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Business owners: Think you’re not in sales – think again.

These days we are all in sales, my fellow business owner…..


Business owners, who hate the idea of selling, but know that they need to be skilled in sales to prosper in today’s economy.

Are you ready for the role reversal that is happening every day in your business?

Are you:

  • Seeing more buyer resistance or struggling to get buyers?

  • Facing buyers that want bigger and bigger discounts

  • Tired of seeing your sales cycle grow longer and longer

  • Fed up with lower sales than you feel you deserve

  • Getting beaten by your competition too often

  • Not making enough sales

If so, I can help.

How do I know? I see it every day in my own business.

But, before you go too much further, & so I don’t waste your valuable time, I want to be very upfront with you please be advised that if you are:

Someone who believes that “Tell – Persist -Plod- Thump” Selling Methods…

.. Or one day once a year GENERIC MOTIVATIONAL PUMP up events are the ONLY ONES that work….

Then good luck to you, we wish you well but we justwon’t be able to help you in the New Ways of Doing Business.

Or if you are:-

  • A pushy salesperson trying to learn some new clever closes.
  • Bait and switch, loss leader, merchants looking for a new gig. You know the ones who ask you for $47 and when you finally get there you are suddenly bumped to $97.
  • Aluminium siding (Pebble Dashing) salespeople branching out to other areas.
  • Business owners who admire snake-oil type salespeople.

Then we can’t help you either because our definition of sales is different from what you are used to.

Our advice and easy to understand sales systems & up to the minute 21st Century social media programs that continually, systematically and repetitively work are not for you and we encourage those people not to read on further or buy from us.

 We absolutely understand that “sales” & “selling” are very emotive words that are likely sending fearful shivers down your spine right now!!!!

Our methods are about caring enough about you and your products to bring sales in and then to spread the benefits to a larger audience than you are currently reaching. …..In fact, our strategies are so publicly transparent that anyone who isn’t legitimate will be quickly exposed.

Legitimate businesses will thrive on the exposure and attract new long term and more profitable clients.

If you really hate the thought of being seen as a salesperson, we can’t shove it down your throats. What we can do is start you thinking positively in favour of being more sales oriented and then walk you through the successful sales process.

Now it is the “survival of the best prepared, coupled with the right know-how-the right tools and the right attitude”.

Not necessarily the smartest, the unemployment lines are full of well educated people. There are unsuccessful geniuses on every street corner. ….Learning to sell would give them more than a fighting chance to succeed, with many new opportunities opening up for them everywhere they look.

Why do I say….’’the best prepared with know-how”.


More Income Less Stress

More Fulfilment Less Worry

More Joy Less Fear

Who is our sales system & methods for:

. That’s easy– people who hate the idea of “hard-selling”, but are passionate about their businesses growing and how they can help their customers. It’s for….

Business Owners Who:

  • Have their livelihoods & their mortgages attached to their business
  • Are simply trying to stay afloat
  • Have given personal security to the bank or lender
  • Work 7 days 50 hours + a week (forget that)
  • Have school & uni fees to cover
  • Are people who quickly forget their vision & dream once reality sets in
  • Focus way too much on what their competitors are doing
  • Are reluctant to label themselves as sales people
  • See selling techniques as hard sell & not suitable for them
  • Wish to be straight & honest which they don’t see selling as
  • Don’t want to manipulate people
  • Are frightened to ask clients for their true value

That said if YOU do need a better way…. the Sales Drive street smart way is for you!

Street smart = understanding conversations – getting behind the sub text & hidden agenda to what’s really being said?

Business owners I work with tell me that just like me you are in business because;

  • You have a dream & a vision for a more prosperous future
  • You want to have full control of what you do & when
  • You’re tired of inefficient bureaucratic organisations
  • You want far greater income than a JOB (Just Over Broke) will pay you
  • You desire to have the freedom & lifestyle that you want
  • You wish to make an impact on others’ lives
  • You want to leave a legacy for family & future generations
  • You want to take holidays when you want too…

I also know first hand that being a business owner can really drain the life out of you…or stress you to an early death. I’ve lost friends this way.

