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Social Sales Leading Specialist.

Social SalesMeet Ivor Kellock.

Unlike any other industry or area of expertise changes almost daily. When Google sniffs everyone panics. Literally!

So it is a discipline that can only be truly described by those who have done it for years and who keep doing it every day, day after day. Updating skills daily.

Social media advice for business is everywhere. What we believe, though, is that it is not a one-size-fits-all channel. What works for one business won’t necessarily work for yours.

Ivor works for our many and varied private clients all over the world so his experience will be second to none for YOU – when you are serious about having your brand truly seen on the internet as a leading player in your field. Ivor takes the “fright” and frustration out of the frivolous nature of the internet. Be frightened no more.

Put your faith in Ivor for all your social media future and you will be in great hands. Ours!

This is Ivor Kellocks true strength his passion. If you’d like to grow your business, social sales and social media for marketing & networking to make more social sales for more revenue & income ask us how now for solutions! It is my absolute pleasure to introduce you to my UK based global partner Ivor Kellock. Ivor has recently been invited as a social sales advisor to the Digital Sunrise Europe project.

He regularly appears on BBC Business & International Current Affairs Shows both Radio & TV..…. Ivor has previously been a high net worth confidant, early internet adopter & 6 years social sales and social media for marketing power influencer. He acts with honour & character, is trustworthy, consistent & ethical; the price of admission leadership qualities.

Not only extremely well versed and performed in social sales Ivor is a great listener, facilitator, collaborator and energizer. Ivor knows exactly how to gracefully open the doors that you need to prosper in your business for the smartest effort and lowest cost.

Social Sales Meets Networking!

Is here- Now. For Your benefit.

A veritable Treasure Chest of street smart sales skills, social media,  products & workshops for You.

So, I hope you can see why I sought Ivor out to become part of our team because of his impressive LinkedIn, social media profile & extensive online networking skills.

People, just like you are always at the core of his thoughts. Ivor is no desk-jockey (those who tend to be all know but no GO!) he is a hands-on, street smart hard working contributing partner at the forefront of thought leadership.

Handpicked for his intensity, drive and determination to add serious value & expand your business social sales and social media networking possibilities -your bottom line.

Ivor is co-author of our sales coaching programme.

Our complimentary skills bring you incomparable value…WHY because:

We Understand Your Sales & Sales Challenges!

  • We’ve experienced the ups & downs in our lives too.
  • Family members questioning your sanity.
  • Worry about cash flow.
  • Confused about choices to make.
  • Things not going your way.
  • We will support you through our programs with confidential integrity.
  • A positive boost is likely all you need.
  • We actively do what we teach everyday.
  • Sales & marketing.
  • Networking specialist.
  • Social Strategist.
  • Marketing Networking Specialist.
  • Collaboration & partnership


Advanced Skills; now a must have ability for you for your business to truly prosper.

For marketing:

Ivor Kellock is a world leader in thought and strategic, low cost and yet powerful and very effective actions on how to successfully maximize your digital strategies for social media. He heads the Sales Drive Group social media specialist team. Ivor has 28+ years street smart & strategic sales & marketing experience, both as a wholesaler & retailer advising/selling sophisticated tax & investment products. Ivor has also sold a variety of other products too working as a partner.

Experience gained off & online he has advised many thousands.

Sharing, collaboration and partnership are at the very heart of what Ivor does – a learned not natural skill.

Much of Ivor’s sales life has been working as a partner in the business to business market. Social Sales partnering requires a special set of skills that Ivor can clearly and simply impart. With 7 + years social media experience both as a user & guiding others. Do you face difficulties & obstacles on best practice for social sales, social media integration into your business for growth & innovation, procedures & customer service?

Driving your business  with social towards 2020?

The world has gone social from the bottom up for the first time in modern history, with customers & clients now expecting first rate more sophisticated meaningful engagement & service from you than ever before. As a business leader looking out on the world what do you see? Choices options & demands that remain complex & confusing – what is social engagement really all about?

How do you embrace the valuable & profitable emotional wave that’s rushing through our inter connected world in the cloud, on our smartphones & desktops? There’s extra margin available for those that embrace this now. Stealing a march on your competitors social sales will look even more substantial in 2020 with the right actions taken now. Let’s discuss this for your benefit, help is at hand!

10 minutes with Ivor will give you a clear heads up.

After all Ivor has a unique set of social sales, marketing, negotiation, communication & relationship building skills, finance, business intelligence foresight, data integration & detailed pricing research capabilities. He has a keen collaborative mind to get things done so let’s schedule a discussion to see what exciting opportunities lie on your horizon.

With Phil Polson included in the dynamic duo our combined life’s work & experience can bring you the exceptional insight, guidance & support. Please look at the recommendations below for insights into how Ivor’s global real time social media experience can work for you – immediately.

Real Street Smart  skills Ivor chose to live in Romania for a year soon after the opening up of Eastern Europe (in 1992/3) where he assisted a charity as a volunteer coordinating aid workers & aid repairing 2 casa do copii in Bucuresti. Ivor still sees & is in contact with some of the wonderful people he met then. After this Ivor lived in Cape Town for 2 years, traveling around Southern Africa. “Wherever I’ve been I’ve always met such friendly amazing people”, we gave a guy a lift on a return journey to Cape Town one day & he was so excited about his lift with us that he insisted we meet his mum!

He was hitch hiking! I wish you every happiness & success.

Ivor’s personal philosophy.

Reaching out around our world through social networks (on & offline) developing connections, forging relationships & making friends we inadvertently stumble across a democratic consensual method of stewardship for our planet.Allowing discussion of solutions through to agreement on local to global issues whilst sharing empowerment & spreading joy. Creating Collaborative Commercial Closing Conversations –   showing you | how | why | where | who | when | what | metrics for greater ROI, Profits & Growth.

If you’d like to grow your business social media, marketing & networking to make more sales for more revenue & income ask us how now!

About Ivor Kellock – Selling With Social Sales For Results.