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The Sales Drive Group specialist database engineers will help you to construct and audit your CRM Customer Relationship database. The result will mean you have a complete data driven, fully measurable online sales and marketing system.



CRM customer relationship: This is as close to a ”magic pill’ for your sales efforts that you will ever come.

Here at The Sales Drive Group we know that in many cases a qualified lead probably represents 30-40% of your total sales and marketing budget.

B2b Sales Prospecting CRM Customer Relationship

You can have a Cloud based B2b Sales Prospecting CRM customer relationship sales database no need for expensive software that you have multi users’ access from anywhere. For this key Element, Sales Database, let’s look at an extract from Phil Polson’s book “Sales Drive”.

Information to include in your client database:

Please note that any information captured by you in your B2b Sales Prospecting CRM customer relationship sales database and held is confidential and subject to privacy laws so check with your legal advisers about data storage before going ahead to ensure that you keep within the law. B2b Sales Prospecting ‘Salt’ your B2b Sales Prospecting CRM customer relationship database, as well.

This means that you save a few entries in there that only you know are friends or relatives with different surnames and some dummy details that can be clearly identified as coming from your B2b Sales Prospecting database.

This means that if anyone ever unscrupulously tries to ‘borrow’ your B2b Sales Prospecting CRM customer relationship information source then you will soon know about this. The prospect and client database becomes arguably the most powerful tool to help increase your sales organization, so take your time and make sure you are capturing the right data in your B2b Sales Prospecting CRM Customer Relationship Sales Database .

For your Sales Database I suggest that you use relational database, contact management software, such as ACT, to capture and record information. This way you can actually improve your ability to not only keep an up-to-date database, but also provide easy ways to access reports, lists and further streamline your ongoing marketing and research, and communications with your prospects and customers.

Here, are some suggestions for which information you should be gathering for your cloud based database:

•    Key decision-makers names:

Include a key individual contact person’s name. Also, watch for any key names or titles in the business and record them. This ensures that you have some points of contact of those in the decision-making process who could use your services. It also serves as a back up when your primary contact ever leaves the company.

•    Job title and job description:

Get the proper titles of any of your contacts; make doubly sure they are right. If possible, make notes regarding their job description and area’s of responsibility. This B2b Sales Prospecting CRM Customer Relationship Sales Database information can be helpful to refer to later if you need to make contact with numerous people in the company.

•    Demographic and psycho graphic information:

Having a clear idea of the age, background, likes, and dislikes of your prospects or clients can be decisive in improving communication with them. As you have discussions with your contacts, if they express elements of their background, experience, or if you can calculate some information from this observation, make some notes in your database.

Many times, especially with prospects, it’s useful to have these notes on hand to refresh your memory of these details before making the next follow-up contact.

•    Company name:

Be sure to get the correct spelling and format of the company, so that it will appear right on all of your letters, faxes, email and other correspondence. Pay close attention to these details, as making a mistake in B2b Sales Prospecting CRM Customer Relationship Sales Database can make for lousy presentations later in your communication to a prospect or client.

•    Addresses:

Get both the physical and the mailing address if they are different. Ask them and then make a note of which address they prefer you to send them anything.

•    Acceptable methods to contact them:

Include any alternative ways to contact the customer such as fixed phone numbers, mobile phones, email addresses, website address, fax numbers, and Facebook. As the relationship evolves with the prospect, or client, be sure to update the B2b Sales Prospecting CRM Customer Relationship Sales Database database when new ways to potentially contact them become apparent.

•    Purchasing history:

Keep notes of the date of the first purchase, subsequent services, amount of sale, and any other information from those transactions for recording in the B2b Sales Prospecting CRM Customer Relationship Sales Database.

•    Source of lead:

If the contact is a prospect, be sure to keep track of how the customer originally made contact with you. Which came from another client’s referral? From a direct mailing, you did. Alternatively for the B2b Sales Prospecting CRM Customer Relationship Sales Database , did the lead come from a booth at a conference or trade show? Code this event into your B2b Sales Prospecting CRM Customer Relationship Sales Database for later reference.

•    Source of sale:

When the prospect makes their first purchase, have the database remind you to record any source that they may have responded to. Did they respond to an email or follow-sales letter you sent? Alternatively, did you make a phone call or personal visit? Tracking this information in the B2b Sales Prospecting CRM Customer Relationship Management Tools Sales Database over time helps you to understand what methods of follow-up are the most effective in generating first-time revenue from a prospect.

•    Any specific client needs:

Capture and record any specific needs that the prospect or client indicates to you as part of your ongoing communication with them. This is valuable information that can be used later to extend or revise your B2b Sales Prospecting and service offerings.

•    Client remarks:

Be sure to keep track of any comments from clients in the B2b Sales Prospecting CRM Customer Relationship Sales Database , whether they are complaints, testimonials, or unique requests. Make sure to record any pertinent details on their payment history.

•    Relationship building:

The B2b Sales Prospecting database can also identify a raft of issues that you wouldn’t otherwise think of, or retain such as; client birthdays, memberships of buying groups, industry category, and associations. These and other useful things are what help you build client profiling.

This client profiling data will help you to make an ongoing relationship that keeps client’s buying from you in the future.

•    Other matters:

Your High Impact Prospecting database can also be used to provide; Status reports, Variance reports, Key performance indicators, GANTT charts, Milestone charts, and cost control schedules. Selling is a process, so the database should be set up to mimic this process and give you highly accurate feedback.

Please contact or Phil Polson your B2b Sales Prospecting team now to experience what we can do for you & your organization.


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