My name is Phil Polson and I’m the founder of the Sales Drive Group. We are a group of professionals who have chosen to collaborate together & combine our extensive experience & knowledge to share information and create a true “mastermind alliance” for the benefit of fellow business owners.

I know from experience that just getting started in business, especially if you’re trying to get it up on the internet at the same time can flush buckets of your hard earned money down the drain…

& waste LOADS of your valuable time… ……. with family, partners, investors & peer group pressures, you can soon reach the point where you just want to throw your arms up, shake your head & simply give up – give it all away!

And, as statistics sadly prove this is exactly what happens in a significant percentage of businesses & start-ups. All this can often leave you wondering if you’ve “risked it all”.

My fervent desire is to see that this never happens, or stops happening, to you.

This is the stage of my business life that I am at…..not the beginning, not the end simply sharing & helping others succeed at making sales.

This is my passion. I now want to inspire the next generation of salespeople; business builders just like you who are nowcoming through.

I’m excited about the evolution & expansion of my sales & marketing skills onto the vastness of the World Wide Web.

And I’m not some “instant expert” who pretends to know what they’re talking about…… More on that later.

But, I am the first to admit it, my expertise is sales & marketing but I don’t yet have enough skill to cover all the new social media lead generating stuff that you need – no one person has every skill needed.

Hence, to ensure I can arm you with the complete package — the real dynamic deal, I have teamed up with a, world recognised, social media & digital economy specialist along with hand picked highly focused professionals from around the world.

People who I have been associated with for many years.

It is my absolute pleasure to introduce you to my UK based global partner Ivor Kellock.

Ivor has recently been invited as an advisor to the Digital Sunrise Europe project. He regularly appears on BBC Business & International Current Affairs Shows both Radio & TV..….

Ivor has previously been a high net worth confidant, early internet adopter & 6 years social media power influencer. He acts with honour & character, is trustworthy, consistent & ethical; the price of admission leadership qualities.

He is a great listener, facilitator, collaborator and energiser.

Ivor knows exactly how to gracefully open the doors that you need to prosper in your business for the smartest effort and lowest cost.

Sales Meets Networking! Is here- Now. For Your benefit.

So, I hope you can see why I sought Ivor out to become part of our team because of his impressive LinkedIn & social media profile & extensive online networking skills.

He is second to no one!

People are always at the core of his thoughts. He is no desk-jockey (those who tend to be all know but no GO!) he is a hands-on, street smart hard working contributing partner at the forefront of thought leadership.

Hand picked for his intensity, drive and determination to add serious value & expand your business possibilities-your bottom line.

Ivor is co author of our coaching programme.

Our complimentary skills bring you incomparable value…WHY because:


We Understand Your Challenges

  • We’ve experienced the ups & downs in our lives too
  • Family members questioning your sanity

  • Worry about cash flow

  • Confused about choices to make

  • Things not going your way

  • We will support you through our programs with confidential integrity

  • A positive boost is likely all you need

We’ve all been through the trenches and seen how business has changed over the past decade.

We recognize that we can’t possibly know how to do it all, so we sought out experts in the field to keep us up to date and make sure we are always “one step ahead”.

We help people, just like ourselves all over the world…

We are truly International with people in Australia, New Zealand, America, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Spain, China, Brazil, India, South Africa Great Britain & Philippines.

Following many requests to do so, Ivor & I have now fully completed & published a Revolutionary SALES SYSTEM for anyone who needs to make more sales at better margins by professionally underselling & then over delivering…..time & time again…

The Essential Bottom-line Sales Tools!



Servicing Clients

Get into Sales Drive Now

Think about how much this will do for your life.

The worry that will disappear when you have a proven system for uncovering and then sealing the deal with clients……

……. it is inexpensive & gets quick results to keep you going while the longer haul internet route starts to work for you if advancing your business on the internet is what you are doing.

Is such a system & such a life in selling possible? Especially in today’s “boom & bust,doom & gloom” economy? Irrespective of economic cycles some businesses succeed & others fail. We will help & support you be on the success side of the equation, without having to spend an arm and a leg.

