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B2B Sales Coaching Personal 1 on 1

B2B sales coaching dedicated to helping you increase your sales and personal income in 30 days. Just you on your own with the dream sales and social media team.

It’s best to do something very, very well.

We do B2B sales coaching personal and all things related to sales training……hey and person to person sales coaching very, very well.

Sales Growth 30 One on One Challenge – B2B Sales Coaching Personal 1 on 1

For business owners, business executives, entrepreneurs and professional salespeople of all levels who want to become more successful  with selling their products and services.

Sales Growth From Sales Drive Sales Training Online

Be Amazed At Your Own Sales Growth In 30 Days with personal b2b sales coaching. 1 on 1 – Just you on your own with the dream sales and Social Media Marketing team!

Which of these fits best YOU?

  • You are new to Sales and desperately need some direction and guidance to figure it all out!
  • You are somewhat experienced in Sales but, you’d really like to significantly  increase sales and profits and overall selling success!
  • You are an experienced Sales Representative who wants to take your  Selling Results up to a new level. OR,

You are…

A professional Business Manager and Business Owner who knows that school is never out!

An Internet Entrepreneur looking to live the dream

Involved in the sales profession looking to future proof your sales growth

On the Corporate ladder Wanting To Go Up!

In a business  that involves people buying from you

A manufacturer and exporter looking for more profitable sales

B2B Sales Coaching In Government or the Public service and want your ideas heard

A Commission earner or Affiliate looking for bigger & better sales results

…….. You may be feeling a little challenged by the social and economic shift in the public’s purchasing habits plus the rapid emergence of worldwide choice through social media breaking down the barriers in the new digital economy and could use some personal sales coaching.

That’s where the dream sales and social media team comes to your rescue. We are right here waiting to help you on a personal, up close, strictly confidential basis.

B2B Sales Coaching 1 on 1 personal that will ensure that you Hit the GROUND running.

Why Let Your Competition Get Ahead? Think about it! Before you go on the next holiday you will probably take your car in for a check and a tune up that way you can relax knowing that you reach your destination. The same applies for your 2016 sales growth destination…

So why not let us help you with some one on one personal b2b sales coaching for your sales growth journey beginning with a good old school check up of all your sales systems and then tweak and add many ideas for your sales growth. Just like a very professional mechanic would with your vehicle we will check everything out for you during you personal b2b sales coaching, or private individual sales with us.

We will take an in-depth look under your bonnet, we will replace old habits and out of date thinking were necessary and polish and clean your sales performance until it shines. And you are at peak performance.

You are invited to participate in a very Special Personal B2B Sales Coaching 1 on 1 30 Day Sales Growth Challenge with the worlds most up to the minute sales and social media authorities.

Sales Growth with Sales Drive Personal B2B Sales Coaching and Online Sales Training 1 on 1 – Be Amazed At Your Own Sales Growth In 30 Just Days. Super-charge you’re selling and sales growth with our 30 day personal Challenge. Sales growth happens for those who have a plan and the sales know – how to make it happen.

There is plenty of room at the top but not enough to sit down.

For the 30 Day Sales Growth One on One b2b Sales coaching Challenge we can only handle 4 a month. Therefore this offer is strictly limited to only 4 x 1 participant per month with personal B2B sales coaching conducted by our key sales authority Phil Polson, so don’t delay grab you spot – Now! We will chart your progress with you to Double your sales income within 6 – 12 months. And we will stay with you for the course of the journey. That way we will keep you on track as time progress. Especially when the going gets tougher as it inevitably will over the course of the next year.

Before publishing this 30 Day B2B Sales Coaching Personal 1 on 1 Sales Challenge, I asked a number of business people who we have worked with as private clients what they would pay to purchase 8 hours of my dynamic sales program combined with one of the worlds leading authorities in social media sales skills.

Most suggested around US$3,200.00.

