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B2B Selling Techniques.

Business Owners, Start Up & Entrepreneurs……..

.….Who think that you’re not in sales – think again!

b2b selling techniques

These days we are all in sales, my fellow business owners… it or not we all need good, proven &  ethical selling techniques.

Are you:

  • One of the many seeing more buyer resistance or struggling to get buyers?
  • Facing buyers that want bigger and bigger discounts
  • Tired of seeing your sales cycle grow longer and longer
  • Fed up with lower sales than you feel you deserve as business owners
  • Getting beaten by your competition too often
  • Not making enough sales

If so, we can help.

How do I know?  We see it every day in our own business and from our private client list of business owners issues.

We know there is a clear difference between Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Start Ups but we know that the same techniques work for each group. But, before you go too much further, & so we don’t waste your valuable time, we want to be very upfront with you please be advised that if you are:

One of those business owners who believes that “Tell – Persist -Plod- Thump” is the only way to go.

….. Or one day once a year GENERIC MOTIVATIONAL PUMP up events are the ONLY ONES that work….

… Then good luck to you, we wish you well but we just won’t be able to help you in the New Ways of Doing Business for Business Owners Internet start ups and Entrepreneurs

Or if you are:-

  • A pushy salesperson trying to learn some new clever scam and tricky sales closes.
  • A Bait and switch, loss leader, merchants looking for a new gig. You know the ones who ask you for $47 and when you finally get there you are suddenly bumped to $97.
  • Aluminum siding (Pebble Dashing) salespeople branching out to other areas.
  • Business owners who admire snake-oil type salespeople with dubious sales techniques.

Then we can’t help you either because our definition of sales is different from what you are used to. Our sales advice and easy to understand sales systems & up to the minute 21st Century social media programs that continually, systematically and repetitively work are not for you and we encourage those people not to read on further or buy from us.

We absolutely understand that b2b selling techniques ” are very emotive words that are likely sending fearful shivers down your spine right now!

Our methods are about caring enough about you and your products to bring Business Owners more sales in and then to spread the benefits to a larger audience than you are currently reaching. ….. In fact, our strategies and techniques are so publicly transparent that anyone who isn’t legitimate will be quickly exposed. How?

  1. More Income, Less Stress
  2. More Fulfillment, Less Worry
  3. More Joy, Less Fear a business owners goal

Who is our sales system & b2b selling techniques and methods for:

…. That’s easy –

– Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and  Start Ups, are often people who hate the idea of “hard-selling”, but are passionate about their businesses growing and how they can help their customers. Or, Who:

Have their livelihoods & their mortgages attached to their business

  • Are simply trying to stay afloat
  • Have given personal security to the bank or lender
  • Work 7 days 50 hours + a week (forget that)
  • Have school & uni fees to cover
  • Are people who quickly forget their vision & dream once reality sets in
  • Focus way too much on what their competitors are doing
  • Are reluctant to label themselves as sales people
  • See selling as hard sell & not suitable for them
  • Wish to be straight & honest which they don’t see selling as
  • Don’t want to manipulate people
  • Are frightened to ask clients for their true value because they lack closing skills

That said if YOU do need a better way and more skill at b2b selling techniques…. the Sales Drive street smart way is for you! But, I am the first to admit it, my expertise is sales & marketing but I don’t yet have enough skill to cover all the new social media lead generating stuff that you need – no one person has every skill needed.

Hence, to ensure I can arm you with the complete package — the real dynamic deal, I have teamed up with a, world recognized, social media & digital economy specialist along with handpicked highly focused professionals from around the world.

People who I have been associated with for many years.

We’ve all been through the trenches and seen how business has changed over the past decade. We recognize that we can’t possibly know how to do it all, so we sought out experts in the field to keep us up to date and make sure we are always “one step ahead”.

We help business owners, just like ourselves all over the world…

We are truly International with people in Australia, New Zealand, America, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Spain, China, Brazil, India, South Africa Great Britain & Philippines.

Following many requests to do so, I have now fully completed & published a Revolutionary SALES SYSTEM for business owners and anyone who needs to make more sales at better margins by professionally underselling & then over delivering…..time & time again…

The Essential Bottom-line Sales Tools For Business Owners!

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Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Start Ups – Get Sales Drive B2b Selling Techniques Working For You Now

Think about how much this will do for your life. The worry that will disappear when you have a proven system for uncovering and then sealing the deal with clients……it is inexpensive & the right b2b selling techniques gets quick results to keep you going while the longer haul internet route starts to work for you if advancing your business on the internet is what you are doing.

The old caveman survival attitude in business of always closing the next deal so you can ‘eat what you kill’ can be discarded forever & replaced with an attitude of continually seeding new harvests so that you can continually reap the rewards well into the future. Survival selling for business owners requires no process, no system & no follow-up.

Successful b2b selling techniques and consultative selling requires sales processes, sales systems, effective follow-up, deliberate referral gathering & the determination & QUALIFIED HELP to make it succeed.

You don’t have a system that really pulls for you?

Well, this is your lucky day! Because today, right here, will be a true business boom – a life altering event for you. At Sales Drive our commitment is to help you and fellow business owners stay enthusiastic, revitalize, hone & refresh your b2b selling techniques and consultative selling skills.

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You can contact us immediately to experience what we can do for for your b2b selling techniques

Because of time zones and our private client work it is best to initially leave a quick message on our Contact Page. We will get back to you within a few hours. These days we are all in sales, my fellow business owner.

Business owners who hate the idea of selling need to be skilled in sales to prosper today. Business owners, Entrepreneurs and Start Ups Rock The World – but You do need the right modern proven b2b sales techniques to really get your business rocking!