.
  • Developing new reporting styles, techniques & procedures.
  • Armed with sales operations that will be your competitive edge.
  • Getting personal in all your sales activities.
  • Wanting to be more involved not just as CEO but also in sales in the field.
  • Happy that both your inside & outside sales will be aligned.
  • Innovating by constantly reviewing how you identify client needs.
  • As CEO, knowing which outside experts to use where required.
  • Familiar with new CEO ways of doing business.
  • Investing in partners & seeking new partners.
  • Treating indirect channels as partners.
  • Selling like locals in emerging markets getting on the ground to appreciate nuance.
  • Taking a long term view of sales capacity?

As CEO you are the C-Suite Sales Training team’s single focal point, leader & motivator.

Have you committed to keeping in regular contact with all your sales team more regularly than a monthly newsletter – keeping them fully engaged with you, your organizations growth & congratulating success & recognizing challenges?

Can the sales force easily correspond with you or do they have to leap over barriers to get to you, the CEO, when they need to? Pricing – which cross disciplinary team of people are responsible for setting prices, monitoring prices, finding new opportunities in new & niche markets?

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