Imagine for a minute, that your life has suddenly got more pleasant, more profitable, easier, & more FUN.

And it can happen virtually overnight —using our proven systems.

Why do you need a systemised sales approach now?

In days past, when the economy was booming, you might well have had clients tossing their money at you, how times have changed…

The days of the low hanging, easy to pick, fruit are gone.

Best to use qualified expert advice & they are around.


Successful business owners: -

  • Understand their product & how it provides real value

  • Have systems in place to ensure quality & standards are maintained.
  • Get to know their client well enough to ensure the product matches the client well.

I urge you to have a seriously good look at our very valuable, dynamic, & easier than ever sales machine THE ESSENTIAL BOTTOM-LINE SALES toolkit for turning your ideal prospects into willing buyers of your products & services, time & time again.

Why Do You Need Sales Skills? …Even if it is only to refresh your skills.

Sales people no longer hold all the cards. Buyers are smarter more informed and bolder than they’ve ever been.

Like it or not with the world-wide web bringing instant information & the new networked economy into every home & business means the balance of power has now swung in the buyers favour.

The Past 15 Years Has Changed The Way Of Doing Business Forever!

The Slick, Sleazy, Clever, Brute Force Way of Making Sales Is Now Dead & Buried!

Good….About Time – Good Riddance…

The Information Age means that the Buyer isn’t the unwary one anymore….

The Person Doing The Selling

Is Now The One In Danger

Of Losing Margin…


Buyers are now very well informed because:-

  • Western economies have 75%+ internet access

  • Google & web browsing is the de facto start for any purchase

  • Challenging economic times afford more considered buying

  • Social networks allow for easy information sharing

  • Corporate buyers have completed negotiating programs

  • Buyers generally are now more adept at negotiating

So, no matter what you do or who you are, we are all sales people now, in social networks, on our mobiles, & face-to face.

Knowing how to couple all of your social networking & digital efforts & your sales efforts together is the key….

The glue that makes it all work.

That’s where our brand new 21st Century system for selling in the digital age comes in. A unique dynamic duo has been formed. 1 has an in-depth knowledge of sales & marketing and the other is a thought leader and widely repected in social media world wide.

Ivor and I have put our heads together and produced a new series of sales guidelines. Workbook, questionnaires xxxxx

You will have

It doesn’t matter whether you are face-to face, on the internet or the telephone.….

Selling is still THE must have basic skill.consider all the successful people you know, how good are they at selling themselves and their professions, their products & their services? And yet they never come across as, or call themselves sales people do they?

Consider A Successful Growing Business You Know

  • They have clients who are100% Happy

  • 100% Sold on product & service

  • 100% Satisfied on their Return on investment (ROI)

YES! & it is NOW more vital than ever that you have a sales system!

 So that you can:-

  • Be fulfilled

  • Be part of something much greater than you

  • Sustainably provide your product or service

  • Have more income

  • Experience more joy

  • Attract your target clients towards you

  • Prove to everyone you’re successful

  • Make a change that you want to see

  • Keep things simple

This is what Sales Drive can do for you today, tomorrow, forever

Think about it for a minute:

Buyers are now using technology to inform & educate their own buying decisions; everyone does Google searches, & asks their peer networks (social networking sites) Facebook friends, LinkedIn groups & Twitter followers for opinions & recommendations.

They now have so much accessible, organised information; so many more avenues & mediums to surf & refer to that everyone is now an expert; seeking & rating products & services with online feedback & peer reviews ….

…….To the point where, without even realising it, they are likely becoming confused & actually still need specialist knowledge & guidance to bring their inquisitive quest together with some integrity, trustworthy consultancy, accurate direction & honest clarification.

Providing this still requires a trusted & tested system so that they convert into positive happy meaningful buying experience….

They want & need & love to be ‘SOLD’ before they buy…..

Caveat Emptor (let the buyer beware) has suddenly become Caveat Venditor (LET THE SELLER BEWARE).