One even went as high as US$6,000.00. But all with out exception were staggered at our highly affordable not to be missed offer of $US$7,000.00 with FREE membership to our private sales group with life time access 24/7.

Priced for an individual 1 on 1 privately tutored 30 Day b2b Sales Coaching and Sales Growth Challenge of 1 participants ONLY.

These business people where even more amazed when they learn that our private business clients pay upwards of $10,000.00 a day.

Phil’s enthusiasm, positiveness and ability to communicate leading edge social media concepts and ideas will not only help you win in sales for your business but it will also help you succeed in all aspects of your business life. Just think.  Instead of sitting at home watching some bad news on television or worse a tacky reality show, reruns of reruns or a constant barrage of commercials wasting endless hours, in selling like any other aspect Time is Money.

Our fervent desire is to see this endless time wasting doesn’t happen to you. You could be wasting endless hours when you could be dramatically enhancing your ability to sell more and achieve sales growth by having some specialized private 1 on 1 b2b sales coaching .

Why is this our core desires?  Because this is the stage of our business life that we are at…..not the beginning, not the end simply sharing & helping others succeed at making more sales at better margins. Selling and social media is our passion that has helped others make over $6.7 Billion in sales over the last 30 years.  We now want to inspire the next generation of salespeople, business builders just like you who are now coming through. We’re excited about the evolution & expansion of our sales & social marketing skills onto the vastness of the world wide web.

Our desire to keep learning, keep growing & share our skills with a new audience is keeping our brains crackling. Passionate to share our skills with b2b sales coaching whilst adding the new ways of doing business through the internet. So, instead of being inflicted with mindless garbage and negative news, you can be spending that time instead soaking up and absorbing winning ideas and sales messages for sales growth that will astound you.

Just so that we are clear……….

This B2B Sales Coaching Personal 1 on 1 challenge is not suitable for those opportunity seekers who are looking for bright shiny objects that claim to be the next quick buck.

Nor is it suitable for those who are not prepared to put in some effort for their sales growth.

Winning at selling and sales growth is a HABIT!

And you will learn the habit of WINNING at SELLING and Social Networking. Put yourself and those around in a positive frame of mind each and every day. To achieve serious sales growth you have to work with someone who has done it before and it’s a process; it’s a growing process. It’s not easy, the lights just don’t turn on and everything all of a sudden becomes simple. We often think the idea is the key thing. It’s not. Ideas are easy. There are millions of them, billions, quadrillions.

What is hard is execution.

The execution of the idea – the making it happen – sales growth is not a solo sport. It’s not. Running is a solo sport. Building sales growth requires a team effort. You actually have to work at it and change the way you do things and at times it’s a little bit uncomfortable but you know that there’s a bigger reason for doing it all and as you start seeing progress, it becomes easier and easier to do that. Lets explode this myth that to be good at selling you need to have a strong extroverted sales type personality……..this myth is RUBBISH designed to sell some theory or other by sales speakers……!

The best sales people are often the most introverted, they are quiet listeners who know when to keep quiet and know how to ask the questions that lead to an opportunity for prospects to become buyers. What you need is a good team who have street smart sales experience with a strong mix of selling different products, high quality, high priced products to discerning buyers.

Experience that you can both learn from and immediately apply to your sales growth circumstances .

Look at the benefits You will gain from attending…

When you master the B2B Sales Coaching Personal 1 on 1 growth online sales training, you will:

Have at your disposal for your instant recall one the worlds most effective sales systems

Enhance your money-making capabilities with professional, ethical sales techniques and sales skills

Understand the buying motives and how to turn that into win, win, win for all concerned

Know why persistence, whilst a prerequisite is no longer enough

Increase sales, sales growth, sales productivity, profit and commissions

Work with less stress

Create a greater team effort and atmosphere amongst staff and family

Experience far better communications

Hit accelerated sales growth and sales achievement

Gain sales confidence

Sales DriveCreate the burning urge to go beyond the comfort zone

Dramatically increase your sales growth

Find lost cost ways of how to get prospects beating a path to your door

Double and even triple your closed sales

Be able to identify prospective clients needs and turn them into willing buyers while your competition is still trying to “sell” them

Become an indispensable asset to your company

This exceptional 30 day private individual b2b sales coaching for sales growth Challenge program is the complete “how to sell more” sales training guide.

