B2B Sales Solutions: The #1 rule of decision making is

Often salespeople talk with decision makers, who can supposedly say “Yes” to any offer or proposal only to later discover that saying ‘No’ is really their only possibility. Very few people will tell you up front that they can’t make a decision. They will usually tell you, ‘yes, I can make the decision’ but when the final push comes often ‘no’ is the only decision that they can make without the express authorization of someone above them.

The biggest waste of time in the profession of selling is presenting to such people.

Decision Making Is a Group Effort – Business Insider

“Decisions have consequences — and decision-makers should be held accountable for theirs. At the same time nobody is right all the time. The most important part of any decision is that the decision-maker fully engages with …

Simply asking the person if they can make a decision is not sufficient. A person above them, in business to business selling is someone higher up the chain or when selling in-home or to domestic consumers, a spouse or a partner may be the real decision maker.

The academic corporate sales trainers will tell you many theoretical ways to overcome the word ‘No’ but in reality from a street smart point of view often they are saying  ‘No’ meaning ‘No the ultimate decision isn’t mine to make because I lack the authority to say anything else ’