And like it or not no matter what you do you are selling, we all are – so please let me help you get up to speed before you are forced off the track. Don’t get left behind. You cannot afford to neglect sales skills.

IMPORTANT isn’t it! This is Why You Need a System for Making Sales.

A system that is right up to date and easily & comfortably merges common sense sales skills with the new world digital revolution. new world

Selling; it’s really easy when you know how to do it properly!

Your prospective clients now want to be 100% informed, 100% convinced, 100% professionally guided, 100% sold on you & your proposed solution before they will proceed.

How do you make your business purchasing decisions? You like being sold to, provided it is in the right way.

What is the right way?


This means that these happy clients¹

then tell their friends, colleagues &

partners so the business grows through

word of mouth mutually & naturally

Selling in a professional way is easy – when you know how.

Today, for you to earn a decent take home income sheer persistence, persuasion & hardened resistance to rejection just doesn’t work any more in our new networked economy.


It’s Win Win Win

Client Wins with a great service & RoI²

You Win with sustainable growth

Society Wins it’s now a better place

Great product Great Income Shared Values

…No Matter What You Do or What’s Happening To The Economy…”

Best part: these simple, easy to understand & implement strategies are presented & explained in bite sized chunks, audio CD’s/MP3′s & supported by written transcripts for easy reference. So you can refer to them again & again. Your Essential Bottom-line Toolkit of Selling.

Details on this later…

I know that if you follow my simple system then you will double, triple maybe even quadruple your sales at better profit margins….

But, if for ANY reason whatsoever, you disagree, you can simply return it & get an instant, full refund.


With a system the successful business owner is fulfilled, joyous & has no money worries

How do they get into this enviable position?

What is their secret?

And for anyone who has risked it all & now stand to lose the lot” & would be far easier just going out getting a nice safe 9-5 job, 5 days a week.

The problem is these jobs are getting harder to find too, especially if like me you’re over 45 & living in an ageist society we could run out of money way before we run out of life. Jobs are way less secure than they have ever been. Computerised new business processes either kill jobs or create new ones you don’t have the skills for.

This is the CONSULTANT age, not the employee age – it’s cheaper for the corporations & more flexible. Nimble & flexible attitudes & practices are at the heart of the networked economy.

Then it hits you right between the eyes that getting a JOB takes just as much time & effort, if not more, than getting a few clients who you can happily consult to & service for more income.

You may doubt me on this; then I respectfully suggest that maybe you’re under estimating your own value, skill, talent & ability……


Sales as you’re thinking & feeling is NOT SALES

Sales that works in the modern economy is

About understanding people

About communicating well

About making the world a better place

..Believe me everyone has a talent that someone else needs & is

willing to pay for, provided you know what it is & how to sell yourself to them the right way!

As your confidence saps so does your self-esteem – doesn’t it? Hey you are human.

you need to know how to turn this around; you need to sell something that you are good at and enjoy doing before they sell your house from under you!

You need to make a sale or get someone to buy something from you. Don’t you? – Plain & simple!

And when you need sales, you need them to come via a sales system that will allow you to sleep well at night, every night.


Sales is not

 Manipulating people

Forcing people to buy

A skill you’re born with

With my system much of the hard work has already been done for you, but you still have to put in some effort, after all it is your success that you are interested in achieving not mine.

Mine will continue if I serve you well – that’s my philosophy…. & our mantra is Sharing Is Our Greatest Pleasure ©


Another Win Win Win

You win more clients

You share your joy with more people

You create more happy people in the world

You share your success & talk about us

We get more clients

Everyone wins

You WinSociety WinsWe Win

This is where I will really make the difference for you!

I am not an overnight self-proclaimed guru; I have been doing this for over 30 years, everyday out there selling in the trenches & designing & developing sales methods with business owners, & sales teams large & small. I have learned from the best & have a skill for communicating this to others.