  • Get more highly qualified prospects and set more appointments
  • Close the sale – EVERY time
  • Increase revenue and boost your profits immediately
  • Dramatically decrease stress as your sales become natural and effortless

Here’s What You Will Receive


Here Are the dates and times

Beginners level:


Medium Level


Advanced level


Over this 30 day B2B Sales Coaching Personal 1 on 1 Challenge You will receive In this rare Sales Growth opportunity Package as shown above:

  1.  Sales Drive: The definitive ‘no-brainer’ street smart guide to Sales Stardom. 267 page Book Amazon Hard Copy and the E Version
  2. CD audio version of the Book suitable for use on MP3, iPhone, iPad, PC or laptop  format equivalent to 8 CD’s of about 6.5 hours in total
  3.  7 substantial workbooks including 88 questionnaire and answers
  4. FREE audio and pdf of 10 Top Sales Tips
  5. Lifetime Membership to Sales Drive Private LinkedIn Group.
  6. Plus 8 x 1 hour Google hangouts sessions with Phil Polson
  7. Example Discovery Schedule Templates
  8. Example Proposal and Presentation Templates

Plus, if your reserve your place now you will receive this FAST ACTION BONUS Valued at $250.00 a 1 on 1 joint conference Skype session with Phil Polson telling us specifically how we can help you and give us a heads up on a something you can put in place  right now – even before the 30 Day B2B Sales Coaching Personal 1 on 1  Challenge begins.

We don’t sub-contract our 30 Day B2B Sales Coaching Personal 1 on 1 Challenge to anyone else, you’ll talk to us directly and we do all the presenting and related work ourselves.

Since there are only a few companies who can use our services at any given time, better reserve your time-slot early.

You’ll learn how to:

It hasn’t suddenly dawned on you that, in order to attain sales growth for your business but, the fact that you need to sell more at better margins may have? Maybe you’ve just moved to a front line sales job with no real experience of selling. Or perhaps you work on your own and if you don’t learn quickly how to sell better then pretty soon you may not even have a business!

Well, this 30 Day B2B Sales Coaching Personal 1 on 1 Challenge is tailor made for you.

You will sell more with confidence in just 30 days. Don’t worry though it won’t turn you into one of those stereotypical slick sales people that, truth be told, folks try to get away from. Instead it will help you sell ‘professionally’ and persuasively building upon your natural conversational style and personality so that people will want to buy from you and they will see you as someone they happily buy from not as someone who is always trying to “sell them something”. You will build Integrity, sales professionalism, Character, trust and loyalty.

We will cover tons of sales information all designed to have you selling more in 30 days have you have ever sold before. Opportunity takes courage and persistence so you will be involved with questionnaires, challenges, workbooks and a lifetimes access to the Sales Drive sales growth resource team 24/7.

In no particular order the on line selling, sales growth and sales training program will cover:

  • Professional salespersons Self Image:

Our research shows that if overall sales self image is improved then sales growth improves. You will see how to develop and maintain a healthy sales self image in easy steps with a positive action plan for sales growth in 2013.

  • Sales Relationships

No matter how advanced technology is we are still dealing with people – human beings – and our human resources are still the greatest asset of any business. Relying on technology to deal with people is a huge mistake when it comes to sales growth. Take a look at the big banks, government departments and telecommunications companies who try. People have come to hate them and will force them to change.

  • Overcome Your Sales Growth Problems

The only people without a problem are in a grave yard. It is how we handle problems that counts. We will dissect your sales problems and supply solutions galore for you!

