About The Author

About the Author
The definitive sales process that keeps on producing sales results and taking your sales results to where they need to be…..

COG – Your pathway to Sales Stardom

Phil Polson has learnt the definitive sales process and techniques from many of the great International sales masters of our time. For 17 of the more than 30 year’s involvement in the sales industry Phil Polson has had the good fortune to have been around some extraordinary top sales achievers. In that time he has had the privilege of promoting, learning from, traveling with, dining with, laughing with, sharing yarns, and socialising with some of the world’s leading sales, management, and motivational authorities. Included in this list are such powerful sales and motivational authorities as Zig Ziglar, E. James Rohn, Dr Norman Vincent Peale, Roger Dawson, Dr Denis Waitley, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, and the fabulous Louise L. Hay. He shared his seminar sales process with many international speakers. Many speakers today still use the same formats.

Phil is an innovator

He was an innovator of the large Public Seminar industry and the Cruise ship seminar concept. The inaugural ship presentation featured among others Robert Waterman co-author of the best selling management book “In Search Of Excellence” on the P and O ocean liner Island Princess also known as televisions “Love Boat’ during the America’s Cup challenge off Fremantle, WA.

Highly specialised knowledge and sales solutions

He has been invited by a number of specialist professionals to become part of a network that offers highly specialised solutions to companies and higher net worth individuals. These solutions encapsulate sales growth, sales audits, joint sales ventures, peak motivation, as well as structuring sustainable executive incentive packages. The critical success of all these solutions are founded on the COG® System which is fully explained throughout the pages of his book Sales Drive: the definitive street-smart, ‘no-brainer’ guide to Sales Stardom!

No one person has all the knowledge and wisdom

The team knows that no one person has all the knowledge and wisdom necessary for sales and business success at all levels. They understand that collective sharing of wisdom is a far more powerful force when brilliant sales results are needed. This tight-knit team of professionals operates under the SalesDrive Group banner and can best be contacted at www.salesdrive.com.au

Phil is a recognised keynote speaker. His topics are sales and inspirational based to achieve increased sales results in any economy.

Phil uses, understands and teaches the definitive sales process that keeps on producing sales results.


Phil Polson was born in Christchurch, New Zealand. Both of his parents died within a week of each other when he was young, leaving himself, and two older sisters to largely fend for themselves. His loving sisters, many relatives, and kind friends played an integral part in his upbringing.

From a background in the building and construction industry, he built numerous houses for himself in his spare time. In 1981, he co-founded one of the first sales, management, and motivation training companies in Australasia. This company quickly became amongst the largest facilitators of seminars in the world, promoting many of the biggest names in the industry, (an extended list of which appears in the post face of this book).


Having crossed the ditch many times, Phil migrated permanently to Australia in 1997. He has been involved on a consultative basis in management and sales for the construction industry, manufacturers, financial, wealth creation, retail, chemical, pharmaceutical, oil, mining and brewing companies.

Phil’s hobbies include coaching rugby, swimming, golf, cycling, sailing, and cricket. He also collects classic cars, loves cooking, and cultivates orchids.


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Definition ‘drive’: to strive vigorously toward a goal or objective; to work, play, or try wholeheartedly and with determination.