Unless we sell someone something, nothing happens, all of the disciplines are superfluous. That is how critical sales are to a business.
I have clients on 4 continents and meet a hell of a lot of sales experts. However, in my view, one guy stands out above everyone. Phil Polson at Sales Drive – a keen strategist, a great business thinker, a wonderful mentor and the ‘go to’ guy when I need to get either myself or my clients sales message and skills honed.

When we are strategizing for a major deal, I always call Phil first.

In addition to being a highly pragmatic, brilliant salesman, his integrity is beyond reproach…… a unique, but essential trait for a high level sales specialist.”

Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative

Bob Pritchard. The Business Leaders Advisor

Plus, I have a proven 29 year successful record as a sports coach & motivator to back up my sales skills & understanding of both team & individual needs & dreams.

Phil Polson was ahead of his time with the training of rugby players amongst others. New Zealand sport in many ways in the 1980s & 1990′s was conservative, particularly so with motivation by experts…… Phil has shown his capacity to help in this & continues to do so”

Malcolm Hood” NZ All Blacks physiotherapist.

Nor am I an academic or theorist who spent a full time career in a classroom or on stage as a professional speaker relying on someone else to promote me & then simply sell books & tapes & boot camps.

As a bit of background for you…..

I do know & have worked & shared the stage with many of the world’s most famous speakers, because I was an early mover in the seminar business starting part time in 1977. In professional selling nothing beats experience with continual professional development.

The idea came to us to start conducting seminars as a way to attract leads for the management consulting business that we started on a shoe-string. I know how to establish & run LEAN boot strapped operations too.

We had speakers like American Sales Masters founder Hal Krause, Earle Nightingale, Zig Ziglar & Dr Norman Vincent Peale, Roger Dawson, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Jim Rohn & the incomparable Louise Hay to name a few.

Roger Dawson

America’s Premier Business Negotiator

So I can say “hand on heart” that I have taught many of the very top speakers in the world how to sell their products in seminars & off the stage & many speakers since have copied this still popular formula & continue to do so.

Phil organised, promoted & produced large seminars (1-5000 people) that I & others gave throughout Australia & NZ. He was great to work with & very professional & actually provided me with insights that helped me tremendously.”

Bob Kriegel Ph.D.,

President, Kriegel 2 Inc

Plus, I have personally sold many hundreds of millions of dollars of high value items; these days mainly closing sales for established successful businesses who use seminars to explain complex systems for Wealth Creation…

……try telling those businesses to give up all of their cold calling, telemarketing & scripts & face-to-face selling skills – like some self proclaimed internet gurus are doing ….they will laugh you out of the place because…. at least half of their average total monthly sales of $25,000,000+ turnover come from these methods.

Try telling them that people just go out & buy stuff they need & want & you don’t have to advise &sell them……Baloney!

Nothing could be further from the truth.

They are selling to asset rich high net worth discerning decision makers who like to be 100% sold before they will buy anything. Sold here means that they are given all the facts before they decide to buy.

Being able to speak to a person in a sales role gives them comfort that they get real answers, about their real concerns from real people about real opportunities. They are 100% satisfied & comfortable before they buy.


Be The Trusted Adviser

Always be the first to be asked!

This is how you like to buy isn’t it?


What Does Sales Mean?

Know your client well

  • Understand exactly what your client wants

  • Tailor your solution for them

  • Be flexible in your approach

  • Provide a first class service

  • Stop them losing money

  • Provide them with exceptional value

These successful businesses are no different to you. Their clients are not in the group who only need to be 51% convinced to rush in & buy & regret it later, ending up disgruntled with an axe to grind having been sold a poor deal.

With the advent of social media these axes are ground!

I hope I have conveyed to you how much it really annoys me to realise that daily on the internet you are having exaggerated, outdated, obsolete, tired, surpassed, sales tricks “palmed off” onto you when all you need help with is a REAL modern systemised selling approach with support.


KISS Your Worries Goodbye

KeepIt SimpleSkills

evaporate worries

These street smart skills & techniques to make more sales that I have gathered, learned & now packaged will make it easier for you.

Selling is easy but you have to know how. Knowing how will spark your inspiration to take action & do it.