  • Sales Growth Goals for 2016 and beyond

Setting the 2016 sales growth goal is the easy part- hitting it is where the challenge lies. The trick is to turn commitment into enthusiastic desire. We love challenges and we will take even an average sales ability and turn it into a Sales Star by competing successfully with others who have far more sales skills but who lack desire.

  • Your Sales Growth Attitude

Your attitude is always more important than you aptitude. We will give you an attitude adjustment to ensure you achieve your desired sales growth. Increasing your yearning power. Increase you learning power. Which increase your earning power. With us you can and will discover exactly what you are looking for from your company, your job and your life in sales.

Achieving Sales Work Life Balance

Selling should never be about being busy. We want you to be a bit lazy, be a bit more laid back, hit your sales growth targets with ease and make more time for relaxation and family. That’s where social sales and social media networking comes into play – we will tell you how to sell more using cost effective social media platforms and technology.

Your Desire For Genuine Sales Growth

Enthusiasm + drive + desire + sales knowledge = Sales growth

Just by participating with a few others in the group sessions you will have their enthusiasm rub off on you. We will all become each others cheer leaders’ (every team goes better with them) asking any losing side. With sales growth it is far more fun to succeed that it is to fail and funny enough it takes about the same amount of effort. Plenty of time for questions and clarification no one will rush you no one will try and up sell you to any fancy webinars or overpriced boot camps – we will leave that to the scam squads who make promises of huge wealth and instant riches but whose only sales growth they are interested in is their own.

Or those supposed sales experts who claim to make fees of $100,000’of dollars a time. If they make such huge fees then where do they get the time to cater to thousands at a time on the internet? Think about they simply hand you off to their minions or their junior family members who have never made a sales in their lives and are simply following their old mans teaching verbatim- many of those teachings are now so well out of date. Or worse they are giving you mass produced information supposedly for sales growth that do always easily transfer to your specific needs.

Some of these so-called guru’s knock sales systems but unless you have them you need to come up with something new or original every time you meet a prospective client then you are being an artist not a business person. We all know how hard most artists have to struggle just to stay alive let alone prosper. Our sales system will help you to identify and separate all the elements of the sales system from beginning to end, and then your job is to plug the people into it or plug the systems into it.

You’ll learn:

• How to communicate what you do in a way that people understand and remember

• How to use marketing to help you sell more easily

• How to feel more confident about cold calling customers

• How to find out what the customer is really looking for

• How to run a profitable sales meeting

• How to avoid getting beaten down on price

• How to network successfully using the techniques gained from your B2B Sales Coaching

• How to write great sales copy for the web and direct mail

• …..and much more.

Sales Drive’s ’30 Day B2B Sales Coaching Personal 1 on 1 Challenge’ will make you wonder how you found selling so awkward or frightening in the first place. The 30 Day B2B Sales Coaching Personal 1 on 1 Group participation is limited to only 8 participants who, from past experience, will all be eager to help each other by pre-viewing and reviewing and checking each others progress. We will record your sales growth improvement and concentrate on your sales growth in a way that you have never done before. How much time is involved in your 30 day sales growth challenge?

Concentration effects performance so with this learn as you do and as you earn approach we will take it in 60 minute bites. Six sixty minute bites in total. To us business is all about momentum, everybody involved is laser-focused when we are here and we get stuff done. Remember we want your testimonials so will be working hard to get you there. If you still need more reasons to go ahead then we earnestly suggest that you read  our Logical Answers to Logical Questions About The 30 Days B2B Sales Coaching Personal 1 on 1 Coaching Challenge. And we will look forward to your order arriving in our inbox.

Who will benefit by attending:

Personal b2b sales coaching dedicated to helping you increase your sales and personal income in 30 days.

It’s best to do something very, very well.

We do personal b2b sales coaching and all things related to sales training..very, very well.

Take advantage of personal b2b sales coaching with this Sales Growth Opportunity For A Fast Start To 2016 financial year!

Sales Drive B2B Sales Coaching 30 Day One on One Challenge