B2B Social Media Marketing

B2B Social Media Marketing How To Sell More

B2B social media marketing and social prospecting is a whole new way of attracting people towards you.

B2B Social Media MarketingThe right people! This is one great way to solve the question of how to sell more. Your future success may depend on things like building buzz, word-of-mouth marketing, the influence of networks, the rise of the Viral Visionary and more.

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Without a positive b2b social media influence in your corner, you ware treading on thin ice with your business Developing relationships from B2B social media marketing to the point that a prospect wants to meet you.

Know + Like + Trust are the critical first steps required until a sale can happen.

Building relationships online allows for the know & like to develop until you meet to cement the trust & do a deal. It is perfectly possible today to build the trust as well without even meeting face to face going this online via Skype, Google Hangouts, Facebook chat & other conferencing facilities. In fact Phil & Ivor collaborated online for 8 months before they met!

B2B social media marketing and social prospecting is a whole new way of attracting people towards you. The right people! This is one way of how to sell more. Think of it as b2b social media marketing – client relationship management – Social CRM. It is a way of informing stakeholders & managing communications with stakeholders. We have a range of b2b social media marketing and sales programs that can assist you in this new & skillful client attraction discipline. How to sell more with social media is an exciting efficient way to run & manage pipelines of prospects.

Irrespective of size of organization the information below is a great introduction to what you need to consider & plan for working with social media – if it makes sense for you then you know what you need to do! We wish you every success in your endeavours. If b2b social media marketing sort of makes sense ask us a question to develop your understanding into tangible actions!

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How To Sell More Using Social Prospecting

Sharing is our greatest pleasure © - We share this with you for the benefit of all. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see an infographic that details the future of b2b social media marketing, Sales & Marketing – how to sell more. Experienced off & online in sales and marketing and 6+ years in successful B2B Social Media Marketing. We’ve advised thousands at all levels – CEO to new sales staff.

Sharing, collaboration & partnership are at the very heart of what we at Sales Drive do – a learned not natural skill. We’ve just finished an extensive global research project confirming the difficulties & obstacles currently faced by C Suite Execs referencing strategy, integration & growth for the next 8 to 10 years. The world has gone social from street level up with clients now expecting more sophisticated meaningful engagement

As a board director looking at the street your choices options & demands remain complex & confusing. B2B Social Media Marketing – What’s social engagement & sales really all about? Request our report by email it’s on my LinkedIn profile- Ivor Kellock. Between all of us at sales drive we have a unique set of skills that can increase revenues & sales, coach your sales teams to success, find new markets, find new price points, communicate with appropriate engaging language & feed your business dashboard intelligently

I have a keen collaborative mind. My life’s work & experience can bring you the necessary foresight & guidance to powerfully propel your company towards 2020. Your focus has to be your customer. How will they help you innovate to stay ahead of your competition whilst giving you up to the minute real time feed back on your performance & products?

We have simple b2b social media marketing solutions for these complex issues. Read Quote of Ivor Kellock’s answer to Social Media Strategy: I am currently developing a social media strategy for my company. Are there any factors I should take in to consideration while devising a strategy? on Quora

B2B Social Media Marketing

Combing your social web presence with data collection & analysis will help you sell more