The know-how is straightforward but takes a little effort from you just like learning to drive a car. It feels different to begin with & then becomes second nature.

A moderate effort & reasonable investment with support & guidance from us is worth your financial freedom, prosperity & lifestyle you desire? Isn’t it!

Please keep reading on & see for yourself…you’ll be over the moon………..

My processes will provide you with a more professional, improved, smarter, simpler, more productive approach to sales growth & financial freedom.

This is regardless of your economic circumstances & those of the economy you’ll be making better margins by attracting new clients in your “sweet spot” with the desire for you & your products….

…… with the full authority to say ‘Yes’ to your offers (not “No, or maybe, or we’ll think it over, or we’ll be back”) & they will have money to pay you in full when the payment falls due.

REAL Life Solutions, From

REAL Life Experiences, in Real WorldSituations -

Understand The Real World Process Of Selling with a proven system…

Not “theory, unproven, unpractical, regurgitated & recycled guesswork”…

No classroom theory either, just good, practical everyday common sense processes & solutions that you can instantly use to improve your bottom-line ROI (Return On Investment).

Sales wisdom from seasoned street smart professionals.

All you need to start with is a pencil & paper.

Please stick with me here & I will explain…

You’ll not only find me “a huge injection of new enthusiasm”, you’ll soon discover the TREASURE that I’ve put together for you to be so effective, practical & eye-opening…

You’ll Be Rapt About

How Little You Paid…

You’ll Want To TELL OTHERS

About My Sales System

- You Win, They Win, I Win – Easy!

Win – Win – Win. But more of that soon…

I know from experience that just getting started in business, especially if you’re trying to get it up on the internet can flush buckets of your hard earned money down the drain…

& waste LOADS of your valuable time…

….plus with family, partners, investors & peer group pressures, you can soon reach the point where you just want to throw your arms up in the air, shake your head & simply give up – toss it all away!


We Understand Your Difficulties

We’ve experienced the ups & downs in our lives

Family members questioning your sanity

Worry about cash flow

Confused about choices to make

Things not going your way

We will support you through our programs with confidential integrity

A positive boost is likely all you need



And, as statistics sadly prove this is exactly what happens in a significant percentage of businesses & start-ups.

My fervent desire is to see this doesn’t happen to you.

This is the stage of my business life that I am at…..not the beginning, not the end simply sharing & helping others succeed at making sales.

This is my passion. I now want to inspire the next generation of salespeople; business builders just like you who are nowcoming through.

I’m excited about the evolution & expansion of my sales & marketing skills onto the vastness of the world wide web.

My desire to keep learning, keep growing & share my skills with a new audience is keeping my brain crackling. Passionate to share my skills whilst adding the new ways of doing business through the internet.

Creating low cost sales leads – my personal challenge to myself is to continue to be at the forefront of selling; the cutting edge of sales, prospecting & business growth – ultimately leaving a lasting useful legacy by making a substantial difference for you & the new internet generation.

Communities Are The Future

Join our community & secure

Your future with our shared skills

That’s another reason why Ivor and I have got together. Our complimentary skills bring you incomparable value.




Customer Service

Join Sales Drive Now

It’s all about we now, not I or you. In our new globalised networked economy collaboration & partnership is where success is found & built on.

Here’s Ivor’s mantra…….

Social Works! Your Why + Your Network + Chat + Trust + Action + Partners + Data + Analysis = SALES! + Best Business Results.

Click on the treasure chest & take a look at the INCREDIBLE EFFORT that Ivor puts into his work.

Except for Saturday evenings of course. When he is occasionally known to pop down to his local pub & down a pint or 2 of London’s finest warm ale, (but hey he’s 15 years younger than me) – so half his luck.

Whilst we live on opposite sides of the globe we soon worked out that the other had the missing skills needed to provide you with a:-



Real help when you need it!

Literally from start to finish the complete menu from soup to nuts……….

We help people just like you to grow your income in every type of business imaginable so you can go as quickly as possible to being in charge of your business & not it in charge of you.

Because of time zones we are nearly always available 24 out of 24 hours a day & we are affordable to handle you’re most immediate & challenging sales issues.

