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  • real world proven tools, methods and strategies to reach sales stardom in any economy
  • an innovative sales productivity plan for salespeople to work to
  • modern sales skills that ensures they know exactly how and what to do in all sales circumstances and conditions
  • a refreshed attitude for sales success that you deserve
  • sales drive gives street-smart sales skills, tips, and techniques for closing sales every time

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Phil Polson 30+ Years Sales Master

Name: Phil Polson

Title: Modern Sales, Marketing & High Performance Sales Consultant

Background: Phil is the designer & architect of Sales COG – The Sales Champions Operational Guide

Sales Champions Operational Guide Sales Drive

Phil is a proven sales performer and sales trainer. He is the Author of ‘Sales Drive’, a powerful, proven, entertaining & street smart, ‘no-brainer’ operational guide to Sales Stardom. The book is based his professional, consultative sales program, ‘COG’®.

COG is a system for achieving sales results that you can carry in your head. It is, time-proven, easy to understand, non rigid, adaptable & easy to implement. Ensure when you go out the door every morning as a salesperson you know exactly what to do to maximise every sales opportunity that is presented to you that day.

What Phil does for your business is simple ~ increases sales

Areas of Expertise

Phil has spent the last 30 years developing & honing the world class ‘COG sales Model’, a measurable, street smart framework for sales, operations & client service best practice that lifts salespeople into a higher class of sales operator.

Phil has a presentational style that is eye opening, informative and entertaining – he will make you think, make you laugh and motivate you for more sales. In his challenging sessions he will share the concepts & ideas that have helped to build some of the world’s most successful salespeople & show how to apply these ideas to deliver transformational results.

Phil started in sales & sales management in 1981 & has worked with many leading sales teams for easily duplicated long term systemised results.

Here are some highlights of Keynote / workshop topics that Phil covers:

  •  Increasing Sales whilst maintaining and improving margin
  • Your blue-print for lead generating
  • Building, supporting & maintaining Successful Sales & Service Culture Sales Drive
  • Instilling the ‘X’ Factor into salespeople
  • Creating a client experience that delivers
  • Maximising Lead conversion
  • Building a Bullet Proof Sales & Service Sophistication
  • Implementing a Sales and Service Culture That Delivers
  • Understanding how you are perceived by others?
  • What the top 20% of salespeople do differently than the rest?
  • Ten words that lead to sales success.
  • The importance of great first impressions.
  • Steps to achieve Best Practice
  • Working Smarter not harder
  • You only fail by giving up
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