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Sales Drive Group knows that everyone in sales and business has a story to tell and they are all important to us.

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Below you can listen too and enjoy Ivor Kellock  on his Blog Talk Radio show featuring some of today’s best business movers and shakers  for your bottom line sales benefit and listening pleasure.

Each week Ivor Kellock, from Sales Drive, Interviews someone who owns & manages their own business on his radio show Business With Ivor broadcast over the Link Local Network …

These interviews are with guests from around the world and focuses on businesses; helping them sell more service/product by raising their profiles using combined on & off line marketing methods whilst weaving in the sales process.

Ivor  is a regular contributor on BBC radio and has also appeared on BBC TV news & other international TV stations.

He is regularly requested to support research globally for social media authors, academics & strategists.

Sales, Marketing, Client Servicing & Internal Systems are more efficient when managed through social media. Fact!

Social media and on line communications not only makes the world a smaller place it means that the whole process of marketing, prospecting, sales, client services, up sells, innovation, partnering and business growth are now an integrated process.

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If so please get in touch with Ivor Kellock at Sales Drive with why you would like to be featured &  we’ll get back to you.

When you contact Sales Drive please include all your contact details, details about your business & why you think you’ll make an excellent guest.

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18 March 2013

Part 1 – What can you learn from Ivor’s coaching with Irene?

Ivor talks to Irene Kimmel from Archetype Marketing about her business & new client acquisition process & provides an introduction to sales coaching – Live!

11 March 2013

Cold Calling with Gary Coleshill – the phone sales guru – prospecting, cold calling & lots of tips to help you get in front of new clients.

5 March 2013

Hear Jim Trevelean from Chicago – a successful business turn around specialist discussing leadership, revenue generation, lead generation, prospecting for new clients, sales & cold calling.

26 February 2013

Cold Calling: We have a very special guest from Sydney Australia who is hugely successful at cold calling & will be sharing lots of tips as to what & what not to do! Odile Faludi is a master at this so it’s really not to be missed +61 2 9387 3955

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