Providing you the complete range of selling opportunities, mixing the best from the traditional to the new….Face to face to Google Hangouts.

With the Internet explosion there are gurus galore telling you how to use technology.

Is technology really your friend or is it a massive swallower of your time & your money?

The UK is the leading internet economy in the G20 contributing 8.3% to the British economy, according to the Boston Consulting Group in a report published in May 2012.

How much of this internet activity & effort is being monetised?

We’re not saying the internet doesn’t work, what we’re saying is that it takes time & there are a lot of dry gullies & blind alleys that you get sent up if you are easily dazzled by bright & shiny objects.

With Ivor & I in your corner we take no shortcuts with your success you will simply get street smart advice straight from the horses mouth.

What do we mean by street smart?

Street Smart – source Urban Dictionary

A person who has much common sense & knows what’s happening in the world. They know what every type of person has to deal with daily & understands all groups of people & how to act around them. They also know all the current action going on & know how to make their own right decisions. They know how to deal with all kinds of different situations & has their own independent state of mind.

A street smart person isn’t stubborn & actually listens to conversations & understands them.

Sales is a mix of skills, arts & sciences& state of mind, best practised, learned & honed out in the trenches, on the street so to speak.

The only way to master & perfect sales skills is to get out there & try them out, if what you say & do at first doesn’t work…

GOOD, you can simply change what you say – which is a whole lot easier & way less expensive than re-doing a whole website, resetting & resubmitting advertisements, re-recording radio advertisements or rewriting brochures.

When we say “get out there” that might mean any number of things such as; in bound or pick up your phone & make out bound telephone calls, face to face, VOIP video calls, emails, networking meetings, trade shows & social media.

Before we go too much further …

Let’s take a quick look at your circumstances?

Five key questions you should ask yourself:

  • How is your reality today compared to your dreams back when you started?
  • Why do so many businesses really struggle to survive?
  • Why do so many business owners just manage to survive?
  • Why don’t more businesses thrive?
  • Why do some prosper?
  • Do you still have the same enthusiasm for your business?
  • Do you really have the skill & confidence to persevere, survive & succeed?
  • What tools do you need to acquire to ensure your business’ success?

Here’s where we can be INVALUABLE & help you.

With combined 69+ years of street smart experience between us Sales Drive will provide you with patterns & sales processes & sales systems that work for your bottom line & give you huge ROI.

With us you in your team you will gain: Strategies & methods that let you overcome the many mind traps & seizures that can really “do your head in” as entrepreneurs & business people.

You will suddenly discover how correct problem identification gives clarity.

Your sales will start running like a well-oiled machine that grows without you necessarily having to employ a whole lot of new people who can then potentially give you some real concerns that you can do without.

Top salespeople can give you some huge headaches but; they also give you 80/20 rule results.

Just imagine how much happier you’re spouse & family will be. Imagine yourself walking around all day with a smile on your face…& not frowning from constant belief you’re in for another day of stress, struggle & frustration.

The greatest part is that these strategies are presented & explained in audio CD’s or MP3′s supported by written PDF transcripts & a complete coaching programme with questions & answers for your easy reference. So you can refer to them over & over again.

These are up to the minute 21st CENTURY tools & techniques from people who are actually out there doing it, day in day out. Not just some recycled, regurgitated out of date old hat concepts.

You will learn how to create a sales system that continually harvests a sheer volume of sales & income.

The old caveman survival attitude in business of always closing the next deal so you can ‘eat what you kill’ can be discarded forever & replaced with an attitude of continually seeding new harvests so that you can continually reap the rewards well into the future.

Survival selling requires no process, no system & no follow-up.

Success selling requires sales processes, sales systems, effective follow-up, deliberate referral gathering & the determination & QUALIFIED HELP to make it succeed.

You don’t have a system that really pulls for you?

Well, this is your lucky day! Because today, right here, will be a true business boom – a life altering event for you.

At Sales Drive our commitment is to help you stay enthusiastic, revitalise, hone & refresh your selling skills.